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    Israel waste management model in city

    BANGALORE: BBMP plans to introduce five units of solid waste management based on Israel model to manage the waste in city, Deputy Mayor S Harish said.Following an invitation from Israel, a 13-member delegation comprising standing committee chairman and Corporators led by Deputy Mayor S Harish participated in an international conference and exhibition on water, sustainable energy and environment technologies between Nov 15 and 17. Sharing his experience, he said, “After participating in the conference, we visited ‘Arrow Ecology Municipal Solid Waste Plant’ in Tel Aviv which provides solution for the treatment of unsorted or mixed municipal solid waste of 300 tonne capacity per day.” “The technology was able to separate dry waste and wet waste based on the principle that most of the biodegradable organic materials are smaller and thus can be separated with the liquid by a trammel, whereas the larger elements like cardboard, paper and plastic are separated manually. The heavy components and inorganic materials such as metal and glass, ferrous and non-ferrous sunk into the bottom and separated from the organic stream and these materials travel down by a processing line where they are separated by magnetic force. Ninety per cent of wastes are recycled and put to use. The technology proves to be very interesting which can handle the increasing solid wastes in Bangalore”.“We are planning to introduce five such plants in various parts of the city with a handling capacity of 300 tonnes each. BBMP will just provide the land and rest of the investments will be procured through PPP. Delegates from Arrow Company will be visiting the city to give us a proposal,” he noted.Mentioning that there are plans to borrow the water technology from Israel, Harish said, “They are very forward in water technology. If any valve gets blocked, they rectify it through technology through their computers.”“We are looking at introducing it in the city along with other developments we saw regarding tourism in Dead Sea,” he stated.