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    Tendulkar advocates free-flowing batting

    Pune: Notwithstanding his perfectionist image, Sachin Tendulkar believes that "surrendering" to the
    subconscious mind while batting can be a good idea. "It is good to surrender yourself to the subconscious mind (while batting). The conscious mind can sometimes create problems," he said during an interaction with budding
    cricketers of a local club here on Thursday.

    Stating that nobody can be perfect despite his best preparation, the senior India batsman asked the young
    cricketers not be afraid of making mistakes. "A player has to make mental adjustment and self-belief is important. If you believe in your ability, you can take on any opposition," he said.

    On the temperament needed for Twenty20 cricket, he said, "Things depend on the team composition. There is no particular
    formula. You have to play your assigned role. If you are supposed to hit out and if you get our doing so, you should
    not regret." Asked how much importance the team meetings hold, Sachin said they are desirable to the extent they boost the players' confidence, but the exercise could be counter-productive if it involves "grilling and raising too many questions". "What a sportsman needs is a clear and healthy mind," he