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    No witness to help police in Radhika murder case

    New Delhi: Even after two days the Delhi Police's struggle for clues in the daylight shooting of Delhi University student Radhika Tanwar on Tuesday is still on.

    Meanwhile, the Delhi University Students Union has called for boycotting classes in both north and south campus and will be taking out dharnas in north campus on Friday afternoon.

    While, the ABVP too has called for a strike in Delhi University, residents of Naraina have called for a chakka jam.

    The police claim that they could have cracked the Radhika Tanwar murder case if eyewitnesses would step forward and help with investigations.

    The problem, they said, was that witnesses were just too afraid to come forward and help.

    "No one is coming forward to help investigations, there are no concrete witnesses," DCP (South) HGS Dhaliwal

    So the question arises what it is that makes witnesses stay away from investigations.

    "Witnesses will be called to police station many times," said one student.

    "People are reluctant because they fear that police will question them many times and will take them to court," said another student.

    The question has also been asked to someone who has been through it all. The Delhi High Court had called Bina Ramani a 'star witness' in the Jessica Lal murder case. It was Ramani who identified Manu Sharma as the killer of Jessica Lal.

    "One who told the truth or stand by the truth was thrown into the jail. And the persons who have lied, have free 12 years, almost," said Bina Ramani.

    If an educated socialite like Bina Ramani can face problems, then imagine what it must have been like for 35 year old Chhotu Yadav. Working at the Shyam juice corner for the past 25 years, Chhotu was injured in Delhi's 2005 Sarojini Nagar blasts. He had even seen the bag minutes before the explosion and alerted his employer. He was one of those who had been summoned by the court to make a statement.

    "Its our responsibility, we must alert the police," said Sarojini Nagar blasts victim Chhotu Yadav.

    In the Radhika Tanwar case, a witness is yet to come forward to help in investigations. Despite the fact that it was 10.30 am and the incident happened in the crowded Dhaula Kuan area, it was a police constable who took Radhika to hospital. No one came forward to help.

    "I rushed to the spot and saw the girl lying wounded. No one agreed to take her to the hospital. I asked someone to help me take her, but no one was agreeing. So I took her in an auto to the hospital," said Delhi Police Constable Sanoj Kumar.

    People said they were too afraid to be a witness and refused to get involved in anything. Should civil society defy that fear and come forward to answer, what some might refer to as a call of duty?