World T20, Pak vs Aus, Super Eight: As it happened

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World T20, Pak vs Aus, Super Eight: As it happened

Australia faltered chasing 150 against Pakistan but they've qualified for the semi-finals on the basis of superior run-rate.

Raza Hasan is adjudged Man of the Match.

Australia's innings:

20th over, Australia 117 for 7: Michael Hussey hits the boundary off the first ball of the last over and Australia have qualified for the semi-fianls. The boundary also brought up his half-century. Three singles are scored off the next five balls. Pakistan have defeated Australia by 32 runs.

19th over, Pakistan 110 for 7: Wade manages a single off the first ball of the over bowled by Saeed Ajmal. Second ball is down the leg side and is called a wide. Ajmal and K Akmal appealed but it didn't have any effect on the umpire. Two more runs off the next two balls. Looks like Australia have settled for 112, a score which will ensure them a place in the semi-fianls, instead of going for 150. Ajmal has cleaned up Wade on the fifth ball. He tried to pull off a paddle-sweep but missed the line of the ball. Another wicket for Ajmal on the last ball of his spell. Pat Cummins played across the line and couldn't get bat on the ball. He looked plumb.

P Cummins lbw b Ajmal 0(1

Wade b Ajmal 13(14)

18th over, Australia 105 for 5: Umar Gul comes to bowl the 18th over of the innings. And he gets it right on the target on the first ball. A yorker just outside the off stump; no run. Hussey executes a fine square drive through point and runs a double on the next ball. A low full toss is pushed to mid off and Hussey takes a single off the third ball. Another yorker and another dot ball for Gul. Just a single off the fifth ball. Another low full toss and a push to mid off yields one run. Umar Gul is a much better bowler with an older ball. He fires the last ball of the over in the blochhole and Hussey had no other option but to fend it off.

17th over, Australia 101 for 5: Shahid Afridi is brought to brought back to bowl his last over and Hussey welcomes him by going down the track and smacking a boundary over his head. Picks up a single off the next ball by steering the ball to backward point. Wade defends the third ball before taking a single off the next. Hussey glides the fifth ball to fine leg boundary. Poor bow going down the leg side and Hussey did the needful. He rtains the strike by rattling up a single off the last ball.

16th over, Australia 90 for 5: No run off the first ball of Ajmal's third over. Two singles came off the next two balls and Wade got a boundary on the foruth ball by playing a fine sweep shot. Two more singles off the next two balls. 8 runs from the over.

15th over, Australia 82 for 5: Shoaib Malik is bowling the 15th over. Australia couldn't manage anything more than singles. Four singles are pilfered off the first four balls. Hussey finally gets a boundary. A short-arm pull between deep mid wicket and deep square leg gets him a boundary. And he follows it up with a six over deep mid wicket. Hussey is a danger man for Pakistan. Are they getting a sense of deja vu thinking about World Twenty20 semi-final 2010?

14th over, Australia 68 for 5: Two singles were pinched off the first two balls of Hasan Raza's last over. On the third ball, Maxwell came down the track to hit the ball over mid wicket but he was deceived by the flight as the ball turned away from him and an outside edge was grabbed by Hafeez at point. Hussey takes a single off the next ball by pushing it towards mid wicket. Wade was beaten by the lovely flight and an inside edge went to the short fine leg as he ran a single. Hussey turns the last away towards mid wicket for a single.

Glenn Maxwell c Hafeez b Raza Hasan 4(5)

13th over, Australia 63 for 4: Glenn Maxwell is the new batsman. Shahid Afridi is bowling the 13th over. Five singles came off the first five balls and Hussey was beaten on the last ball trying to drive the good length delivery on the rise.

12th over, Australia 58 for 4: Cameron White pinched the first ball to deep square leg for a couple of runs. Hafeez pushes the next ball quick through the air and White blocks it. Third ball is a short one and White rocked on the back foot to bludgeon it over deep square leg. A powerful hit down the ground on the next ball yields a single to White. Hussey takes another single on the next ball through covers. White is dismissed off the next ball. He tried to club another six but his timing went haywire this time and Imran Nazir took a fine catch at long on.

Cameron White c Imran Nazir b Hafeez 12(11)

11th over, Australia 48 for 3: Hasan Raza comes to bowl the 11th over. Pakistan have only used spinners in this innings as yet. No run off the first three balls. Hafeez has chosen a very attacking field against White. A single is scored off the fourth ball. Hussey attempts a reverse-sweep off the fifth ball but misses it completely. Karmarn Akmal too couldn't collect the ball and a bye is conceded. White turns the last ball of the over to square leg and picks up a single.

10th over, Australia 45 for 3: Saeed Ajmal comes back to bowl the 10th over. Hussey pinches the ball towards mid wicket for a single. Loud appeal by Ajmal off the second ball against Bailey but the umpire turned it down. But Bailey departs next ball. He again went for the pull but the ball skid through after pitching and caught him standing front of the wickets. Cameron White gets off the mark on the first ball and Hussey blocks the next two balls.

George Bailey lbw b Ajmal 15(12)

9th over, Australia 43 for 2: Single comes off the first ball of the 9th over. Bailey goes for the slog sweep off the second ball but misses it completely. Lucky to survive. He takes a single off the next ball. Afridi unfurls a googly and Hussey is beaten neck and crop. Hussey pushes the ball to short covers and scampers for a quick single. This time Bailey collects the ball and the slog sweep fetches him a six over deep mid wicket.

8th over, Australia 34 for 2: Shoaib Malik is brought to bowl the 8th over. Hussey plays the reverse-sweep off the first ball and collects a double. He takes a single off the next ball. Bailey defends the third ball and tucks away the fourth delivery towards square leg for a single. Last ball yields another single as Australia reach 34 for 2 after 8th over.

7th over, Australia 29 for 2: Shahid Afridi replaces Hafeez. two singles are scored off the first two balls and the third ball is steered to third man for the boundary by George Bailey. Fine late cut by the skipper and a welcome boundary for Australia. Two singles follows the boundary and the last ball is git straight to bowler, no run. 8 runs off the over.

6th over, Australia 21 for 2: Saeed Ajmal replaces Raza to bowl the last over of Powerplay. And he starts off well as only two runs are scored off his first over. A loud appeal against Hussey off the second ball was turned down. Good decision as there was an inside edge.

5th over, Australia 19 for 2: Another massive blow for Australia as Mohammad Hafeez snares David Warner. He had stifled Warner for runs and the batsman went for a slog sweep off the last ball to get a boundary but the ball hit the pads and umpire raised the finger this time.

Warner lbw b Hafeez 8(13)

4th over, Australia 16 for 1: Spinners are doing a fine job for Pakistan. They've stifled both the batsmen. And Raza Hasan is rewarded for the fine piece of bowling. Shane Watson went for the sweep but the ball was tad full and he was adjudged lbw after he missed the ball. Huge wicket for Pakistan. Michael Hussey is the new batsman and he gets off the mark by clipping the ball towards square leg.

Shane Watson lbw b Raza Hasan 8(14)

3rd over, Australia 13 for 0: Warner cuts the first ball of the 3rd over to point, no run taken. Singles is cored off the second ball. Third ball was the full toss on the leg stump and Watson thumped it towards square leg but a brilliant effort from Shahid Afridi saved a certain boundary. Watson nudges the next ball towards mid wicket for a single. Warner was lucky on the fifth ball as the leading edge fell in no man's land. He played for the turn but the ball was straight. A loud appeal for lbw on the last ball is turned down. Warner is lucky to survive, it looked plumb.

2nd over, Australia 11 for 0: Raza Hasan comes to bowl the second over. No run scored off the first three balls. Hasan is quick through the air and mixes the pace very well. Another dot ball. He's not giving any width to Watson, who's in sublime form. Watson makes room on the fifth ball and though the ball was too close for the cut, he cuts it with creditable finesse and get it past the point boundary. Last ball is defended by Watson.

1st over, Australia 7 for 0: Pakistan skipper Mohammad Hafeez is bowling the first over. His length is tad short and David Warner pulls him for a boundary towards mid wicket off the third ball and three singles are scored off the remaining balls.

Pakistan Innings

20th over, Pakistan 149 for 6: Non-striker Umar Akmal began to run even before the ball was bowled and Starc stopped at the bowling crease, glared at the batsman but didn't run him out. Shahid Afridi caned the first ball over bowler's head but castled on the next ball as he moved across the off stump but the yorker uprooted his leg stump. My colleague Amit Kumar points out that Afridi is only seen in guest appearances now a days in cricket matches while batting. Point. Starc has bowled brilliant today and he only concedes five runs off the next four balls. Very fine last over. His bowling figures are 4-0-20-3. Pakistan post 149 for 6 in 20 overs.

19th over, Pakistan 140 for 5: Only two singles are scored off the first two balls. Razaaq finally fetches a much-needed boundary for Pakistan. The ball was in the spot to hit and Razzaq thumped it over covers for a cracking boundary. Cummins belts out a slower ball and Razzaq looked to hit over point but deceived by the slow pace of the ball. Watson takes the catch. Umar Akmal gets a boundary through third man off an outside edge on the next ball. Cummins reacted well by bowling a slower bouncer next up and no run scored.

Razzaq c Shane Watson b P Cummins 22(17)

18th over, Pakistan 130 for 4: The first ball of Watson's over is driven to long off by Umar Akmal and batsmen run two. Fine running between the wickets. Second ball is pushed to mid on for a single. Razzzaq on the crease. No run off the next ball. Razzaq tried to bash the ball over mid wicket but timing wasn't perfect.Another dot ball. This time Razzaq hits the ball straight to Watson. This time Watson decided to go wide outside the off stump and wide ball called by the umpire. Watson doesn't look too pleased. Two runs scored off the next ball. Timing wasn't good yet again but Razzaq managed to hit over bowler's head and ran two. The last ball is hit firmly to long on but only one run could be taken.

17th over, Pakistan 123 for 4: Patrick Cummins comes to bowl the 17th over of the innings. Good fielding by captain Bailey at covers restricted batsman to a single after Umar Akmal drove the ball nicely. No run scored off the next two balls and there was misunderstanding between batsmen whether to run or not. Razzaq pulls the fourth ball to deep mid wicket but there wasn't enough power and they could only run two. Razzaq had a swing at the next ball but missed it completely. However, he compensates for it by cracking a six off the next ball over long off.

16th over, 114 for 4: Mitchell Starc is back into the attack and he strikes on the first ball. Kamran Akmal went for the drive but couldn't connect well. Cameron White at covers took a simple catch. Abdul Razzaq is the new batsman. And he clinically pulls the second ball he faced for the boundary. Starc dug in a short ball and Razzaq was quick to pounce on the ball. He drives the next ball between cover and point for a couple of runs. Another short ball from Strac but this time it is well directed and Razzaq ducked. Razzaq pushed the next ball to short covers but the fielder was agile and no run scored.

Kamran Akmal c Cameron White b Starc 32(26)

15th over, Pakistan 108 for 3: The first ball of the over is wide. Doherty was expecting that Jamshed would go for slog sweep so he banged the ball wide outside the off stump. Jamshed picks up a double off the next ball by placing it towards deep square leg. Two singles off the next two balls and the fifth ball is a dot ball. Jamshed missed a full toss. Doherty was quick through the air. A fine innings by Jamshed comes to an end. He tried to larrup Doherty over long on but this time couldn't get the timing right and was holed out in the deep. He made 55 off 46 balls. Umar Akmal is the next batsman and he gently defends the first ball.

Nasir Jamshed c Warner b Doherty 55(46)

14th over, Pakistan 103 for 2: Three singles off the first three balls are followed by a boundary straight down the ground by Jamshed as he reaches his 2nd half-century of the tournament. Kamran Akmal biffed the last ball of Hogg's over for a massive six over long on. Pakistan are on a roll.

13th over, Pakistan 89 for 2: Jamshed is in sparkling form as he hammers Shane Watson for a boundary off the first ball. Four more singles and a double make it 10 runs off the over. Pakistan mus be aiming for a total of around 160.

12th over, Pakistan 79 for 2: Another fine over for Pakistan. Jamshed clattered Doherty for a six over deep mid wicket off the first ball. However, Doherty did well to only concede three more runs off the next five balls. Last two balls were defended by Kamran Akmal.

11th over, Pakistan 70 for 2: Pakistan innings is gaining momentum. Jamshed pulls Cummins for a six off the second ball and 10 runs were fetched from the over.

10th over: 60 for 2. Kamran breaks the shackles with two boundaries off Hogg. First he beats the extra-cover fielder off the first ball and then rounds it off with another boundary off the penultimate ball. Three singles in between makes it 11 runs off the over. Pakistan fighting back.

9th over: 49 for 2. Bailey rolling his bowlers nicely here. Doherty comes back. Some aggression shown by Kamran, who is trying to sweep it from the stumps and rocking back to punch anything slightly short. No boundaries but a healthy 8-run over.

8th over: 41 for 2. Bailey now looking to strangle with spin. Brings Brad Hogg into the attack. But Pakistan aren't looking to counter here. Not in a position to do risk that in this do-or-die encounter. Four calm singles and Hogg collects his cap from the umpire.

7th over: 37 for 2. Maxwell has been brought in now and starts with a nice one. Five singles off the over. Quite evidently, the Pakistanis - Jamshed and Kamral Akmal - are looking to control the damage now.

6th over: 31 for 2. Change of end for Watson, bowling his second over from the Maligawatte End. And he strikes right away. Nazir holes out at mid-off off a full toss. Never in position to lift it over Bailey, who accepts the dolly gleefully. Australia's power play in Powerplay.

Imran Nazir c Bailey b Watson 14 (13)

5th over: 28 for 1. A lot of traffic at either bowling end. Now Watson is off, Cummins bowling. But he doesn't keep the plug on. Two boundaries in the over by Nazir. First a whip off the legs to deep fine leg and then a crashing cover drive on the up. 13 off the over.

4th over: 15 for 1. Starc continues. Imran Nazir not looking as aggressive as he intended to be in the opening over. Instead, Jamshed is flashing around, but missing more than hitting so far. Just three singles and a strong LBW appeal against Nazir in the over. Inside edge rescues him.

3rd over: 12 for 1. Just one over for Doherty and he is off. Shane Watson replaces him and bowls five dots on the trot. Jamshed spoils the effort a weebit, though, with that nicely struck cover drive for four off the last ball.

2nd over: u for 1. Mitchell Starc strikes with his first delivery. Hafeez gone LBW. It swings in sharply and the batsman was always a sitting duck once he missed the attempted flick. Starc almost takes another wicket but Maxwell drops a straight forward chance offered by Nasir Jamshed in the slips. Three runs and a wicket off that over.

Mohammad Hafeez lbw b Starc 4 (5)

1st over: 5 for no loss. Australia start with Xavier Doherty's left-arm spin. No wickets for him this time, though. Both Hafeez and Nazir off the mark, and looking aggressive.


Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez (capt), Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal (wk), Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Abdul Razzaq, Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Raza Hasan

Australia: David Warner, Shane Watson, Michael Hussey, Cameron White, George Bailey (capt), Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Brad Hogg, Xavier Doherty

3 p.m. Australia opt to bowl first. They are going in with the same squad, while Pakistan have made one change, bringing in Abdul Razzaq in place of Yasir Arafat.

2:50 p.m. Pitch report. Ian Chappell says the pitch is pretty well rolled with no blade of grass on it and should provide a good contest.

2:45 p.m. Hello folks! We're into the home strait at the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 with this last day of the double headers that will conclude the Super Eight stage and tell us who will be the other two to join Sri Lanka and West Indies in the semi-finals.

The two estranged neighbours India and Pakistan are in the same territory, needing a win in their last fixture to progress to the semis.

Action kicks off with Pakistan taking on the undefeated Aussies in the first game, followed by the late evening humdinger between India and South Africa. If Pakistan beat Australia, South Africa will be knocked out. To know how India can make it, read this.

Mohammad Hafeez and George Bailey will walk in for the toss in 15 minutes.

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3 Australia 3087 100
4 England 3362 99
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