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    Stuart Binny's 4.4-over mayhem that sunk Bangladesh

    At 39/2 in 9 overs chasing 106 to win 41, Taskin Ahmed must have been rehearsing his speech for the presentation ceremony - after all he took 5/28 on debut to decimate world champions India. But the introduction of Stuart Binny changed it all.

    On Tuesday, Binny, playing just his third ODI, re-wrote history books by recording the best every ODI figures by an Indian with a spell of 6 for 4, surpassing his state-mate and legspin legend Anil Kumble's 6 for 12.

    But the effect of that spell proved damaging for Bangladesh cricket, while bringing India a famous win and series-clinching 2-0 win.

    Binny came on to bowl in the 10th over and started off with a maiden, followed by a wicket maiden. But for him to end his 4.4-over spell with figures of 6 for 4 was stuff dreams are made of.

    "I never knew Binny could bowl this well. Really glad for him," Suresh Raina said it all. "This performance will help Binny when he plays Test cricket. He was unbelievable," the skipper added referring to Binny's inclusion for the Test tour of England.

    From 44 for 2, Bangladesh slipped to 58 all out, losing 8 wickets in 14 runs - six of which were taken by Binny.

    And this is how he decimated Bangladesh:

    11.4 S Binny to M Rahim, OUT! Binny has got his first international wicket! Length delivery angled in towards middle and leg. Rahim leans across and looks to clip the ball through square leg. Just gets it off the glove and Saha moves across to his left to take a simple catch. Bangladesh have lost a massive wicket. 44/3

    13.2 S Binny to M Ali, OUT! Binny has chipped away with Ali's wicket! He hasn't conceded a run yet! Length delivery angled in towards middle and leg, Ali flicks but fails to keep it down and the ball goes straight to Patel who is stationed at squarish mid-wicket. The Indians have got four, they need six more, Bangladesh will be feeling the heat now. 50/4

    13.3 S Binny to Mahmudullah, OUT! Binny on a roll here, three wickets and no runs! Pitched up outside off stump, Mahmudullah reaches forward and looks to drive. The ball goes away off the thick outside edge and Rayudu takes a sharp catch on the second attempt at gully or third slip, pretty close to both positions. Mahmudullah would have been better off leaving this one. 50/5

    15.5 S Binny to M Mortaza, OUT! Stuart Binny is living a dream! Fourth catch for Saha as well! Back of a length around off, seams away late and Mortaza is drawn into a defensive push off the back foot, only to edge the ball to the right of Saha. The keeper moves nicely to his right and takes a good catch. 56/8

    17.2 S Binny to N Hossain, OUT! Hossain has dragged it on! Binny has a five-fer too! Pitched up at medium pace outside off. Hossain gets forward and looks to drive the ball hard through cover but gets an inside edge that takes the ball on to the stumps. 58/9

    17.4 S Binny to A Hossain, OUT! Binny has taken his sixth wicket! INDIA WIN BY 47 RUNS and take an unassailable lead of 2-0 in this 3-match series. Was a full delivery on middle, Al-Amin has played all arouind the ball and finds his stumps parted. This is Bangladesh's joint lowest ODI score. 58/10