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    Facebook adds Like emoticon to chat

    New Delhi: The omnipresent Facebook Like icon will now also be available on your Facebook chats. Facebook has added shortcuts to the most popular emoticons to its chat window and this includes the Like icon.

    Facebook users can either choose the Like icon from the emoticon menu or simply type the letter y in parenthesis (y) for the Like emoticon to appear. This is however still not available for status updates or comments.

    Facebook had also added an Easter Egg to its chat last December. Users could add profile photos as emoticons. If a Facebook [[username]] is inserted into the chat message, for example [[zuck]] the mentioned Facebook user's profile image appears as an emoticon.

    While the emoticon menu on Facebook chat displays only 21 emoticons, many more emoticons are possible by typing in a set of characters. For example:

    Robot: :|]
    Face of an early Facebook engineer: :putnam:
    Shark: (^^^)
    Penguin: <(")
    42: :42: