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    Gujarat launches e-broadcast pilot project

    Gandhinagar: In an e-governance initiative, Chief Minister Narendra Modi launched the 'Gujarat Swarnim Gram E-Broadcast Project' in Amreli.

    "Initially implemented as 'district pilot scheme' in 51 villages of 11 talukas of Amreli district, it will soon cover all the 18,000 villages of the state," Modi said.

    Giving details of the project, the chief minister said that the government will put up huge LED screens at a public place in villages and will provide information of use to the rural folk literally at their doorsteps. These would include information pertaining to pro-people schemes, health services, up-to-date details of commodity rates and the like.

    "Modern technology has been incorporated in the project and information will be disseminated within a span of just 60 seconds. The e-broadcast project is a revolutionary move to serve the village people with the power of information in 21st century," Modi added.

    Seeking to make a comparative statement, Modi said the central government has just recently announced plans to provide internet connectivity to 3,000 villages of the country in the current year's budget while the Gujarat government has already set up a state-wide IT network years back. This, he said, shows how ahead Gujarat is compared to other states in using technology for development.