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    Kidnapped Ishaan reunited with family

    New Delhi: Eighteen month old Ishaan who was kidnapped three days back was rescued on Wednesday. The toddler was kidnapped on Sunday night. Five people have been arrested in this case.Ishaan, son of a South Delhi businessman, was rescued from Harikesh Nagar near Faridabad in Haryana on Tuesday night.Ishaan’s father, Vikram Singh, said "I am very happy that's all I would like to say. My son is back. Thank you very much. I am very happy with the police department and the Crime Branch"Four people including the Singh's domestic help, Pratima and her fiance, an electrician were arrested on Tuesday night. Pratima had been working with the family for the past 1 month and had recently taken leave to go home to Orissa. Another maid, Seema, was given a job without getting her background checked, was also among those arrested. Seema had taken Ishaan for a walk on Sunday evening and never returned. Ishaan’s mother, Gayatri Singh, said "It was completely my folly that I had not got any reference on the maid. I had not got her police verified. She had been in my house for 10 days. She took away my child. I and my husband know what we have gone through"The Delhi police had sent 15 teams across different states in search for Ishaan. When they finally found him, he had been disguised as a girl. Baby food, baby oil and clothes were also recovered from the location. The kidnappers had planned to keep the baby for a month before asking for ransom.Police Commissioner Delhi, BK Gupta, said "They planned to contact the family after a while when the the family members were totally heartbroken, so that they can extract a heavy ransom. According to our preliminary investigation, they planned to ask for 2 crores"For Ishaan’s family who went through a nightmare for two days, it was a hard lesson that was learnt. But for the moment, they're happy to be reunited with their son.