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    Odisha: Man bites cobra to death

    Jaipur (Odisha): In a bizarre incident a man bit a snake, a cobra, to death in Rahama village under Rasulpur block in Jajpur district. Iman Welli (25), a daily wager, gave it back to the cobra after the reptile bit him while he was working in a sugarcane field on Thursday.

    Welli who works as a labourer in the fields of Babana Dalei bit the snake 12 times, killing it. He caught it by the head and started biting it.

    When persuaded by the co-workers not to do so, he told them that in his village in Jharkhand he killed snakes the same way.

    "I bit the snake out revenge as we practice back home," said Welli.

    "He became furious after the snake bit him. He tore the reptile and chewed bits of its flesh. We were all shocked," said Dalei.

    He was rushed to Community Health Center (CHC) at Madhuban where doctors said the poison has not affected him at all.