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    3 Rajasthan cops arrested for molesting girl

    Jaipur: Three Rajasthan policemen have been found guilty of molesting a girl, who was called as a witness to the Pratap Nagar police station in Jaipur to record her statement. The three policemen including SHO Ramniwas Bishnoi and Head Constable Ramlal Meena have been arrested on charges of attempting to rape her and extorting information but have not been charged for abetting suicide.

    The incident had taken place on January 23, 2011 and the girl later attempted suicide. She has since then been unable to move due to a spinal injury.

    The girl's father Shivdan Singh is a constable in the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary. He turned Citizen Journalist and narrated the entire incident.

    According to Singh on January 23 the police called her daughter and two other students for questioning in the case of her friend who had gone missing. Singh accompanied her to the police station but the policemen asked him to stay outside while they questioned her.

    The Pratap Nagar police station is at secluded place operating out of a quarter with no women's desk. There were no women policemen when the girl and her friends were called to the police station for questioning.

    Now, the policemen admit that they had no legal right to call her to the police station for questioning alone and late in the night.

    "I could hear them scream in between. They took her upstairs where two rooms double up as quarters. I called up another policeman I knew and told him to let me take my daughter. But they let us go only at 10 at night with a rider that she had to show up again the next morning," said Singh.

    Singh claimed that her daughter was traumatised and terrified after the questioning. She told her parents that she would never ever visit the police station.

    "We only realised how traumatised she was when she tried to commit suicide the next day by jumping before a running train. She took this step because of police brutality," said Singh.

    In her suicide note she wrote how she was sexually harassed. She hurt herself so badly that now she may never be able to stand up on her own feet, her back is numb after a spinal injury and her leg is badly hurt.

    The doctors say there is nothing they can do.

    Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot promised her Rs 10 lakh as compensation. But the money may not last for her entire life.

    Singh claims that the policemen were under pressure from a bureaucrat who is a relative of the missing girl to question her friends and find her whereabouts. He also fears that the bureaucrat might use his influence to protect the three policemen.