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    World T20, SL vs Eng, Super Eight: As it happened

    Lasith Malinga's five-wicket haul demolished England batting as they failed to chase the target of 170 against Sri Lanka.

    Lasith Malinga's five-wicket haul demolished England batting as they failed to chase the target of 170 against Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka's 19-run victory also ensures that West Indies have qualified for the semi-finals. Had England won the match, they would have made it to the semi-finals along with Sri Lanka from Group 1.

    England's innings:

    Lasith Malinga is adjudged Man of the Match for his five-wicket haul.

    20th over, England 150 for 9: Kulasekara is bowling the final over. Swann is on the strike. Can England score 26 runs off the last over to pull off a victory? A double off the first ball is followed by a beamer which is, rightfully, called no-ball. Kulasekara has bowled Swann on the next ball and this is end of the road for England. Rollicking innings by Swann but he couldn't take his team home. Dernbach is the new batsman but England have lost the hope. Three singles are scored off the remaining balls. Sri Lanka have defeated England by 19 runs.

    Swann b Nuwan Kulasekara 34(20)

    19th over, England 144 for 8: Swann is in the midst of a blazing innings. He's playing Malinga with astonishing aplomb. Cracks him for a straight boundary. Two singles are scored off the next two balls. Fourth ball is a slower one and both batsman and wicketkeeper miss the ball. Batsmen ran a bye. Lasith Malinga has notched up a five-wicket haul. Patel gave himself room to hit Malinga through off-side but was beaten by the pace and his off stump is uprooted. Patel made 67 off 48 balls. The last ball, which is a yorker, is defended by Finn.

    Samit Patel b Malinga 67(48)

    18th over, England 137 for 7: Swann is on fire as be belts A Mendis for a six over deep mid wicket. Three singles off the next three balls and the fifth is a dot ball. Patel racks up a double on the last ball. 11 runs off the ball.

    17th over, England 126 for 7: Good start of the over for England as Swann steers the ball to third man for a boundary. Malinga comes back well as he deceives him from the slower ball. A couple of runs off third man as Swann flicked ther fall through mid wicket. Swann hits consecutive boundaries off Malinga to point and long on respectively as the match springs to life. Malinga fires the yorker and Swann picks up a single.

    16th over, England 111 for 7: Five singles off Ajantha Mendis' 3rd over. Better over for A Mendis after he was taken to the cleaners by Patel in his first two overs.

    15th over, England 106 for 5: Dananjaya has snapped up his second wicket. Stuart Broad drove the ball to the covers where Jayawardene juggled with the ball before finishing a good catch. Samit Patel is playing a scintillating innings. He thumps Dananjaya for the maximum over deep mid wicket and cut the next ball to the deep cover boundary. Can he pull off a victory for England?

    14th over, England 93 for 6: Malinga returns to bowl his second over. He prised out three top order batsman in his first over and celebrations continue for him as he dismiss Jos Butler. Buttler was late to react to a short ball and his pull went straight to the long leg. Meanwhile, Patel completes his fine half-century. It'll take a special effort from him if England go on to win the match.

    Buttler c Ajantha Mendis b Malinga 8(7)

    13th over, 86 for 5: Three singlesand a double were scored off the over. Dananjaya is impressive so far. Demonstrates variation in bowling. Some balls are tossed up while other are flatter.

    12th over, 80 for 5: Ravi Bopara is castled by Jeevan Mendis. He went to the back foot to cut the ball but was beaten in the air and there wasn't enough room. He's out for a ugly 1 off 6 balls. Jos Buttler is the news batsman.

    Bopara b Jeevan Mendis 1(6)

    11th over, England 75 for 4: Dananjaya has broken the partnership as Morgan fell to a lbw decision. He went for a reverse-sweep but missed the ball. Steve Davis raised the finger as soon as appeal was made.

    Eoin Morgan lbw b A Dananjaya 10(15)

    10th over, England 72 for 3: Patel continues to take Mendis apart. Rocks on the back foot and carves the short ball over point. The next ball is hit over covers for the boundary. Patel is picking Mendis with effortless ease. The last ball perplexed Patel, an inside edge to the short fine leg and batsmen run a single.

    9th over, England 61 for 3: Akila Dananjaya comes to bowl the 9th over. He's keeping the length short but on the stumps and little quick through the air. The fifth ball is pitched up and Morgan defends it. Morgan comes down the track and runs a double through mid wicket.

    8th over, Sri Lanka 56 for 3: Morgan hits the first ball of the over for a boundary over mid off. Matthews pitches the next two balls right up and both resulted in dot balls. The fourth balls is a full toss but Moragn hit to mid wicket, no run. Morgan picks up a single off the fifth ball. Patel picks a single off the last ball to keep the strike.

    7th over, England 50 for 3: Patel is playing some sparkling shots to keep England afloat. Not good bowling my Ajantha Mendis who's bowling his first over. Two shorts balls and a full toss were belted for boundaries. A wide down the leg side didn't help matters. Jayawardene is having an animated discussion with the bowler.

    6th over, England 36 for 3: A couple of lovely boundaries by Patel off Kulasekara. He's justifying his promotion up the order. He came down the track and hammered the bowler over covers. England need many more of these shots.

    5th over, England 28 for 3: England got a much-needed boundary from the over as Patel smashed a six off Matthews over long on. 9 runs off the over.

    4th over, England 19 for 3: Just one run off Kulasekara over as England are still recovering from Malinga's triple blow. Samit Patel is promoted up the order.

    3rd over, England 18 for 3: Lasith Malinga comes to bowl the 3rd over. Hales pushes the ball to short mid wicket and picks up a single. Malinga belts out a slower run which is gently defended by Wright. First wicket for Sri Lanka. Wright departs. Malinga was touch short but there was not ample room for Wright and he cut it straight to point fielder. Malinga fires a yorker to the new batsman, Bairstow. And there was a slight mix-up between both batsmen but Malinga's throw to non-striker end went for 2 overthrows. Another blow for Enmgland. Malinga snares Bairstow. He was deceived by Malinga's slower ball and was caught at mid off by Kulasekara. Third wicket for Malinga in the over. He's on the rampage. A searing yorker traps Hales in front of wickets. Disaster for England.

    AD Hales lbw b Malinga 3 (5)

    JM Bairstow c Kulasekara b Malinga 2 (2)

    Luke Wright c Dilshan b Malinga 12(11)

    2nd over, England 15 for 0: Loud appeal against Wright on the first ball by Nuwan Kulasekara but umpire decline it. Ball jagged back sharply and bamboozled Wright but it wa, probably, going down the leg side. Wright comes up with a stunning riposte by whacking the next ball for a six deep mid wicket and picks up a single off the next ball by guiding the ball to third man. Another sharp inswinger by Kulasekara hit the pads of Hales and batsmen ran a leg bye. The last ball is cut to the point, no run.

    1st over, England 7 for 0: Luke Wright pulls Angelo Matthews for a boundary through mid wicket off the fourth ball after he couldn't score off first three. He takes a single off the next ball and the last ball is flicked through mid wicket for a couple of runs by Hales.

    Sri Lanka's innings

    20th over, Sri Lanka 168 for 6: Fine last over by Dernbach. Just seven runs off it. Dernbach mixed the pace nicely to keep batsmen under check. But 168 is a very good total on this surface and against the likes of Ajantha Mendis and Lasith Malinga, it would take some doing on England's part yo attain the target.

    19th over, Sri Lanka 161 for 6: Perera flayed the second ball of the over for a six over long on. It was a back of the length ball from Broad and Perera played an amazing pull over long on. Lucky boundary by Thirimanne on the fourth ball. Full toss outside the leg stump and Thirimanne steered it towards backward point boundary. Thirimanne couldn't pick the slower ball by but had a go at it and was cleaned up. But he has done his job. Broad is England's most successful bowler of the match. His bowling figures are 4-0-32-3.

    Thirimanne b Broad 13(7)

    18th over, Sri Lanka 147 for 5: Dernback starts off with a wide. This has been his problem in this tournaments, conceding a lot of wide balls. Perera unfurls an incredible pull shot to launch Dernback over square leg boundary for a six. It was one-handed as he took bottom hand off the handle. Sri Lanka need a few big hits to get past 160 in 20 overs. Lahiru Thirimanne is a dangerous batsman as he wallops Dernbach for a sixover long on off the last ball. Dernbach has given away 35 runs in 3 overs with no success.

    17th over, Sri Lanka 131 for 5: Another fine over by Finn. Just three singles off it. Two wickets in the last over has hampered Sri Lanka's progress.

    16th over, Sri Lanka 128 for 5: A brilliant over by Stuart Broad pegs back Sri Lanka just when they were taking the game away from England. J Mendis was first to go as he mistimed the pull and on the next ball, Broad castled Matthews. Thisara Perera avoided the hat-trick.

    Angelo Mathews b Broad 28(19)

    Jeevan Mendis c Bopara b Broad 18(13)

    15th over, Sri Lanka 121 for 3: Both Mendis and Matthews have done well to retain the momentum after Jayawardene and Sangakkara were dismissed in one over. Matthews larrups Patel for a six over deep mid wicket. Didn't collect it properly but ball went over the ropes. Jeevan Mendis smacks another six off the last ball of the over. Expensive over for England, 17 runs off it.

    14th over, Sri Lanka 104 for 3: Matthews gets a single single off the second ball after defending the first one. Bopara concedes a wide and batsmen run an extra single. A couple off the third ball to the long off as Sri Lanka reach 100 runs in 13.3 overs. Three more singles as eight runs were scored off the over.

    13th over, England 96 for 3: Bairstow has done a fine job as a wicketkeeper in this match but the pitch is turning sharply now and there's fair amount of bounce. Bairstow concedes three byes. J Mendis has adopted a cavalier approach right from the word go.

    12th over, Sri Lanka 90 for 0: First four balls of Broad's over are defended by Angelo Matthews and last two balls are biffed for consecutive boundaries through extra cover. Eight runs off the over.

    11th over, Sri Lanka 82 for 3: Swann has broken the partnership. Jayawardene came dwon the track and caned the ball to deep mid wicket where Eoin Morgan grabbed an excellent catch. This is Swanna's 50th T20 International wicket. Swann is on a roll now. Nips out Sangakkara on the next ball. Sangakkara tried to push the ball through covers but it took an inside edge and Bairstow took a fine catch. Sangakkara looked tad stunned by the decision but Swann is absolutely ecstatic. Jeevan Mendis is the new batsman. He thwarts Swann's hat-trick ball and bludgeons two sparkling boundaries on consecutive balls. A sweep and a reverse-sweep. Unexpected counterattack by J Mendis.

    Sangakkara c Bairstow b Swann 13(12)

    Mahela Jayawardene c Eoin Morgan b Swann 42(38)

    10th over, Sri Lanka 73 for 1: Samit Patel is brought to bowl the 10th over and he beats Jayawardene with a peach of the delivery. Pitched on the middle stump and turned away. But Jayawardene is a fine player of spin bowling and he cuts the next ball to the point boundary. Patel comes back well and bangs the quick ball. Jayawardene is a master of playing the sweep fine and he does the same to Patel to bag another boundary.

    9th over, Sri Lanka 64 for 1: Three singles off the first four balls. Jayawardene is riding on reverse-sweep and this time he pulls it off with aplomb and collects another boundary. Great improvisation from the elegant batsman.

    8th over, Sri Lanka 57 for 1: Ravi Bopara is bowling the 8th over. Jayawardene nudges the first ball for a single. Sangakkara moves across the stumps and places the ball towards backward square leg and run a double. The wicketkeeper is standing up now. No run scored off the next two balls. Single is scored off the fifth ball by Sangakkara. Jayawardene tried to run the last ball to the fine leg but was beaten. No run.

    7th over, Sri Lanka 53 for 1: Graeme Swann comes to bowl. And Jayawardene unfurls a reverse-sweep off the second ball to clock up a boundary after pinching for a double on the first ball. Sri Lanka reach 50 in 6.2 overs. Jayawardene attempts another reverse-sweep off the last ball but just a single this time.

    6th over, Sri Lanka 44 for 1: England skipper Stuart Broad comes to bowl and the first three balls are dot balls. Jayawardene was beaten on all three balls. He picks up a couple of runs on the 4th ball but the shot wasn't too convincing as his timing went haywire and the ball was in the air. Takes a single off the last ball.

    5th over, Sri Lanka 41 for 1: Just a single off the first three balls of the over. And a wicket for Finn on the fourth ball. The ball nipped back after pitching and caught Dilshan in front of the wickets. Kumar Sangakkara is the new batsman and he gets off the mark on the first ball by picking up a double. And a boundary off the last ball. He edged it but the ball didn't carry to wicketkeeper and went to the boundary. Bairstow could have done better to stop it.

    Tillakratne Dilshan lbw b Finn 16(12)

    4th over, Sri Lanka 34 for 0: Another swing and a miss for Jayawardene outside the off stump, Dernbach is the bowler this time. Second ball of the is clattered for a six over long leg. Short ball and Jayawardene was qwuick to bounce on it. Another short ball and this time, Jayawardene hit the ball to deep mid wicket fielder. Ball fell short of the fielder. Another six for Sri lanka. This time Dilshan slashed the short ball over third man for the maximum. Dernbach is wayward in this over after a fine opening over. Wide ball down the leg side makes this over even more worse for England. Dilshan turns the next delivery to square leg and gets a single. Single off the last over, 16 runs off the over.

    3rd over, Sri Lanka 18 for 0: The second ball of the 3rd over is pulled behind square for a boundary by Jayawardene. Finn didn't get the line right of his bouncer. But he comes back nicely and beats Jayawardene on the consecutive balls outside off stump. Invited Jayawardene for a drive but batsman missed the ball on both occasion. Takes a single on the fifth ball by pushing the ball to mid off. No run from the last ball, 6 runs off the ball.

    2nd over, Sri Lanka 12 for 0: Jade Dernbach is bowling the second over for England. The second ball of the over is well-directed bouncer which is mistimed by Dilshan but the ball falls in no man's land. Batsmen run a couple. Dilshan swung and miss the third ball, lucky not to be bowled. Another lucky break for Diulshan as Graeme Swann misses a sitter in the first slip. Dernbach is extracting disconcerting bounce and Dilshan edged it to the first slip but Swann spilled the ball. Dernbach is bowling with vigour, beats Jayawardene on the next and a huge lb shout follows on the last ball of the over. Simon Taufel declines the appeal. Superb over by Dernbach.

    1st over, Sri Lanka 8 for 0: Mahela Jayawardene gets off the mark on the first ball and Tillakratne Dilshan does the same. Steven Finn bowling the first over. Third ball is wide and Jayawardene pushes the ball towards square leg to pick up another single. Finn has been phenomenal in this series and mainstay of England's bowling attack. Dilshan defends next two balls. The last ball is hammered for the boundary off the back foot. Back of the length ball just outside the off stump and Dilshan is very strong in this region. Hammers it between point and cover point.

    Sri Lanka XI: Jayawardene, Dilshan, Sangakkara (wk & c), Angelo Mathews, Jeevan Mendis, Thirimanne, Perera, Kulasekara, Akila Dananjaya, Malinga, Ajantha Mendis

    England XI: Alex Hales, Luke Wright, Bairstow (wk), Morgan, Jos Buttler, Ravi Bopara, SR Patel, Stuart Broad (c), GP Swann, ST Finn, JW Dernbach

    Ravi Bopara has replaced Craig Kieswetter in England's playing XI. Jade Dernbach and Samit Patel have been included in place of Tim Bresnan and Danny Briggs. Sri Lanka had Kumar Sangakkara at the toss because Mahela Jayawardene lost three tosses in a row. Akila Dananjaya is back, after trying to catch Martin Guptill's drive with his eye socket in Sri Lanka's first Super Eight match, replacing Rangana Herath.

    England captain Stuart Broad has won the toss and decided to bowl first.

    Hello everyone and welcome to the Live Updates of Super Eight match between Sri Lanka and England. After West Indies' nerve-shredding victory over New Zealand, the fate of England is resting upon this game. If England win, they'll qualify for the semi-finals and if Sri Lanka win, West Indies will advance to the semi-finals.