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    Tony Greig accuses Indians of 'whinging'

    New Delhi: Former England player Tony Greig accused Harsha Bhogle of 'whinging' on Sunday after the commentator cum cricket expert tweeted his disapproval of the ICC Cricket Committee rejecting the alternative rain rule proposed by the Indian engineer V Jayadevan.Putting his weight behind Sunil Gavaskar - who also on Sunday opposed ICC's decision, Bhogle tweeted: "good to see sunil gavaskar take up the cause of the jayadevan method. the #icc have been unfair and i'm sure they know it."Greig tweeted in response to Bhogle's opinion on the decision, accusing the 'Indians' of complaining when they don't get their way. "Here we go again – @bhogleharsha accuses ICC cricket committee of being knowingly unfair on 'JVD v D/L decision. I'll back the experts," the Englishman wrote."ICC committee unanimously agreed that there was no evidence of any significant flaws in the D/L method," Greig said in the following tweet, adding, "nor did the committee believe that any improvements could be offered by the VJD method.""If the Indians don't get their way on these issues @bhogleharsha and co start whingeing," Greig accused in another tweet.To this, Bhogle responded by advising the fans and experts on Twitter to not get 'provoked' by Greig, alleging that the former England batsman was trying to turn it into an India versus rest of the world debate. Bhogle tweeted: "can i request everyone on this forum to stop getting provoked by @greigtalks into an india vs rest of world debate? he'll be laughing away!"Bhogle added: "i agree with many of the decisions of the icc cricket committee but i am allowed to disagree on d/l without invoking a regional bias."Tony Greig also took a jibe at former India captain Ravi Shastri, who is on the ICC committee that decided to continue with the D/L method, while rejecting the Indian engineer's proposal. "Results of the ICC Cricket Committee at Lords – also take note of who is on the committee," he tweeted.