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    Joshi submits controversial PAC report

    New Delhi: PAC Chairman Murli Manohar Joshi on Saturday submitted the report on the 2G controversy to the Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar. All this amidst Congress and PAC members unhappy over the report.

    Even as government rejected the draft PAC report, Joshi submitted it taking the battle a step further.

    Joshi said, "Speaker should accept the report and if they had read the report we could have altered some parts. They are working against aam aadmi. I am accused of toppling government."

    Accused by other members of dictatorial style of functioning, Joshi said numbers didn't matter, rules did and accused Congress of flouting every rule.

    Congress and PAC members cried foul and said report had no basis and that government would reject it.

    Congress leader Saifuddin Soz said, "This violates basic rule of parliament committee which demands that there should be unanimity."

    The ball is now in the Speaker's court. But the government will not go back on its fight against Joshi. In fact the new members of the PAC have been chosen so that the fight gets fiercer. The BJP has given up its earlier resentment against Joshi realising its good political sense to back him.