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    Umesh Yadav likely to be fit by April

    Bangalore: India's premier fast bowler Umesh Yadav, who has been sidelined due to an injury since November, will be in action soon as he resumed his training recently and is expected to regain full fitness by April.

    "It's all better now. I started bowling this Monday, for the first time in one-and-a-half months. The pain is gone now; now I have to train again and gradually start bowling at 100 per cent," Yadav told ESPNcricinfo.

    Yadav, who suffered a back injury - a "stress reaction" as he termed it - is undergoing rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore and is expected to get 30-40 per cent fit by next week. "[I] have just resumed training so it will take time. It's not like I can start bowling immediately now that the pain is gone. I will have to take this slowly. Next week, I will start bowling in the ground, at 30-40 per cent. Then we will decide how much more I should do in the week after that," Yadav added.

    Yadav clarified that the injury he suffered was not stress fracture but it could have turned out so if hadn't been detected earlier. He is also confident of bowling his usual pace once he gets absolutely fit. "This was not a stress fracture," he said. "This was what we call a stress reaction, which happens with too much load on the back, but it is good we came to know of it early because if you keep adding onto it, it can result in a fracture too. That would have taken at least six months to recover from.

    "I had a stress fracture three years ago, but I bowled at the same pace when I came back. It's more a mindset. My mindset has always been to do what comes naturally to me. I am not going to change my natural pace."

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