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    Supreme Court adjourns RCA election case till March 25

    Banned former IPL chairman Lalit Modi's return to cricket administration in India continues to hang in the balance as the Supreme Court on Tuesday adjourned the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) election case, giving March 25 as the next date of hearing.

    The BCCI is making every possible effort to stop Modi's return to Indian cricket fold, with the board's lawyers making use of every rule in the book to delay a decision by the Supreme Court after, on January 27, BCCI conceded defeat in the RCA polls saying Modi has won by securing 26 out of the 33 votes.

    The sealed envelope containing the results of the polls remains in the apex court's possession. Incidentally, March 25 - the next date of the hearing - is also the day when the inquiry committee reports on corruption in the IPL will be heard by a separate bench.

    On Tuesday, the BCCI lawyers made the submission as soon as the court proceedings began in an attempt to stop the bench from declaring the poll results. As on the previous three hearings, the BCCI counsel contended that the election results shouldn't be made public until the adjudication of their objection that Modi shouldn't have been allowed to stand for election after the BCCI slapped a life ban on Modi for financial irregularities in the IPL.

    Thirty-three RCA-affiliated units cast their vote on December 19 under the supervision of retired SC judges NM Kasliwal and SP Pathak.