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    Live: Sreesanth, Chandila and Chavan sent to five days police custody

    New Delhi: 7:31 pm: Rajasthan Royals captain Rahul Dravid says it has been a "tough day for the team". Dravid says, "The team is devastated. But as a captain, I need to help the team play to its best potential. Hope the fans give support to the team."

    7:28 pm: All accused, including S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, Ankeet Chavan and 11 bookies, sent to five days police custody.

    6:23 pm: S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, Ankeet Chavan and 11 bookies arrive at Saket court.

    5:36 pm: Congress spokesman Shakeel Ahmed on spot-fixing in IPL: It is very unfortunate that this has happened in a popular sport like cricket.

    5:12 pm: CNN-IBN accesses ICC Anti-Corruption Unit's report on IPL spot-fixing. The report says that the BCCI may have ignored warnings of spot-fixing in IPL from the ICC ACU. The report had also asked that the players' agents should be monitored.

    4:57 pm: All three Rajasthan Royals players will be produced at South East District Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's residence at around 6 pm in the Saket Court Complex.

    4:50 pm: BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain says, "We condemn this and expect BCCI to take strict action so that such incidents are not repeated."

    4:24 pm: Former IPL chief Lalit Modi tweets: Police commissioner Neeraj Kumar and his team have done a remarkable job by patiently and systematically uncovering the match fixing.

    4:11 pm: The Delhi Police says Jiju Janardhanan, one of the bookies arrested, is Sreesanth's close friend.

    4:08 pm: Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar: Those arrested will be booked under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

    3:50 pm: Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar: There is no concrete evidence on the basis of which I can name any particular members of the underworld. We don't have any evidence that Sreesanth convinced Chandila and Chavan to take part in spot-fixing.

    3:47 pm: Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar: The opponent batsman are ruled out in spot-fixing, only these bowlers are involved. We have hundreds of hours of audio evidence in this case. The players were paid in cash.

    3:39 pm: Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar: Further arrests are going to be those of bookies, no more players. No international players are involved. Only Rajasthan Royals players are involved.

    3:35 pm: The Delhi Police Commissioner says more arrests will be made in the case.

    3:34 pm: Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar: We got information that the Mumbai underworld is also involved in spot-fixing and match-fixing.

    3:31 pm: When asked about Sreesanth's father's allegations against Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Neeraj Kumar says, "Dhoni didn't put the towel into Sreesanth's trousers."

    3:28 pm: A team of the Special Cell was present at all the three mentioned matches, say police. Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar says Shaun Tait is not involved in the spot-fixing case, contrary to rumours.

    3:24 pm: Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar: Spot fixing also happened at Wednesday's match at Mumbai between RR and MI, in which Chandila was not playing.

    Sanjeev Yadav, DCP, Special Cell: Chandila motivated Ankeet Chavan through the day at the Mumbai match. It was decided that 14 runs would be given between Ankeet and the bookies. Chavan's over was fixed for Rs 60 lakh and the advance was taken by Chandila who was not playing.

    3:16 pm: Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar: There was spot fixing at the Mohali match as well. The second time spot-fixing took place was on May 9, 2013, Kings XI Punjab vs RR. Sreesanth was to put towel on his trousers to give the bookies an indication. First over as decided was fine. Second over, he puts his towel and to give time to the bookies, he did some stretching exercise. This over was fixed for Rs 40 lakh.

    Delhi Police shows match videos that support the conversation between the players and their bookies to show the involvement of players in spot fixing

    3:11 pm: Sanjeev Yadav, DCP, Special Cell: Ajit Chadila had to give away 14 runs in an over, but forgot to give indications. But he still gave 14 runs in the specific over in the RR vs PWI match in Jaipur.

    3:07 pm: Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar: They had communicated that there would be indications by the players before a particular over to give the bookies an indication. The indications that players had to give bookies included rotating their watches, putting towels in their pants.

    3:02 pm: Explaining the modus operandi of the IPL spot-fixing racket, Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar said, "The agreement between the cricketers and the bookies was that in a certain over they would give away a certain number of runs. It was decided that they have to indicate that they are ready to give away those many runs through watches, clothes and accessories."

    2:51 pm: The Delhi Police is set to address the media on the IPL spot-fixing case shortly.

    2:28 pm: BCCI chief N Srinivasan also says that individual players cannot tarnish the image of cricket. "There are some bad eggs. Most of our players play very honestly, some acts cannot tarnish cricket," he says.

    2:23 pm: BCCI chief Srinivasan says, "The bookie network is huge and it's difficult for us to police the country." "This is a serious matter. We thought we made an example last year and the message was clear. But this is very sad," he adds.

    He also says, "It is not a case of players not having enough money. If at all you can call it something, call it greed."

    2:17 pm: BCCI chief Srinivasan says he will take up the spot-fixing case with ICC as well. He, however, says that the IPL will continue as it is and it was not agreeable to stop it.

    2:14 pm: BCCI chief Srinivasan says players' involvement in spot-fixing is shocking.

    2:10 pm: BCCI President N Srinivasan says he is shocked and upset with the IPL spot-fixing case and will not hesitate in taking the strictest possible action against the players found guilty.

    2:02 pm: Police sources say they are also looking at the involvement of the D Company in the IPL spot-fixing case.

    1:50 pm: The three players' families maintain that the players are innocent. Jai Chavan, Ankeet Chavan's brother, says, "My brother is innocent."

    1:41 pm: Sources say there is a connection between the three cricket bookies who were arrested by the Mumbai property cell on Wednesday evening and the five bookies who were arrested on Thursday by Delhi Police special cell.

    1:32 pm: Investigations have revealed that key accused Jiju Janardhanan is Sreesanth's cousin and was an under-22 Gujarat player.

    1:28 pm: The three players, S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan, have reached Delhi.

    1:21 pm: More shocking details of the case have come to light through sources. One person Jiju Janardhanan, who is among the arrested bookie is being looked upon as the key player. Sources say he belongs to Kochi. Sources also add that Ajit Chandila held meetings with the arrested bookies and in the last meeting that was held on May 7, the dynamics of exchange of cash were discussed.

    The others arrested include SS Nambiar from Kochi, Manek Upendra Shah from Ahmedabad.

    1:15 pm: Former KKR captain Sourav Ganguly says, "I am disappointed and angry at what has happened. If found guilty they should be banned for life."

    "This type of corruption is up to the player , no one can force you. The deed is done by the player, no one can force him. I am very upset with Sreesanth. This is a complete loss of a talent," Ganguly adds. "I am really feeling sorry for Rahul Dravid," he adds.

    1:07 pm: Former Indian cricketer Maninder Singh questions as to why players need to indulge in spot-fixing when they can earn as much money playing in the IPL.

    1:04 pm: Sreesanth's father says, "They are trying to ruin my son. From the beginning he and Dhoni have been close and knew many details intimate details. Dhoni is trying to take revenge against him for this. My son has played well for India. They are trying to end his career."

    Sreesanth's brother-in-law says, "Without any prior notice, they arrested him. I'm sure this is a conspiracy. Sreesanth was opposed to match fixing. He would never do something like this. This is revenge for his twitter comment. I'm 100 per cent sure of this."

    1:03 pm: Indian cricket team manager for Champions Trophy Ranjib Biswal says, "Sreesanth is controversial, he has always been a controversial character and strong action will be taken if players are found guilty."

    12:58 pm: The BCCI President will address the media at 2 pm.

    12:51 pm: Former BCCI president Sharad Pawar says, "Supending the three players is a correct action taken by the BCCI. IPL has given a lot of financial support to budding players. If someone is found guilty of match fixing, the BCCI will take strict action."

    12:26 pm: Sreesanth's father has blamed Harbhajan Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni for allegedly plotting against him. He said Dhoni and Harbhajan are to be blamed for Sreesanth's arrest.

    12:24 pm: Sports Ministry statement: It is very unfortunate that the Delhi Police have arrested some cricket players for their alleged role in the spot-fixing in the ongoing IPL tournament. The Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Shri Jitendra Singh has spoken to the Chairman of the IPL Shri Rajeev Shukla on the issue and impressed upon him to take urgent steps to put in place a mechanism to prevent such unethical activities and ensure clean sports in the country. The Minister also emphasized that strict action be taken against all those who are found guilty to serve as a deterrent to others.

    12:21 pm: BCCI statement: The BCCI is shocked and saddened at the recent developments. The BCCI has zero tolerance to corruption. We will offer all co-operation to the Delhi Police and all other authorities in their investigations in this matter. The IPL Governing Council has met and decided that the cricketers found involved will be dealt with severely.

    As of now, the 3 players viz; Ankeet Chavan, Ajit Chandila and S. Sreesanth stand suspended pending enquiry. All information required to bring the persons involved to book will be collected and strictest action will be taken, if found guilty.

    The BCCI engages the services of the anti corruption wing of the ICC to educate and monitor players and support staff in prevention of corruption of any form in the game. In fact, it is wholly unfortunate that despite such education, best playing conditions and terms of engagement offered, some players seem to be indulging in such activity.

    12:16 pm: Rajasthan Royals owner Shilpa Shetty tweets: We @ RR in shock with this news, coming to terms with it. Will react once we have more info and concrete evidence on the matter (sic).

    12:03 pm: The BCCI has suspended Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila pending inquiry into the spot-fixing case.

    11:55 am: Sources say the police were actually investigating an extortion case during which they came across certain cricketers' names being discussed. This is how the police tracked the spot-fixing scandal.

    11:49 am: Sreesanth's mother says, "This is a conspiracy to defame my son. Sreesanth is innocent."

    11:48 am: Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam says, "It is very shocking. The entire IPL has become a money making business. The business in the name of cricket should be stopped."

    11:45 am: BCCI sources say after the 2012 sting operation, very strict guidelines were issued to all players. All international players were officially informed about the dos and donts for matches during the IPL, say sources. The need of the hour is to crack the nexus of bookies and BCCI sources say they will seek help of the government as well to deal with this.

    11:39 am: Sources are indicating that at least 50 phone calls were made to Dubai. They were then routed back to India after which decisions were made. Police sources say the masterminds may be in Dubai.

    11:34 am: The spot-fixing case will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the BCCI for further action, say sources. Three players charged with spot-fixing are likely to be suspended from IPL.

    11:31: While Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan were arrested from the team hotel in Mumbai, Sreesanth was arrested from a friend's house in the city.

    11:23 am: Sources are indicating that the BCCi has taken the case strongly and is considering strict action against players.

    11:17 am: Ajit Chandila's family has rejected the allegations against him. "This is politics, the allegations are wrong and he cannot do this," Chandila's mother said.

    11:05: Delhi Police sources: 50 to 60 phones were being tracked. As late as Wednesday night, one instance of something that was promised over tracked phone calls of bookies earlier was carried out.

    11 a.m. BCCI sources: All players found guilty will be banned for life. N Srinivasan to hold a press conference via video conferencing at noon.

    10:57 a.m. Delhi Police to hold a press conference at 3 p.m. Police trying to verify the links to international betting syndicate as some links point towards Dubai, say sources.

    10:55 a.m. Harsha Bhogle: "We need to know what has happened. Wherever there is money, there will be all types of people coming there. The best that can be done is educate, need to go for a strong education programme in cricket. Everybody in the cricket world knows you should not be talking money matters with people you do not know."

    10:50 a.m.: Name of five arrested bookies: Chansresh Chandbhai Patel, Mandal Bhupendra Kr Bhatt, Amit Ramgovind Singh, SS Nayyar, Biju Upendra Janardan

    10:45 a.m.: Kerala Cricket Association: "Sreesanth is an emotional personal and not the kind who will be involved in this. Police is investigating the matter. This will affect his career. If any role is proved of his involvement, he will have to face action."

    10:40 a.m. Delhi Police have electronic evident of spot-fixing taking place, as in what is promised and what is delivered. Delhi Police Special Cell sources: "Money to the tune of crores of rupees was at stake. We have phone records to prove this. Apart from specific matches played in Mumbai, Mohali, Delhi and Jaipur, all RR matches are under the scanner as they have reason to believe irregularities were there."

    The three arrested cricketers will be produced in Saket court in Delhi.

    10:35 a.m. Diary entry of five bookies has been made in the Marine Drive Police Station in Mumbai.

    10:25 a.m.: Raj Kundra tweets, "Its unbelievable, Rahul Dravid will be more hurt if any of this is proven true."

    10:20 a.m. Unless you are proved guilty, you are innocent. Cannot judge the whole tournament by one incident. IPL is still a popular tournament, says Shashi Tharoor.

    10:15 a.m. IPL governing council sources say this matter will be examined by our Disciplinary Committee. Strict action will be taken against the players if found guilty.

    10:10 a.m. It was closed-door operation. Police had been tight-lipped about it. They have a few names that have come up from conversations between the bookies that had been tracked. Police may ask for the custody of these players for interrogation.

    10:05 a.m. Last night's match between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede Stadium under the scanner.

    9:45 a.m. "It's shocking and surprising," said the former Mumbai Ranji Trophy captain Shishir Hattangadi. "Shocking because after what we had seen in England, the penalties that came across to Pakistan players who were involved in spot-fixing. We were well aware of what was in store for anybody involved in this ... We talk about mentoring, we talk about players having been made aware of these issues and still they indulge in it," Shishir said.

    9:38 a.m. Rajasthan Royals release an official statement: "We have been informed that 3 of our players have been called in for investigation on spot-fixing in matches. We are completely taken by surprise. We do not have the full facts at this point and are unable to confirm anything. We are in touch with the BCCI on this matter. We will fully cooperate with the authorities to ensure a thorough investigation. The management at Rajasthan Royals has a zero-tolerance approach to anything that is against the spirit of the game," the official statement from the Rajasthan franchise read.

    New Delhi: S Sreesanth and two other Rajasthan Royals players - Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila - have been arrested by Delhi Police on Thursday on charges of spot-fixing, reported PTI.

    The special cell of the Delhi police arrested Sreesanth from his friend's place in Mumbai while the other two cricketers were arrested last night from the team hotel at Nariman Point for their alleged role in spot-fixing. They have reportedly been charged under sections 420 (cheating) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) of IPC.

    The arrest took place immediately after the players returned to their team hotel, following their match against Mumbai Indians at Wankhede stadium. The hosts won by 14 runs.

    The Delhi police source said that these players were under the scanner for their role in spot-fixing in some of the earlier IPL match, although they did not elaborate which matches were under scrutiny.

    The police have also arrested seven bookies in Mumbai and three bookies in Delhi in connection with the same case. They are looking for two more bookies in Delhi.

    Rajasthan are currently one of the top performing teams this season, but this casts a major shadow not only on their successful campaign, but also on the IPL since this is not the first time controversy has come to haunt the million-dollar league.

    What could be the implications on Rajasthan's future this season if these charges are proved?

    Does this fresh fixing episode cast a serious shadow on the credibility of the IPL?

    Will this jeopardise the future of the three players involved?

    What is the credibility of ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit that boasts of zero tolerance against any sort of corruption in cricket but is yet unable to curb it?