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    World T20, Pak vs SA: as it happened

    Pakistan innings:20th over: 136 for 8: Morne Morkel bowls a full toss on the pads and Umar Akmal swivels it over mid-wicket for a six and that seals the match for Pakistan. Umar Akmal's unbeaten 43 and Umar Gul's 32 powers Pakistan to a thrilling win over South Africa from nowhere. So the chokers tag stays with South Africa.19th over: 125 for 8: Steyn comes on to bowl his last over and also the crucial penultimate over of the match. Umar Gul decides to cut loose but gets a top edge to third-man where Amla runs in for the catch and the ball falls short. Last ball, Steyn does the damage and snaps the 49-run stand by picking up Umar Gul for 32. Steyn finishes an excellent spell with figures of 3 for 22. Pakistan need 9 runs off the last over.Umar Gul c Peterson b Steyn 32 (17)18th over: 119 for 7: At the end of this over, Pakistan need 15 off 12 balls and it's quite possible. Morne Morkel bowls a full toss on the pads and Umar Gul flicks it through the midwicket for a four. Seven runs off this over.17th over: 112 for 7: The match is not over yet for Pakistan. Umar Akmal gets a first ball four which will release the pressure. The other Umar hits an effortless six over mid-wicket off Albie Morkel and then follows it up with a four through the third-man region. Anyone's game from this stage and South Africa need a wicket.16th over: 92 for 7: 16 runs off this Kallis over. Umar Gul hammers two big sixes to keep Pakistan in the hunt, but another solace for Pakistan is the presence of Umar Akmal at the crease.15th over: 76 for 7: Three runs and a wicket off this Steyn over. Third ball, Steyn bangs it short and Arafat fails to handle it and plays straight to short mid-wicket where Duminy takes a diving catch.Yasir Arafat c Duminy b Steyn 3 (5)14th over: 73 for 6: With the wickets at regular intervals, the required run-rate climbs up to 10 per over. But Pakistan are managing to sneak in a boundary in each over.13th over: 66 for 6: Another soft dismissal for Pakistan. This is typical of Afridi, as he starts with an attacking shot and plays straight to the fielder. Pakistan are in real trouble now and only a miracle innings can pull them back.Shahid Afridi c JA Morkel b Duminy 0 (1)12th over: 63 for 5: After consolidating for a while in the middle, Shoaib Malik loses patience and plays a short ball off Kallis to third-man fielder, where Steyn takes the catch.Shoaib Malik c Steyn b Kallis 12 (26)11th over: 57 for 4: taking a cue from Pakistan, South Africa are persisting with spin and bring on Duminy into the attack. The allroundergets through a decent over by giving just two runs.10th over: 55 for 4: Pakistan are now playing sensibly with an experienced campaigner, Shoaib Malik at the crease. If Pakistan keep wickets and odd boundaries in each over they can pull off.9th over: 49 for 4: 10 off this over and a good one for Pakistan. Umar Akmal shows his intent and hits two fours in this over.8th over: 39 for 4: Another tidy over from Peterson comes to an end. The ball isn't doing that much but the Pakistan batsmen are playing cautiously. In the last 19 balls, Pakistan have scored 2 runs.7th over: 37 for 4: Johan Botha comes on to bowl and pulls off a wicket-maiden. Kamran Akmal moves to the leg to cut Botha, but Botha castles his stumps.Kamran Akmal b Botha 1 (6)6th over: 37 for 3: Peterson gets through a maiden over. South Africa now are strangling the flow of runs and here they have a sniffing chance of a win.5th over: 37 for 3: Peterson two wickets in the last over has put Pakistan on the back foot and their chase is off the track.4th over: 31 for 3: Robin Peterson comes on to bowl and chips in with two wickets. First to go, Hafeez stepping out and stumped by De Villiers and then to go was Nashir Jamshed trying to step out.Mohammad Hafeez st †de Villiers b Peterson 15 (9)Nasir Jamshed st †de Villiers b Peterson 0 (2)3rd over: 24 for 1: Second ball off Steyn pitches on off and middle and Nazir slams it in the square-leg for a four, but Steyn comes back and digs in short and Nazir gets a glove on its way to the keeper, where De Villiers takes a diving catch.Imran Nazir c †de Villiers b Steyn 14 (11) 2nd over: 20 for 0: Morne Morkel comes on to share the new ball with Steyn and he also goes for runs. This time, Imran Nazir decides to cut loose and scores two consecutive boundaries - one off the inside edge and the next one over point. At the moment South Africa need quick wickets to stay in the hunt.1st over: 9 for 0: Dale Steyn starts the proceedings for South Africa and straightaway gets the ball shape away from the batsman. Third and fourth ball Hafeez scores two successive boundaries. Nine runs and a mixed over from Steyn comes to an end.South Africa innings:20th over: 133 for 6: Umar Gul comes on to bowl the final over and gives nine runs. Duminy's 48 propelled SA to a competitive total and with their bowling they can end up defending it. Mohammad Hafeez and Yasir Arafat claimed two wickets each, while Ajmal and Gul chipped in with one wicket each.19th over: 124 for 6: Second ball off Arafat, Duminy sledges it over midwicket for a six. But Arafat bounces back to get the wicket of a tired Duminy, who edges one to Akmal behind the stumps. 10 runs off this over.JP Duminy c †Kamran Akmal b Yasir Arafat 48 (38)18th over: 114 for 5: Umar Gul comes on to bowl his first over and De Villiers hits it over midwicket for a six. Next ball Gul bowls a full toss and De Villiers misses out and holes it out to deep point boundary. 10 runs from this over.AB de Villiers c Imran Nazir b Umar Gul 25 (18)17th over: 104 for 4: Ajmal goes for runs in his last over. First De Villiers lofts him over covers for a four and then Duminy reverse sweeps for a second one. 11 runs in this over as Ajmal completes his spell with 1 for 26. 16th over: 93 for 4: South Africa need a 120 plus score for their bowlers to defend. Duminy and de Villiers have to up the ante and try to improvise to propel the scoring. De Villiers off the second ball just chips Afridi over his head for a boundary.15th over: 83 for 4: Boundaries have dried up for the Proteas and De Villers at the wicket is also not making any difference. Currently the Pakistan spinners have strangled the scoring.14th over: 75 for 4: De Villiers joins Duminy in the middle and he has six overs at his disposal to raise the tempo, but scoring off the Pakistan spinners at the moment is not easy.13th over: 70 for 4: Hafeez bowls a length ball and Duminy dispatches it over long-on for a six. Third ball Behardien steps out and misses out, rest Akmal completes behind the stumps.F Behardien st †Kamran Akmal b Mohammad Hafeez 18 (21)12th over: 59 for 3: Ajmal pitches it touch short and Behardien rocks back and cuts it for a boundary in the sweeper region. Seven runs come in this over, as runs seem to come for South Africa after early jolts.11th over: 52 for 3: Unlike other matches where Hafeez went for runs, but here at Premadasa he is going on well. De Villiers should have come in earlier, maybe he is waiting to slog at the death.10th over: 47 for 3: A decent over for South Africa with eight runs in this over. Behardien gets a four for his team after a long time by glancing down the fine-leg boundary.9th over: 39 for 3: Duminy and Behardien are grafting at the crease with some sensible cricket and are countering the spin better, maybe waiting to launch in the death overs.8th over: 35 for 3: Pakistan bring on Shahid Afridi to choke the flow of runs. Afridi fires in lot of quicker ones and pulls off a tidy over by giving only four runs. 7th over: 31 for 3: Now South Africa are losing wickets in each over. Hafeez comes on to bowl and first ball Kallis plays a uppish drive straight to Afridi at covers. Just three runs off the over. 6th over: 28 for 2: Saeed Ajmal comes on to bowl and straight into action with the wicket of Richard Levi. The South African batsman plays reverse sweep and misses to find the ball crashing onto the stumps.Richard Levi b Saeed Ajmal 8 (9)5th over: 27 for 1: Kallis releases the mental block of playing Hasan by hitting a straight six off the first ball. But after that Hasan bounces back and fires in some quicker ones.4th over: 18 for 1: Maybe here, Hafeez is making a mistake of continuing with Arafat when they have a strike bowler in the form of Umar Gul. Nine runs come from this over. 3rd over: 9 for 1: What an outing it's turning out for the young left-arm spinner. Hasan bowls a maiden where the South African batsmen are struggling against the spin and length.2nd over: 9 for 1: Yasir Arafat gets to bowl the second over and gets the prized wicket of Amla. Arafat pitches the ball up and Amla plays it in the air to the extra-cover fielder, where Shoaib Malik takes a low catch.Hasim Amla c Shoaib Malik b Yasir Arafat 6 (6)1st over: 3 for 0: Pakistan skipper decides to throw the ball to rookie left-arm spinner, Raza Hasan and he starts with the arm-ball. With Hashim Amla at the crease Hasan has to be spot-on. Last ball of the over, Amla moves out to play Hasan over the covers and misses out, but behind the stumps Kamran Akmal also misses out on a stumping opportunity.3:00pm: South Africa captain AB de Villiers wins the toss and elects to bat. Pakistan bring in Raza Hasan in place of Sohail Tanvir, while Robin Peterson replaces Faf du Plessis for South Africa.Teams:South Africa: Richard Levi, Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers(w/c), Jean-Paul Duminy, Albie Morkel, Farhaan Behardien, Robin Peterson, Johan Botha, Dale Steyn, Morne MorkelPakistan: Mohammad Hafeez(c), Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal(w), Umar Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Yasir Arafat, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Raza Hasan2:45pm: Hello and welcome to the third Super Eight match of World Twenty20 between South Africa and Pakistan at the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. Pakistan and South Africa were the table toppers of their respective groups in the group stage."Okay guys,had a look at the pitch..not much grass,quite dry but a bit hard..curator aware that there will be 2 games on this one," Sanjay Manjrekar tweets."On our way to the ground for the 1st game of the super 8's against pakistan.guys are ready to roll," Francois Du Plessis tweeted.