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    World T20: Australia beat SA by eight wickets

    Australia's innings:

    18th over, Australia 147 for 2: White finishes the match with a mighty blow over deep mid wicket off Botha on the fourth ball of the over. Australia have defeated South Africa by eight wickets with 14 balls to spare.

    17th over, Australia 138 for 2: South Africa have been poor in the field and now AB de Villiers misses a simple stumping chance. Peterson drew Hussey out of the crease and beat him with a faster one but the ball flicked off de Villiers gloves. And Hussey rubs salt in his wound by cracking a six over long on on the next ball. White wallops a boundary on the last ball as mid on was up in the circle.

    16th over, Australia 125 for 2: Australia are playing sensibly, picking singles and waiting for the poor ball to hit to the boundary. After two singles off first three balls, Hussey goes for a reverse-sweep and gets one. Oh man, another awful demonstration of ground fielding by Parnell. The ball goes to the boundary.

    15th over, Australia 118 for 2: Dale Steyn is brought back to get more wickets but Hussey blasts him for a boundary through coverpoint. Cracking square drive. Takes a single off the next ball. Another boundary off the third ball.. The ball swung in the air and took an outside edge of Cameron White's bat and raced to the third man boundary. Brilliant work by AB de Villiers saved four runs on the next ball. Inside edge from White's bat would have gone to fine leg boundary but De Villiers was agile and nimble. White defends the last ball of the over.

    14th over, Australia 109 for 2: Watson cans the second ball of the over to the straight boundary. Australia reach 100 runs in 13.2 overs. A rare misfield by South African team gives another boundary to Watson. Driven to the wide long off and sloppy fielding by Behardien resulted in a boundary. Finally, Watson departs after playing another sparkling innings. This time he hits straight to the long on. He made 70 off 47 balls. Bowler is Robin Peterson. Can South Africa claw their way back from here? Australia need 38 runs off last 6 overs.

    13th over, Australia 98 for 1: Australia are running away with the game and South Africa are on the cusp of crashing out of the tournament. JP Duminy comes to bowl. Singles are scored off the first three balls. Fourth ball was pushed quick through the air, skid after pitching. Hussey defends it. Fifth ball is another dot ball. Last ball is driven through the covers for a single. Just four off the four but South Africa need a string of quick wickets.

    12th over, Australia 94 for 1: Michael Hussey gets into the groove, now. Pummels Parnell for a boundary and follows it up with a massive six over deep square leg. Takes a single on the next ball to give strike to Watson. Parnell unfurls a yorker, Watson defends it and batsmen run a single.

    11th over, Australia 81 for 1: Fortune favouring the brave. Shane Watson mistimes a shot off Peterson but the fielder couldn't take the catch. Peterson looks disappointment. Two runs taken. Reverse-sweep off the third ball by Hussey but no run. The last ball is defended by Hussey.

    10th over, Australia 76 for 1: Watson takes a single off the first ball. Hussey mis-times a pull but the ball falls in no man's land and he runs a single. Shane Watsom brings up his half-century by a scintillating six over deep mid wicket. His dream run in the World T20 continues. It is a sin to ball anything short to him.

    9th over, Australia 65 for 1: Hussey comes down the track to Botha and hit him over extra cover for a double. Second and third ball didn't yield any run. Fourth ball is played to the deep cover for a single. Botha balls a faster ball and nearly deceived watson. Got the bat behind at nick of the time. Brilliant fielding by JP Duminy at deep mid wicket saved three runs for South Africa. Botha's short ball was strongly hit by Watson towards deep mid wicket boundary. Only a single.

    8th over, Australia 60 for 1: A vociferous appeal on the first ball is turned down against Watson. Robin Peterson is the bowler. Watson lunged forward and Peterson pushed the ball fast through the air and ball hit the pads instead. Umpire decline the appeal. The second ball is short and ruthlessly pulled to the deep mid wicket boundary. The first six of Australian innings. Watson swept Peterson over deep mid wicket and ball sailed int the crowd. Watson is in amazing form both with the bat and the ball.

    7th over, Australia 48 for 1: After a slow start, Australia are making good strides. 10 runs off the over. Short ball from Johan Joth was pulled to mid wicket boundary on the fifth ball. A wide ball didn't help matters.

    6th over, Australia 38 for 1: Two consecutive boundaries and a single off the first three balls, nine runs scored. First ball was short and thrashed through coverpoint while the second ball was imperiously driven through the covers. Morkel bowled very good first two overs but he's all over the place in the third over. Another boundary off the fifth ball. Full-toss on leg stump and flicked to the fine leg boundary. Another full-toss and single is scored.

    5th over, Australia 27 for 1: Finally the first boundary for Australia in the fifth over. Jacques Kallis' first ball is smashed it to the point boundary. Mediocre ball, short and wide. Kallis digs the ball short and it goes down the leg side, wide called. The fourth ball is flicked to the mid wicket, just fell short of the fielder. No run scored. The fifth ball is short of a length and played back to the bowler. Single off the last ball through square leg.

    4th over, Australia 15 for 1: First wicket for South Africa. The pressure was mounting as only 10 runs were scored off first three overs. Warner gave himself room to swing his bat but Morkel masterfully fired the ball into the blockhole. Warner was cleaned up. He made 5 runs. Michael Hussey is the new batsman. Morkel bowls a wide. Hussey gets off the mark by pushing the ball to mid off for a single. Watson steers the next ball to third man for a single. Hussey takes another quick single by playing the ball towards short mid wicket with soft hands. Watson hits the ball towards mid on and scampers for a single.

    3rd over, Australia 10 for 0: The first ball of the 3rd over didn't yield any run while the second is cut through the point for a single by Watson. Single off the third ball. Warner hits the ball in vacant cover region. Fourth ball is gently nudged through the mid wicket for a single by Watson. Australia are playing Steyn with caution. Warner pulls the fifth ball through mid wicket for one run. Short ball by Steyn and it's called a wide. Superb last delivery. Swinging away from Watson, he tried to drive the ball but was beaten.

    2nd over, Australia 5 for 0: Morne Morkel is bowling the second over. First ball is hit to covers, no run. Second is pushed to short point, no run taken. Third ball is steered to third man for s single by Watson. Morkel beats Warner on the fourth by a delivery angling away. Short of a length ball by Morkel and Warner gets behind the ball and plays a defensive shot. A couple of runs off the last ball through the point.

    1st over, Australia 2 for 0: Dale Steyn is bowling the first over for South Africa. David Warner is the batsman. First two balls are defended by Warner and the third ball takes an an inside edge. Fine leg is up and he did well to stop the ball as Warner runs a single. Trademark outswinger from Steyn, a peach of a delivery. Shane Watson was beaten comprehensively. Fifth ball is cautiously defended by Watson. Single off the last ball. Pushed towards mid on and batsmen take a single. Great start by Steyn. Just two runs off the first over.

    South Africa's innings:

    20th over: 146 for 5. Starc bowls the last over, Peterson smashes first ball for four through square leg and then follows it with another one through the covers. Then after a dot ball, left-hander cheekily hits another boundary trough the fine-leg region. Fourteen runs come from the over as Australia chase 147 to make sure they reach the semis.

    19th over: 132 for 5. Cummins in for his last and gives away fourteen from it. Pretty loose stuff by the pacer. After a two and single from first three. Behardien picks up four as he mistimes a hook but gloves it over the keeper for four. After another wide, Behardien punches a flat six over long-on to make it fourteen from it.

    18th over: 118 for 5. Watson back for his last over, gives away two singles first up and then bowls a wide. Behardien then picks up another single before Peterson gets hold off a full toss that he smashes over the mid-wicket for boundary and then picks up a single off the fifth. Behardien then gets couple of run off the last ball courtesy of a misfield.

    17th over: 107 for 5. Pat Cummins is back into the attack and bowls an excellent over at the death. Just gives away three singles from the over. Things are just not working for the South Africa at the moment.

    16th over: 104 for 5. Robin Peterson is the new batsman and straight away he gets the switch hit out of the locker. He picks up two boundaries thanks to the same shot. First one he times the shot pretty well and evades the dive of the cover sweeper. Second one comes off the last ball between backward point and short third man. Twelve runs come from the over.

    15th over: 92 for 5. Big wicket for Australia as De Villiers falls. Watson returns to the attack and forces AB to hit the ball straight to cover where skipper Bailey takes the catch. Meanwhile, Behardien takes some pressure off as he smashes him for four over the mid-off's head.

    de Villiers c George Bailey b Shane Watson 21(24)

    14th over: 86 for 4. Doherty completes his fantastic spell. His figures: 4-0-20-3. AB and Behardien are not able to get boundaries at the moment. Australia are tightening the screws. Duo manage eight from the over thanks to couples of twos off the first two balls and singles from the remaining four.

    13th over: 78 for 4. Starc comes back into the attack and bowls a tidy over. Just four from it. AB and Behardien pick up three singles and a two from the over. It has been four over since the last boundary was hit. Australia are on to[ at the moment.

    12th over: 73 for 4. Hogg is back into the attack. AB de Villiers and new batsman in the crease, Farhaan Behardien picks up ones and twos between them without any risk. Seven from the over but still no big shots from the batting side.

    11th over: 66 for 4. Duminy departs! Doherty returns to the attack and gets his third scalp. His first ball sees Duminy come down the wicket and get stumped! Just gives two from rest of the over.

    Duminy st Wade b Doherty 30(25)

    10th over: 64 for 3. Glenn Maxwell, right-arm offspinner, comes into the attack. This is Australia's sixth bowler of the day. Duminy and AB continue to help themselves to ones and twos, seven from the over with no dot balls.

    9th over: 57 for 3. Fifty up for SA. Duminy picks up another four as he hooks his fourth boundary down through deep backward square leg. Duo are rotating the strike very well. Another eight from the over as South Africa look o push towards a decent total on board.

    8th over: 49 for 3. Brad Hogg comes into the attack. De Villers and Duminy picks up few singles, while Duminy drives a four through mid-wicket. Veteran left-arm chinaman bowler is Australia's fifth bowler.

    7th over: 42 for 3. AB de Villiers walks in the middle. Cummins continues and AB picks up as single that brings Duminy on strike, the left-hander unleashes a lovely cover-driven four. South Africa pick up another eight from the over. Duminy looks in confident mood today.

    6th over: 34 for 3. Another one falls! Watson picks up wicket in his very first over. After giving three singles, Watson's golden arm strikes again as Amla nicks one to the keeper.

    Amla c Wade b Shane Watson 17(15)

    5th over: 30 for 2. Pat Cummins comes into the attack and South Africa pick duo pick up eight from the over. Amla and Duminy manage a couple of singles before Amla rides his luck, chopping a four past the stumps and down to the fine leg boundary. Couple of singles end the over.

    4th over: 23 for 2. Starc continues and bowls a pretty tight over until the last ball, which Duminy drives it through the cover for a much needed boundary. Earlier in the over Australia missed a run out chance..

    3rd over: 16 for 2. Another one falls, this time Kallis falls to the spinner. Kallis inexplicably nicks an easy catch to the keeper. Meanwhile, Amla smashes him for six over the extra cover and it's well over the boundary.

    Kallis c Wade b Doherty 6(7)

    2nd over: 8 for 1. Mitchell Starc comes into the attack and SA pick up six from the over thanks to a straight drive by Kallis for four. Kallis has to anchor the innings now for SA if they need to put a decent total on board.

    1st over: 2 for 1. A spinner to start right away for Australia. Doherty it'll be and sends back Richard Levi. Levi's poor run continues as he is clean bowled by the spinner. Great start for Australia, just two from it. Kallis the new man to come in.

    Levi b Doherty 0(3)


    Australia: Shane Watson, David Warner, Michael Hussey, George Bailey (capt), Cameron White, Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Brad Hogg, Xavier Doherty

    South Africa: Richard Levi, Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers (capt/wk), JP Duminy, Farhaan Behardien, Wayne Parnell, Johan Botha, Robin Peterson, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel

    3 p.m. Toss. Australia opt to bowl, with an extra spinner in the line-up in the form of Xavier Doherty who replaces Daniel Christian.

    South Africa bring in Wayne Parnell. Albie Morkel is out.

    2:55 p.m. Pitch news. There's little grass an whatever's there is dry and barren. Looks a little hard as well.

    2:50 p.m. Hello and thanks for joining us for a Super Sunday in the World Twenty20 from Colombo, with two critical Super Eight encounters - Australia vs South Africa first, followed by the big one between India and Pakistan.

    Must-win games for both South Africa and India, both of whom lost their opening Super Eight fixture in Group 1. While the Proteas lost to Pakistan, India were hammered by Australia.