Mar 30 report suggests high security for Bhatt

Meghdoot Sharon | Updated: April 30, 2011, 11:59 PM IST

Ahmedabad: Hours after scaling down the security cover for Gujarat Police DIG Sanjiv Bhatt's security, the Gujarat government defended its decision by pointing to the threat assessment report. Gujarat police has claimed that the report does not recommend any police protection for the IPS officer.

But another threat assessment report, dated March 30, 2011 and prepared by the Ahmedabad police, clearly mentioned WHY BHATT AND HIS FAMILY NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED. The confidential details of Sanjiv Bhatt's November 2009 deposition before the SIT have got leaked and he has invited the wrath and anger of Hindu fundamentalist organisations.

Bhatt, who never got the Y-scale security, explained why this report was overlooked.

"They had recommended that a minimum of Y-scale security be provided to me and my family. But that was in the month of March, much before this affidavit came out in public," said Bhatt.

Another startling point made by PI SG Barochia who prepared the report, is that, Bhatt is a very important witness to the February 27, 2002 meeting that Chief Minister Narendra Modi held in Gandhinagar and former minister Haren Pandya too was gunned down soon after he made explosive representations about this very meeting before retired High Court judges.

The Gujarat government is quick to distance the CMO from this fresh controversy.

"There are no instructions from the CMO as regards the security arrangements pertaining to Mr Bhatt are concerned," said Gujarat Government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas.

But the government will find it hard to brush the fresh revelations under the carpet. After all, Modi also has the Home portfolio too.

First Published: April 30, 2011, 11:59 PM IST

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