Sreesanth should forget slapgate, focus on bowling: Sanjeeb Mukherjea

Updated: April 15, 2013, 7:40 PM IST
Sreesanth should forget slapgate, focus on bowling: Sanjeeb Mukherjea

Should Sreesanth have brought up the IPL slapgate controversy after so many years? Sanjeeb Mukherjea, associate editor, Cricket, CNN-IBN, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Hi good evening, well don't you feel all these are just a gimmick Asked by: satish rao

A. Hi Satish, Good question indeed. It is indeed surprising that an old issue is raked up like this after 5 years. However, its difficult to say with any degree of surety whether it's a gimmick. And the governing body's silence adds to it. We will have to wait on this one for a bit.

Q. Both Kohli and gambhir by their action showed yesterday that both of them are not fit for being Indian captian..they dont have a cool head on thier shoulder like MSD..also kohli may get side lined by the time MSD one expected Dhoni to be captain.but unexpected happen in life..kholi mustnt show this face of his in public.. Asked by: Rohit

A. Virat Kohli is undoubtedly one of the most talented cricketers in the world at this point of time, and is expected to play a very prominent role in Indian cricket going forward. However, one has to admit that the behaviour on show last night from both Kohli and Gambhir is in really bad taste, and they should be atleast spoken to by the BCCI firmly on this issue. We all love sport, but this sort of behaviour is unacceptable. They might be the biggest superstars, but they will do well to remember that they are in the public domain, and they are what they are today, because of the fans. Hence, such behaviour is unacceptable.

Q. Don't you think Sreesanth has been peculiar in the sense has a sort of inferiority complex in comparison to others? He tries to hog the limelight in unnecessary situations also knowing the fact that he is not the best ever bowler produced? Asked by: Nithin

A. Hi Nithin, You have to be in Sreesanth's position to judge him like that - please do not be so harsh on him. While his mannerisms and courtship with controversy is a known thing, one also has to remember that he has suffered a lot because of it. His image has got tarnished by such incidents, and it isn't entirely wrong of him to expect better from life. However, that said, he has to now concentrate on his bowling, and forget these issues, or else we might lose another talented bowler from the team due to non-cricketing reasons.

Q. Is BCCI creating all these fiasco for fueling the IPL.. Asked by: Rama

A. Good question Rama. You should contact BCCI to answer you on that one. Their details are available on the net :)

Q. People see kohli as future caption but i dont htink he has the ability to lead a side with the kind of temperamenthe has..he should become more calm..the way he shows his exotment when he reaches a 50 or 100 is more that it should be..his abuses cleary get understtod even with out sound.. Asked by: Rakka

A. Agree with you on the temperament bit Rakka. There is no place for abuse in the full glare of the public.

Q. Is not IPL beringing out the rifts of the indian criketers in public by thoer action..what happened with kohli and ghambhir may be personel issue..Kohli is going to receie a luder boooo in kolkata than what Bnaglore gave to Gautam..we are waiting now for Kohli to come to play in eden..he should be ready to face what he ave to our captain. Asked by: KKR Fan..

A. Hi, Am sorry I do not agree to what you are saying. This is not a case of tit-for-tat. Why would you even think of booing Kohli in Kolkata? And as a matter of fact, my dear friend, Gambhir was involved in the incident too. If you are a true cricket lover, am sure you wont do all that you threaten now

Q. Will the tape which sreesanth is talking about be made public..the truth will come to everyone then Asked by: Kama

A. Will have to wait for that.

Q. Will the e which sreesanth is talking about be made public..the truth will come to everyone then.. Asked by: Kama

A. Hi Kama, am not sure whether the BCCI will make that tape public. But you can listen in to Sudhir Nanavati who viewed the footage before making his report on the incident. Here is the link:

Q. Is sreesanth just trying to be in lime light? Isnt he..? I doubt if he can mature any further..... Asked by: RMB

A. I doubt it.

Q. I still not understand why the people hunts for Sreesanth always. In fact he is the most innocent boy in Indian cricket... Asked by: ARSHAN

A. Hi Arshan, No one is hunting for Sreesanth as you state. In fact, its the other way around - he tweeted all this today morning.

Q. Don't you think the Media goes into too much of internal details which is not necessary.If media would not have sensationalized yesterday's incident by comparing it to slap gate and all,Sreesanth would not have reacted at all, it seems like media has provoked him.Do you agree to this? Asked by: Anand Patil

A. Hi Anand, you do have a point there. However, as you must have seen, Sreesanth mentioned one media house for the editorial - so its not entirely correct to hold other media houses responsible for that.

Q. What happened between Kohli and Gambhir yesterday may have been personal issue..keeping in consideration that gambhirs vice captaincy went to kohli.. Asked by: Rajnish

A. Good point Rajnish :)

Q. Sresanth is now bringing a totally diff story that he was not it to reinvent his you think what people had know for 5 years is false story..he was never slaped.. Asked by: rohit

A. Sudhir Nanavati, the person who viewed the footage and then gave his report on the incident does say he was slapped - please watch this:

Q. Sreeshnath suffered by his image being affected,when he was not at fault. Now again the efforts are on to make him a bad boy. Any specific reason for this tirade against him? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Am not sure what or whose tirade you are referring to Sundar. In fact he only tweeted about the incident.

Q. Can you tell us that the spat between Virat and Gauti has something more in it, behind the seen rivalry? simmering for quiet sometime? is it? Asked by: satyendra

A. Satyendra, I like the way you are fishing for a 'conspiracy theory' here :) But honestly, am not in possession of any knowledge about that.

Q. Controversy is good news for media and an increase TRP. The fuel has been further added to it by the Justice Nanavati speaking up further. Have a merry time getting more people to speak for and against. Has not the media been waiting for such chances? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. You seem to be a rather keen observer of media Sundar.

Q. A good question by media. Does not the blame lie with them for having reported the Kohli-Gambhir episode as a return of the earlier incident? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Please remember, whatever happenned between Gambhir and Kohli last night, or between Sreesanth and Harbhajan 5 years ago is ugly. Sport has no place for such incidents.

Q. I am a big fan of sree, but I think he shouldn't have done it and concentrate on his IPL performance. What do you think? Asked by: Rajith Ravi

A. Hi Rajith, I agree. And hope he concentrates on his bowling even more now.

Q. Isn't there a code of conduct for the IPL which stiuplates how players must behave? Asked by: Narayan

A. Yes there is. Here it is -

Q. Is Sreeshant doing this now because, Harbhajan is no longer playing for the country and may not be powerful when he was the lead spinner for the country? It will not impact Sreesanth's fortune in case of any controvorsey Asked by: Narayan

A. Difficult to say.

Q. We should question the IPL authorities for not speaking out the truth and not Sreesanth's credibility for speaking out after so long. Please ask Mr. Lalit Modi who in his own view only speaks truth to be open on what happened as he was the commissioner at that time. Asked by: Anoop Kumar

A. I totally agree with you Anoop.

Q. Why does the media compare every single incident in a cricket match to Sree / Bhajji incident. Media has to take some responsibility for forcing sreesanth to speak out after this long. If he was forced to give wrong statements it is completely wrong by the IPL and BCCI. Asked by: Anoop Kumar

A. I suggest you see this - you will have more clarity as to what actually happenned -

Q. Sreeshanth is an immature fellow. Recently on VJ said in a malayalam channel that When ever you want to confuse a batsman use Sreeshanth the bowler. Reason is that when ever Sreeshanth bowls batsman will get confused whether to hit Sreeshanth or his ball? Asked by: prathap

A. That is ridiculous.

Q. If he was not slapped by Harbajan why this fellow was crying like a baby? Hope he do not have amnesia Asked by: prathap

A. I can only point you to what Sudhir Nanavati said on the incident, the rest is conjecture -

First Published: April 15, 2013, 7:40 PM IST

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