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    B'lore: Man accuses in-laws of killing wife

    New Delhi: In a case of suspected honour killing near the IT city, a 20-year-old woman and her four-month-old child were killed near Bangalore - her husband blames her parents for the deaths.R Venkatesh - shattered by last week's murder of his wife Deepika and 4-month old son - is wondering how to get justice. For standing in the way seems to be his wife's family who he suspects killed their own daughter and grandson. The reason - Venkatesh's Uppara caste to which his wife's upper caste family had always objected “There are six persons accused, her uncle, a teacher, her grandfather, her father. They've always been very angry that she spoilt their reputation, their prestige in the village, that their daughter will spend the rest of her life with a man from a backward caste like me, that as long as she lived, she'll bring disrepute to their family,” said R Venkatesh, Deepika's husband.Venkatesh says Deepika's family had earlier forced her to write off her rights to the family property. They then called her in mid-February, saying her grandmother was critically ill and wanted to see her one last time. After that, he only spoke to her on the phone once.The next he heard of her was from a few villagers in their village Thamasandra. They told him Deepika and her son had already been cremated and that nobody knew how they died. “They have political and money power. We are one of the most backward castes so we've not been able to raise our voice. But we have to do it now. They should be punished to an extent that such things never happen,” said Prakash, Venkatesh's uncle.The FIR names Deepika's parents, grandfather, an aunt and two uncles, one of whom is a head constable. Six days on, the police say they haven't been able to nab even one of them. “The police are investigating the matter. After that we can get a report on the real fact,” said R Ashok, home minister.