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    World T20, Pak vs Ban: As it happened

    Pakistan innings:18.4 overs: Pakistan 178 for 2 Pakistan win. What a win, an easy one. Credit goes to Imran Nazir who played a blinder of an innings of 72 off 36 balls. Pakistan advance to the Super Eight stage with a thumping win, while Bangladesh crash out with two defeats. That's it from me. We will be back with the first Super 8 match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand on Thursday. It's a breather tomorrow. Make the most of it. Goodbye. See you Thursday.18th over: Pakistan 171 for 2 Just four runs off the Abdur Razzaq over. It's going to finish in the next over, to be sure.17th over: Pakistan 167 for 2 Mahmudullah comes back on. Another four for Jamshed. He follows it up with a six. Farhad takes a catch on the long-on boundary but his backfoot touches the fence. It's all over bar the shouting.16th over: Pakistan 150 for 2 Abul Hasan continues after taking two wickets in the last over. And guess what? Nasir Jamshed launches him into the stands at long-on. With that Pakistan qualify for the Super 8s. They needed to score in excess of 139. Jamshed off the strike off the next ball and then Kamran Akmal hits two successive fours.15th over: Pakistan 131 for 2 Kamran Akmal and Nasir Jamshed has got it done. All they need to do is trot along to victory. Just five off Shakib's over. His quota of overs is finished. 23 in four overs.14th over: Pakistan 126 for 2 Abul Hasan into his second over. Gets hit for a four by Hafeez, off the first ball. Finally Hafeez goes. Slower delivery does the job as substitute Farhad Reza takes an easy catch at long-off. Hang on. There is a twist to the tale, it seems. Hasan sends back Hafeez as well, off the last ball. Wicketkeeper takes an easy catch.Mohammad Hafeez c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Abul Hasan 45 (47b)Imran Nazir c sub (Farhad Reza) b Abul Hasan 72 (36)13th over: Pakistan 118 for 0 Shakib Al Hasan returns. But will he do anything that's the question. In fact a big question. Good god. It's murder. For a change, it's just six off the over.12th over: Pakistan 112 for 0 Abdur Razzaq replaces Shakib. And it remains a status quo. Concedes two fours to Hafeez. 11 off the over. 11th over: Pakistan 101 for 0 Mahmudullah comes into bowl. However, he hasn't been any different from others. Concedes nine overs including a boundary to Nazir off the third ball.10th over: Pakistan 92 for 0 Imran Nazir completes his fifty with a six over square leg. It has come off 25 balls. This is the fastest in this edition. Also, it's the second fastest for Pakistan. Right now life is tough for the Tigers. Shakib concedes 8 runs in the over.9th over: Pakistan 84 for 0 Medium pacer Abul Hasan, who dropped Nazir earlier on, comes into bowl and concedes a four off the second ball. A fearsome pull. Nothing seems to be going Bangladesh's way. They match is slowly slipping away from them. What can provide that elusive breakthrough, that's the question. Seven off the over.8th over: Pakistan 77 for 0 Abdur Razzak continues. The spinners have slowed down things a bit. Just as I say it Nazir hits a ripper of a shot. Leaves his crease and cuts it over the covers. 11 off the over.7th over: Pakistan 68 for 0 Shakib comes into bowl. He had a great day with the bat. Let's hope he transfers that form to his bowling. A huge lbw appeal off the first ball but the umpire rejects it. Seems pretty close. A good over. Just four off it.6th over: Pakistan 64 for 0 Bangladesh resort to spin and here comes Abdur Razzak. Six runs off the over. That's much better. They Tigers need a few more overs like that to get back into the contest.5th over: Pakistan 58 for 0 Hafeez gets in on the act by hitting Mortaza for a four off the second ball. Things look really bad for the Tigers. Nazir gets a four and a six off the last to completely bury the bowler. I should not say this but guys, it's pretty much over for the Bangladeshis. The pitch is damn flat, a bowler's graveyard.4th over: Pakistan 43 for 0 Shafiul Islam continues. Imran Nazir smacks the fourth ball for a four. And then the next one is way down the leg side and beats everyone. Five extra. Here comes another four. The ball is a bit short and Nasir is on to it in a flash. There is more. This time a six. Another short ball and Nasir goes one better, hits it over mid-wicket. 20 off the over. 3rd over: Pakistan 23 for 0 Mashrafe Mortaza continues and concedes a four to Hafeez off the second ball. However, the rest of the over is quiet. One more run makes it five off it in all.2nd over: Pakistan 18 for 0 Abul Hasan drops Imran Nazir off the first ball off Shafiul Islam. A dolly at mid-on indeed. The Tigers have been denied a good start. Sad. What makes things worse is that Nazir gets a four off the last ball. 1st over: Pakistan 10 for 0 Mohd Hafeez starts with a four, outside edge past the keeper. The second boundary is a lot more convincing. Cuts it past point. Great start by Hafeez. Overall, 10 off the over. Imran Nazir also opens his account off the last ball. Just the confidence the Pakistanis needed at the start of their chase.Bangladesh innings:20th over: Bangladesh 175 for 6 Yasir Arafat to bowl the last over and he gets rid of the dangerous Shakib off the third ball for 84. Shakib hits a fulltoss straight to Umar Akmal at long-off. Hossain gets a four off the fifth and loses his wickets to a yorker. Now the equation is if Bangladesh can win by 36 or more they go into the next round. Tough, isn't it? Still, we have to give it to the Bangladeshis to make a match of it. Shakib Al Hasan c Umar Akmal b Yasir Arafat 84 (54)19th over: Bangladesh 168 for 4 Ajmal is into his last over. Two runs off the second ball, three off the next. Great skills by Shakib. He is having a great time with the bat today. Hossain provides the icing on the cake with an inside-out four off the last ball.18th over: Bangladesh 156 for 4 Umar Gul returns and gets greeted with a four. It's been a bad day at the office for the bowler. Shakib guides a low fulltoss on the leg stump towards fine leg and it hits the fence once bounce. Gets another four off the fifth ball. Again one bounce. A whack off his pads. One more four. Cuts it on the off-side. Shakib is on fire, isn't he?16th over: Bangladesh 142 for 4 Ajmal comes back into the attack. Another good over for Pakistan. Just six off it. Nine off last two. Nasir Hossain and Shakib have to up the ante. Remember, they need a win by 36 runs or more to advance to the next stage. 15th over: Bangladesh 136 for 4 Two quick wickets for Pakistan. Now Mahmudullah goes. Tries to hit Shahid Afridi out of the park but holes out to Umar Akmal at long-on. Just three runs off the over. Mahmudullah c Umar Akmal b Shahid Afridi 0 (2)15th over: Bangladesh 133 for 3 Yasir Arafat continues. Was expensive in his last over. Rahim is gone off the fourth ball. Holes out to Nazir at the square leg boundary. But there is no stopping Shakib who gets another four.Mushfiqur Rahim c Imran Nazir b Yasir Arafat 25 (26)14th over: Bangladesh 127 for 2 Afridi is back into the attack. Replaces Ajmal. Rahim gets a four off the third ball, a fierce pull shot. Overall, nine off the over.13th over: Bangladesh 118 for 2 Yasir Arafat comes into bowl. And Tanvir drops Rahim off the first ball at mid-wicket. It's a dolly. Impossible to believe. And then Shakib adds insult to injury with an edgy four over the keeper's head and a huge six over mid-wicket. Another drop at mid-off, this time it's Afridi who dives to his left but can't hold the ball. Gets a two. 12 runs off the over. Shakib also gets his fifty.12th over: Bangladesh 106 for 2 Saeed Ajmal continues and bowls a superb over. Just four off it. 11th over: Bangladesh 102 for 2 Gul comes back into the attack and gets a rough treatment at the hands of Shakib who hits a big six off the third ball, with a pull shot. Follows it up with a four, cuts it past point.10th over: Bangladesh 90 for 2 Now comes Saeed Ajmal. Starts badly, concedes 12 runs in the over with a bye four coming off the fifth ball and a four off the last ball. Top stuff by Shakib. 9th over: Bangladesh 78 for 2 Shahid Afridi bowls another tight over. Another four-run over. The batsmen are looking a bit too circumspect against the leggie. 8th over: Bangladesh 74 for 2 The highlight of the over is a huge six by Rahim over midwicket. Hafeez is not a happy man. Nine runs off the over.7th over: Bangladesh 65 for 2 Shahid Afridi introduces into the attack. Meanwhile, captain Mushfiqur Rahim replaces Tamim Iqbal. A tight opening over from Afridi. Just four runs off it.6th over: Bangladesh 61 for 2 Now Shakib gets in on the act. Fetches three successive fours. First two with a cut, the third with a leg-glance. A run-out against the run of play. Shakib hits it straight to Hafeez at long-on and says a loud no but by that time Tamim is off his blocks and slips while trying to come back. Way off the crease.Tamim Iqbal run out 24 (12)5th over: Bangladesh 49 for 1 Mohd Hafeez comes back into the attack and Tamim Iqbal takes the attack to the Pakistan captain. Gets back-to-back boundaries. Top over for the Tigers. 12 off the over.4th over: Bangladesh 37 for 1 Ashraful continues in the same vein. Gets a four through a French cut. But plays one shot too many and loses his stumps off the next ball. What a comeback. Shakib Al Hasan opens his account on the penultimate ball of the over with a two. Lofts it over the covers.Mohammad Ashraful b Sohail Tanvir 14 (13)3rd over: Bangladesh 30 for 0 Now Umar Gul comes into bowl. Three bowlers so far. Tamim also gets in on the act and pulls for a four. Quality stuff. Pretty bad stuff for Pakistan off the next ball. The wide ball beats everyone and hits the fence. Extra five runs. Gul responds well with back-to-back dot balls. Tamim gets another four. This time he cuts it hard over the point fieldsman. He follows it up another. This time a pull.2nd over: Bangladesh 13 for 0 Sohail Tanvir starts off with a no-ball. Ashraful makes the most of the Free Hit with a four over fine leg. One bounce into the fence. A good start to the over, by all means. Tanvir comes back pretty well with five successive dot balls. Six off the over.1st over: Bangladesh 7 for 0 Tamim Iqbal and Mohd Ashraful to deal with Mohd Hafeez in the first over. Not a surprise move anymore. Many teams have started off with a spinner of late. Ashraful gets a four off the fourth ball, follows it up with a two. Seven from the over.7.00 pm: Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim wins the toss, will have a bat. We'll have the teams in a while. Pakistan are unchanged while the Tigers go in with one change: pacer Abul Hasan replaces left-arm spinner Elias Sunny. Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez(c), Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal(w), Umar Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Yasir Arafat, Sohail Tanvir, Umar Gul, Saeed AjmalBangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraful, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim(w/c), Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain, Ziaur Rahman, Mashrafe Mortaza, Abul Hasan, Abdur Razzak, Shafiul Islam6.35 pm: Hello and welcome to the ICC World T20 Group D tie between Bangladesh and Pakistan. Despite having won their match against New Zealand, the Pakistanis are still not sure of a Super 8 berth. With a massive win against Bangladesh, the Kiwis though are. With a win today Pakistan will sure do that. However, they can still advance in case a defeat today but their net run-rate has to be better than that of Bangladesh. As of now it is. Stay tuned in. We will be back with the toss soon.