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    U-19 WC, 2nd semi-final: As it happened

    New Zealand Innings (chasing 210 to win):

    50th over: New Zealand 209 for 9. India beat New Zealand by 9 runs to reach the ICC Under-19 World Cup final where they will meet the hosts Australia.

    49th over: NZ 192 for 9. Run out! Smit Patel right on the money as he under-arms it straight to the stumps to find Nuttall well short. 18 needed off 6 balls.

    Ed Nuttall run out Patel 9 (5)

    48th over: NZ 182 for 8. Out! The end draws closer for New Zealand. Fletcher's valiant knock of 53 has been ended by Sharma, who takes his second wicket of the match with an inside edge onto the stumps. This should be in India's pocket now. 28 needed off 12 balls.

    Cam Fletcher b Sandeep Sharma 53 (89)

    46th over: NZ 165 for 7. Another one down! Sandeep Sharma gets among the wickets by dismissing Sodhi to make it seven down for New Zealand. Shortish delivery, Sodhi tries to pull but miscues and Harmeet takes a simple catch. India's chances have brighten up a fair bit now. 45 needed off 24 balls.

    Ish Sodhi c Harmeet Singh b Sandeep Sharma 3 (8)

    44th over: NZ 157 for 6. Bowled! Ravikant gets his man. Neynens has to make the long walk back. Perfect yorker. This is going down the wire. 53 needed off 36 balls now.

    Connor Neynens b Ravikant Singh 14 (20)

    42nd over: New Zealand 146 for 5. The Kiwis are batting with a bit more intent as the required run-rate starts climbing. Fletcher (41*) holds the key for New Zealand to book a meeting with Australia in the final. 64 needed off 48 balls.

    End of batting powerplay (36th-40th over): New Zealand scored 14 runs, India took one wicket.

    38th over: India 121 for 5. Gone! Aparajith snaps the threatening fifth-wicket stand with the wicket of Robert O'Donnell. The New Zealander danced down the track but ended up chipping it straight back to Aparajith who accepted it gleefully. NZ now need 89 off 72 balls to win.

    Batting powerplay: 36th to 40th over.

    34th over: NZ 115 for 4. It's getting tighter with every passing over. India have kept a plug on the boundaries but the O'Donnell and Fletcher refuse to budge. It seems NZ's strategy is to take it close with singles and doubles and then put India under pressure in the last 7-8 overs. 95 needed in 96 balls with six wickets in hand.

    New Zealand recover to reach 100 for 4 in 29.5 overs. They now need 110 runs to win and reach the final. Robert O'Donnell 23* and Cam Fletcher 17* are at the crease.

    26th over: NZ 85 for 4. Good rearguard action on display here by Fletcher and O'Donnell. They are adamant on getting their eye in to get the run-chase back on track. 125 runs still needed off 24 overs with six wickets in hand.

    22nd over: NZ 73 for 4. Fletcher and O'Donnell on the crease together now for New Zealand. They need to dig their heels in before thinking of playing any strokes. Recuperation period for the Kiwis.

    18th over: NZ 63 for 4. Out! It's turning into a Kiwi procession now. Three wickets have fallen in the space of 10 runs now. And Harmeet Singh it is again who provides the breakthrough. Aparjith at first slip collects the edge with a superb effort.

    Will Young c Aparajith b Harmeet Singh 5 (4)

    17th over: NZ 62 for 3. Another one goes! Carter, the dangerman, has been sent back by Ravikant. Again top catching by Akshdeep, this time at point. Carter cuts and Akshdeep dives forward to get his palms under it. India right back in it now.

    Joe Carter c Nath b Ravikant Singh 30 (54)

    16th over: NZ 55 for 2. OUT! Harmeet takes care of Horne. The left-armer flighted it outside off but the Kiwi gets an edge to short third-man while guiding it to third-man. Nice diving catch by Akshdeep.

    Ben Horne c Nath b Harmeet Singh 10 (19)

    New Zealand bring up their fifty: 52 for 1 in 15 overs with Carter at 28* and Horne 10*. And India take bowling powerplay - 16th-20th over

    14th over: NZ 47 for 1. Carter is starting to open his shoulders a bit now. Unmukt must be ruing his luck as Carter is threatening to make him pay heavily for that dropped chance.

    10th over: NZ 30 for 1. Out! Davidson dismissed by Passi. Much needed breakthrough for India. It was full outside the off stump. Davidson mistimed his drive and lobbed it up for a simple catch at mid-off for Ravikant Singh.

    Michael Davidson c Ravikant Singh b Passi 6 (25)

    7th over: NZ 15 for 0. Dropped! That was a sitter at first slip for Unmukt, but he has put that down. Sharma drew Carter into that away swinger and it took a nice thick edge. But to no avail! Could prove to be a costly miss.

    5th over: NZ 12 for 0. Carter doing all the scoring so far, with Davidson yet to get off the mark despite having faced 14 balls. But good disciplined stuff by Sharma and Passi. India will have to grind for wickets with relentless pressure.

    1st over: NZ 0 for 0. Perfect start by Sandeep Sharma. A maiden to begin India's defence. Now up to Kamal Passi to maintain pressure from the other end.

    India Innings:

    50th over: India 209 for 9. Eight runs in the last over for the Indians. But the day so far belongs to the New Zealanders. They were up against it at 132 for 1 in 34 overs at one stage, but didn't give up and clawed right back into it.

    Ben Horne's 3 for 28 in the end and three quick wickets after the 30th over turned it around for New Zealand in a period in which they took 8 Indian wickets for just 77 runs.

    49th over: India 201 for 9. Double wicket over! India folding up quickly here. After Passi was dismissed first ball of that over out caught at long-on, Quinn bowled Ravikant Singh to take Kiwis within one wicket of dismissing India inside 50 overs. What a turnaround! Quinn finishes with figures of 10-1-36-2.

    Ravikant Singh b Quinn 0 (1)
    Kamal Passi c Neynens b Quinn 0 (1)

    48th over: India 198 for 7. Harmeet Singh falls on the last ball of that over by Horne to give him his third wicket. The left-armer's figures read 3 for 20 in five overs. Gamechanger?

    Harmeet Singh c Carter b Horne 6 (7)

    46th over: India 184 for 6. Vihari departs! Horne picks up his second wicket. A good lunging catch as well in the covers by Carter. Horne is doing the job for New Zealand here at the death, unexpectedly to say the least.

    Hanuma Vihari c Carter b Horne 22 (38)

    44th over: India 169 for 5. Out! Nath jogs down the wicket and hits it straight to the bowler Ben Horne. It was a tactical move by the NZ skipper to bring a slow left-armer in the 44th over. Nath fell into the trap to perfection.

    Akshdeep Nath c & b Horne 11 (16)

    43rd over: India 167 for 4. Vihari and Nath have regrouped to reassess India's target after losing three wickets in quick succession.

    40th over: India 151 for 4. It's 15 for 2 in the batting powerplay that clearly belonged to New Zealand and has changed the complexion of the Indian innings.

    37th over: India 139 for 4. Another wicket! The batting powerplay is working in New Zealand's favour. Now Vijay Zol walks back. His air-borne square drive is taken easily by Horne. He was India's in-form batsmen. India have been pegged right back - from 132 for 1 to 139 for 4.

    Vijay Zol c Horne b Duffy 0 (5)

    36th over: India 138 for 3. Disaster for India! Aparajith falls to the Kiwi ploy of bowling leggie Sodhi in the powerplay. The batsman came down the pitch to covert it into a full-toss but lifted it straight to mid-on. India now need to rebuild once again before a final assault.

    Baba Aparajith c Young b Sodhi 44 (61)

    Batting powerplay: 36th-40th over.

    Drinks Break: India 136 for 2 in 35 overs. Baba Aparajith 42* and Hanuma Vihari 0*.

    34th over: India 133 for 2. Gone! Chopra has been dismissed to a stunning one-handed catch by NZ skipper Young at mid-on. Nuttall the wicket-taker. But the Indian opener has done his job with 52, though he took a little more balls than he would have liked. His innings included five fours and a six.

    Prashant Chopra c Young b Nuttall 52 (104)

    Fifty for Prashant Chopra, his third of the tournament. A laborious one in 99 balls, but he can kick on big time for India from here. India 127 for 1 in 32 overs.

    28th over: India 109 for 1. A boundary each for Aparajith and Chopra in that over. Sodhi, the leggie, is pretty erratic with his length. First he presented a full-toss to Aparajith who helped himself with a four between mid-wicket and long-on. Then he lofted one outside Chopra's off-stump, and the Indian opener dispatched it to the wide long-off fence.

    India's hundred comes up in 26.5 overs, 100 for 1 now. Chopra 37*, Aparajith 24*.

    25th over: India 93 for 1. Chopra and Aparajith looking a bit more comfortable now as they start milking the Kiwi slow bowlers. Chopra needs to anchor the innings as he's the one who has spent the most time on the wicket, which has eased a bit now.

    20th over: India 73 for 1. End of the bowling powerplay and the Kiwis have given away just 19 runs despite that six over the long-off fence by Chopra against leggie Ish Sodhi in this over.

    Drinks Break: India 63 for 1 in 17 overs (Chopra 20* and Aparajith 5*).

    Bowling powerplay taken by New Zealand: 16th-20th over.

    14th over: India 52 for 1. Out! Neynens bowls Unmukt. The Indian skipper almost yorked himself on that slower one from the Kiwi medium-pacer. Played down the wrong line. But it's a good start by India, one they can build on.

    Unmukt Chand b Neynens 31 (44)

    Fifty up for India in 13.3 overs with all wickets intact. Unmukt Chand 31* and Prashant Chopra 15*.

    12th over: India 46 for no loss. Chopra finally finds the middle of his bat with consecutive boundaries - first to the cover boundary and second to long-off - off Connor Neynens, who has bowled a nervous first over.

    10th over: India 36 for no loss. The Indians have nullified the opening burst by the Kiwis. Unmukt has done the bulk of the scoring for India and is looking increasingly comfortable at the crease having scored 28 off 32 balls. Chopra is more sedate and still settling in at 4 off 27 balls.

    Chopra hit in the box there by Nuttall. Looks pretty nasty. He's being attended by the physio.

    5th over: India 16 for no loss. After a watchful start in swinging conditions at the Tony Ireland stadium, Unmukt strokes two boundaries off Duffy - an on-drive and a cover drive - to break the shackles somewhat.

    1st over: India 6 for no loss. But an edgy start. A streaky single for Prashant Chopra to get off the mark, followed by a lemon-cut boundary for skipper Unmukt Chand. Fair bit of movement there for Jacob Duffy.

    4:45 a.m. TOSS! New Zealand have the coin rolling over in their favour and they have elected to field first.

    Team News: India remain unchanged, while Ed Nuttall replaces Sean Davey in the New Zealand XI.

    4:40 a.m.: Hello and welcome to the live updates of the ICC Under-19 World Cup semi-final between India and New Zealand from Townsville in Australia.

    Both the teams entered the last-four stage in thrilling finishes to their quarter-finals, with India winning the match by just one wicket and New Zealand scoring 18 runs in the last over to win.