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    BESCOM: Systematic approach to work

    BANGALORE: The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) seems to be following the words, ‘Work is worship’ to the hilt as the very systematic approach by which they have taken up their work has left many pleasantly surprised.They have begun the laying of the electric cables and are ensuring that the people are not put under distress due to the work they are undertaking.Sanjaynagar Main Road, is often considered to be a hotspot for activity.Amidst the hustle and bustle, one would assume that the BESCOM digging up three areas on the road would definitely create problems for many.But the civic body has ensured that it is kept to a minimum with the proper usage of barricades and work being undertaken at a fast pace. A pedestrian on the road, Prajwal, said, “We always welcome progressive moves taken up by the authorities.But we end up regretting it as soon as the work begins. But this time, the concerned authorities have ensured that the trouble is minimum. It is a good sign.” With men at work to ensure that the work is completed as soon as possible, the BESCOM sure deserves a pat on the back for ensuring little hassles when it comes to their work.