Bahrainian students in India speak out

Kajal Iyer | Updated: March 20, 2011, 6:08 PM IST

Pune: Thousands of people have been demonstrating in Bahrain since last month, with Saudi troops moving to control the protests, Bahraini students in India are torn between a need to return to their country to support their fellowmen and the duties they have towards their education and career.

The Bahrain unrest has been making headlines across the world, and it is these images that have driven Reza Jasim, a Bahraini student in Pune, to leave for home even before his B.Com exams get over.

"I cant see it anymore. I am going back to my country to defend my people and fight with them," Reza Jasim.

Pune has around 500 students from Bahrain, many of them say they are just waiting for their exams to get over before they return.

"Most of us want to go back but we have come here for a target, so we have to finish our studies," Sayed Ahmed, Bahraini student

Though bound by their career obligations in India, the Bahraini students and sympathisers are doing their bit for their country by connecting on social networking sites and spreading awareness on the situation back home

"We are people of peace, we never use bullets or weapons, but we will be there because it is our country and we love our country," Hussain Al Jazire, Bahraini student.

First Published: March 20, 2011, 6:08 PM IST

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