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    Sunrisers will be hit big time by SL players' ban in TN: Jamie Alter

    Will the pullout of Sri Lankan players from Chennai matches affect their IPL teams? Cricketnext editor Jamie Alter joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

    Q. Hi Jamie! A few players are critical to fortunes of sides like Mumbai Indians, Puen warriors, How will they proceed against CSK at Chennai? Asked by: ankit harjai

    A. Mumbai play CSK in Chennai on April 5 which is their second game of the tournament. Malinga is their bowling spearhead so it will be a loss, but then it also gives them a chance to test our Nathan Coulter-Nile, on whom they spend $450,000. Pune play in Chennai on April 15 and stand to be without two key players, Mathews and Mendis. That is a big loss for players lacking star power.

    Q. As far as CSK is concerned, it wont affect. The two are sparingly used. Asked by: Soma Visal

    A. Correct. CSK play eight home matches in Chennai, but their roster includes just two Sri Lankans - Nuwan Kulasekara and Akila Dananjaya - neither of whom are not first-choice picks.

    Q. Maran's Sunrisers will also suffer. Asked by: Soma Visal

    A. Sunrisers would be significantly hit by the ban on Sri Lankans in Chennai because that means Kumar Sangakkara cannot play. But its just one match during the league stage. I can't see Sunrisers making the play-offs.

    Q. Are no politicians connected with the IPL franchises? Asked by: Soma Visal

    A. Up front, no, but who knows the reality.

    Q. What's your opinion about the IPL Governing council persisting with Chennai as a venue.Do you think its fair on the other franchisees or do you think the cricket loving people deserve the matches in Chennai? Asked by: Vincent Vijay

    A. Chennai is a great venue, both as a cricketing structure and a fan base. Fan bases are huge to team following and making an atmosphere and Chennai has repeatedly shown that. Fans in Chennai do deserve it. That said, a certain Narayanaswami Srinivasan happens to be on of the city's prominent residents, the owner of CSK and the BCCI president. So you can see why the IPL governing council persisted with Chennai:)

    Q. Why they didn't move the IPL matches from Chennai,instead of pulling out SriLankan players? Is that Domestic sentiments greater than International players? Asked by: Arjun SRK

    A. Two words, Arjun SRK - Narayanaswami Srinivasan.

    Q. CSK bought Kulasekra and another Lankan player, do you thing politicizing a sport will ruin it? Asked by: billu

    A. What's the connection between the first part of your statement and the second?

    Q. Slinga is the only significant bowler from Srilanka, who can demolish more in death overs. MI alone will find it difficult to sail through. Asked by: Soma Visal

    A. And your question is ...?

    Q. Jamie, Do the Srilankan Players have fans in India. Not much one would guess. Both Mahela and Sangakkara are Good players, but will they be missed from a fans perspective, considering there are bigger foreign names in the IPL? Asked by: Narayan

    A. From my IPL experience at the grounds, in particular in Mumbai, first Jayasuriya and then Malinga had huge fan followings. More so Malinga, who remains a crowd favorite wherever he goes in the IPL. Sangakkara not so much, but when I saw Mahela bat in Mohali (for KXIP) and Delhi (for DD) he got the fans going.

    Q. Is this fair move with all IPL teams? Asked by: Ravindra

    A. Its unfair, but such is the nature when sports and politics collide.

    Q. Do you think this pullout,will affect the International cricket between these two nations? Asked by: Arjun SRK

    A. It won't.

    Q. How do you think this move will affect CSK as a franchise. Now few people may say that its because of this move by the IPL GC that CSK qualified for the playoffs,considering they do qualify? Don't you think such criticism are unfair on CSK players and its fans? Asked by: Vincent Vijay

    A. Criticism and speculation have been behind the IPL since day one and it will continue as long as the league persists. I don't think this will affect CSK as a franchise though. They don't have enough Sri Lankan players in their squad. This will pass.