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    ACB raids scare liquor traders

    KARIMNAGAR: The crackdown by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) sleuths is sending shivers down the spines of liquor traders in Karimnagar district. An Excise CI and four liquor traders were arrested by the ACB in neighbouring Warangal district on Saturday in connection with liquor scam.The fresh indications by the government on more ACB raids on Excise officials linked with the liquor syndicate is further troubling them.There are about 315 wine shops in Karimnagar district and two traders play a major role in the liquor syndicate here. The duo went underground following ACB raids on liquor traders in December and came back after sometime.But the arrests in Warangal district are reportedly worrying the duo.However, wine shop owners are continuing to sell liquor at higher prices.On Saturday, forward block activists vandalised Rajarani Wines, which is popular for selling liquor at higher prices, in the city.In another incident, a customer was reportedly attacked by the owner of a wine shop, located at the court crossroads, when the former questioned him about why he was not selling liquor at MRP. The ACB raids have brought about differences between liquor traders and Excise officials.A wine shop owner questioned: “Why should we give ‘mamool’ to Excise authorities if they cannot manage raids by ACB and customers?” When contacted, Karimnagar Prohibition and Excise superintendent G Ganesh said that they have not received complaints about liquor being sold at higher prices anywhere in the city. He urged people to lodge a complaint with them if they found that liquor was being sold above the MRP. “We will take action against the traders,” he said