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    UP police not telling the truth, says athlete

    New Delhi: National level athlete Arunima Sinha alias Sonu Sinha on Wednesday said that the Uttar Pradesh Police, which has been claiming that she is telling the truth about the incident in which she lost her leg after reportedly being thrown out of a train near Bareilly.Claiming that the police have been lying, Sonu said that no police personnel was present in the train compartment when she was apparently thrown out of the Padmavat Express on April 11, 2011 by a gang of chain snatchers. She denied that she had jumped off the train because she was depressed, as alleged by the police."Some people tried to snatch my chain and when I tried to fight back, I was pushed from the train. There was no Uttar Pradesh police personnel in the compartment, so how can they know whether or not there was a theft? Why do they keep lying? First they said I didn't have a ticket, then that I didn't have papers, then they're talking about suicide," said Sonu.She also said that she had never told the police about any Indo-Tibet Border Police job examination and that she was coming to Delhi for getting her birth certificate corrected."I would never commit suicide. Even now people in my ward are amazed at how I am withstanding the pain. I never talked about ITBP, I didn't have any ITBP exam. Through SSB I had other exams. They don't have all the information, yet they are making allegations. I had to get my date of birth certificate corrected, and I had to find out about my exam centre. I've been saying this since the beginning, but no one is listening to me,” she claimed.On Tuesday the UP Railway Police had said that Sonu was not pushed from Padmavat Express, but had jumped off the train or it was an accident. But investigators say they found the chain in her purse and that it had no blood stains. The purse also contained Rs 1700 and an ATM card.AK Jain, ADG Railways, had said, "She claimed that she was robbed, but there was no robbery. Her chain, her watch, her money were all found in her purse. The ITBP test has brought to light glaring contradictions which are now being investigated."Police also say that Sonu had claimed she was going for a test for the ITBP scheduled for April 11 in Noida but that there was no such test scheduled for that day.An amputation and several operations later, Sinha is now recovering at AIIMS in New Delhi. Sonu’s family also says the railways and Uttar Pradesh Police are is trying to cover up their lapses."Suicide claims are rubbish, police couldn't get any evidence so they have cooked a false story," said Sonu's mother.