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    World T20, SL vs NZ: as it happened

    Sri Lanka beat New Zealand in Super Over

    New Zealand 7 for 1: Malinga to bowl for Sri Lanka

    0.1 Two runs Guptill comes down the track and slams the full-length Malinga delivery to the point boundary for two runs.

    0.2 Single Another yorker-length delivery as Guptill digs it out but could only take a single.

    0.3 Two byes McCullum makes room by coming down the track but missed it completely. Sangakkara fumbles to collect the ball and the New Zealand batsmen take two runs.

    0.4: Single Sangakkara drops a simple chance. After fumbling on the last delivery, the Sri Lanka wicketkeeper drops a straight forward chance to dismiss McCullum.

    0.5: Guptill out The right-hander tries for the big shot, but could only send it as far as the long-off where Dilshan takes a good catch at the boundary.

    0.6: 1 leg bye Another yorker finds the batsman's pad and goes to the fine leg.

    Sri Lanka 13 for 1:

    0.1 Two runs Jayawardene takes two runs off the first delivery fired in the blockhole.

    0.2 Single: Jayawardene manages to take a single off another full-length ball by Southee.

    0.3: Wide Southee bowls the next too much outside off stump for a wide.

    0.3 Two runs Another yorker-length delivery is sent to long on for another two runs by Thisara Perera.

    0.4: Wide Another one is given wide but the decision did infuriate some New Zealand players.

    0.4 Jayawardene gets run out. The Sri Lanka captain was not even in the picture when McCullum dislodged the bails.

    0.5: 1 leg bye

    0.6 Three runs. Perera plays a scoop and scampers for three runs in the process.

    Super Over: Sri Lanka to bat first while Southee to bowl the crucial over.

    Sri Lanka innings:

    Over No. 20: Sri Lanka 174 for 6: Match Tied. What an over from Tim Southee till Thirimanne plays a scoop shot for a four. Sri Lanka needed five off two balls before that delivery went for a boundary. And when one required off the last ball, Thirimanne dives for his life at the non sriker's end where, although Taylor failed to collect cleanly, he just managed to knock the bails off. The match has gone to the Super Over.

    L Thirimanne run out 5 (4)

    Over No. 19: Dilshan starts the over by hoicking Franklin for a six over the deep midwicket fence. But he gets run out while attempting a second run. Nevertheless, he gets out after a superb innings of 76. Thisara Perera releases some pressure by hitting a four over the backward point, but his wicket may have dented Sri Lanka's chances. They require eight runs off the last over.

    T Dilshan run out 76 (53)

    T Perera b Franklin 5 (3)

    Over No. 18: Sri Lanka 154 for 3 Southee returns. Dilshan takes a single to long-on, while Mathews hits out to long-off for another single. Dilshan takes a well-stolen two, and then a single. Southee is bowling round the wicket and firing everything in the blockhole. Just six runs from the over. Great stuff by Southee! Sri Lanka's job is getting tougher now. They now require 21 runs off two overs.

    Over No. 17: Sri Lanka 147 for 3 Franklin continues. Mathews takes a single off the first ball, and then Dilshan slams one to the extra cover region for a much-needed boundary. Dilshan follows it up with a single to the covers. Two more singles, and then a two to end the over. Oram makes a good diving stop to save two runs for his side. Sri Lanka now require 28 off three overs.

    Over No. 16: Sri Lanka 137 for 3 Vettori has been brought back into the attack. After a dot first ball, Dilshan and Mathews takes four successive singles. Another dot, this time by Mathews, to finish the over. Sri Lanka now require 38 off four overs.

    Over No. 15: Sri Lanka 133 for 3 Although Jeevan Mendis releases the pressure by pulling a short delivery from Franklin towards the square leg boundary, he gives a catch to Taylor, standing in covers. Just seven runs from this over and a wicket. Sri Lanka now require 42 off the last five overs.

    J Mendis c Taylor b Franklin 8 (9)

    Over No. 14: Sri Lanka 126 for 2 Another good over for New Zealand. Only four runs from this over as the required rate is increasing with each delivery. Sri Lanka now require 49 off 36 balls.

    Over No. 13: Sri Lanka 122 for 2 Sangakkara gets run out when he tried to take the arm of Guptill - who although sent a terrible throw to McCullum, the keeper was on his toes and dislodged the bails. Jeevan Mendis has replaced Sangakkara and gets off the mark immediately. Two more singles from this James Franklin's over.

    K Sangakkara run out 21 (14)

    Over No. 12: Sri Lanka 118 for 1 Nathan McCullum comes on to bowl his second over. He went for 17 runs in the first over of the innings. Dilshan plays out a dot off the first, and then five singles follow. Dilshan brings up his fifty during the process. Sri Lanka are going strong.

    Over No. 11: Sri Lanka 113 for 1 None of the New Zealand bowlers has been able to put a lid on Sri Lanka's scoring. Even an experienced campaigner like Vettori has been going for runs. He gives away ten runs in his third over.

    Over No. 10: Sri Lanka 103 for 1 Oram continues from the other end. Dilshan punches one to point for a single. Two more singles and a dot before Sangakkara hits two back-to-back boundaries to end the over. Eleven runs have come from it.

    Over No. 9: Sri Lanka 92 for 1 Three singles off the first five balls, and then a four by Sangakkara, who dances down the track and lofts one in the vacant midwicket area for a four.

    Over No. 8: Oram provides New Zealand the breakthrough they were so desperately needed. Jayawardene, after playing a cheeky shot for four to the third man, top edges one to fine leg where Vettori takes a good catch. Dilshan hits another four as nine runs and a wicket have come from this over.

    M Jayawardene c Vettori b Oram 44 (26)

    Over No. 7: Sri Lanka 76 for 0 Daniel Vettori seems to be the only hope left for New Zealand now, and he is brought into the attack by Ross Taylor. Jayawardene welcomes him with a well-controlled sweep shot for a four. A single and a dot follow, with Jayawardene finishing the over with a lofted shot in the extra cover for another single.

    Over No. 6: Sri Lanka 68 for 0 Jacob Oram has now been brought into the attack. Jayawardene dabs the first ball to third man for a single. Dishan cuts out the next to point for another single. A dot, and then an inside edge fetches another single for Jayawardene. A single and two runs to finish Oram's first over.

    Over No. 5: Sri Lanka 62 for 0 Southee bowls his second over. Dilshan pulls one over the square leg fence for a six. Another short ball, but too high and is called a wide. Another four, this time towards the cover boundary, follows. Sensible batting as Dilshan takes a single off the next ball. A dot ball by Jayawardene, and then a huge six over the midwicket fence. A single to end the over. What a start by Sri Lanka!

    Over No. 4: Sri Lanka 43 for 0 Mills continues for the Kiwis. Jayawardene slams a full-length delivery to the extra-cover fence for a four. After a dot ball, Jayawardene comes out of his crease, making room for himself, and launches one over the extra cover boundary for a six. Another dot and two singles to finish the over.

    Over No. 3: Sri Lanka 31 for 0 Tim Southee has replaced Nathan McCullum. Jayawardene flicks one, directed at his pads, to the square leg fence for a six. He follows it up with a single towards midwicket. Dilshan takes a single off the next. Three more singles as Sri Lanka's chase of 175 gets off to a flier.

    Over No. 2: Sri Lanka 21 for 0 Kyle Mills comes on to bowl the next over. After two dot balls, Jayawardene takes a single and completes his 1000 runs in Twemty20 internationals. Dilshan too changes the strike with a single to mid on. Another single and a dot to end the over. Four runs have come off it.

    Over No. 1: Sri Lanka 17 for 0 Nathan McCullum starts the proceedings for New Zealand. He bowls one down the leg side and Dilshan sends it to the vacant fine-leg fence for four. Dilshan makes room on the next and lofts one over the midwicket boundary for a maximum. A dot ball follows, and then the batsman takes two. Another four over the bowler's head finishes the first over.

    Over No. 20: New Zealand 174 for 7 Kulasekara bowls the last over: Williamson takes a single off the first ball. Franklin sends the next over the bowler's head for four. Three more singles follow, and then a run out of Williamson when he tries to take second run off the last delivery.

    K Williamson run out 4 (4)

    Over No. 19: New Zealand 165 for 6 Malinga continues from the other end. Runs have been scored in singles off the first four deliveries before Malinga bowls one well outside off for a wide. Nathan McCullum makes room in his crease and tries to hoick the fifth on the leg side, misses it completely as the ball hits his leg before hitting the stumps. Kane Williamson just manages to block a terrific yorker and scampers off for a single.

    N McCullum b Malinga 3 (4)

    Over No. 18: New Zealand 159 for 5 Kulasekara starts with one down the leg side. Taylor sends the yorker-length next ball to the left of third man for four. But the bowler comes up with a well-disguised slower ball, which is missed by the batsman as it hits the timber. Oram hits out a boundary off the fifth, but he is holed out at long-off to Dilshan off the last ball.

    J Oram c Dilshan b Kulasekara 6 (6)

    R Taylor b Kulasekara 23 (15)

    Over No. 17: New Zealand 149 for 3 Now Malinga has been brought into the attack. The first ball is a dot and then three back-to-back singles. Ross Taylor glances the next delivery, which was too full and on the batsman's pads, to the fine leg boundary for four. Another single to finish the over.

    Over No. 16: New Zealand 141 for 3 Another wicket to the newcomer. This time he gets Nicol caught at deep midwicket for 58. The right-handed batsman hit three boundaries and four sixes before playing a loose shot. So, eight runs and a wicket from this over. Dananjaya picks up 2 for 32 in his four overs.

    R Nicol c Thirimanne b Akila Dananjaya 58 (40)

    Over No. 15: New Zealand 133 for 2 Who had thought that Ajantha Mendis would go for 48 runs in his four over spell? Nicol has sent him for three sixes in his last over. Two maximums over deep midwicket, while one over long-on fence. Nicol also brings up his fifty in the same over.

    Over No. 14: 109 for 2 Mahela now brings Jeevan Mendis into the attack. Three singles and a two in this over as the bowler keeps a tight line and length.

    Over No. 13: New Zealand 104 for 2 Ajantha Mendis takes the big wicket of McCullum, who plays across the line but gives a simple chance to Akila Dananjaya fielding at midwicket fence. Five runs and a wicket from this Mendis' over.

    B McCullum c A Dananjaya b A Mendis 25 (16)

    Over No. 12: New Zealand 99 for 1 Dananjaya continues. Don't know whether that can be termed as a drop chance. Nicol hits one with extreme power straight to the bowler, who misses the ball as it hits his forehead. McCullum, at the non-striker, checks whether Dananjaya is fine. Three singles off the next three deliveries and then a huge six by McCullum to finish the over.

    Over No. 11: 89 for 1 Ajantha Mendis comes on to bowl his second over. Nicol cuts the first ball and scampers off for a single. McCullum takes another single off the next. Nicol swings across the line off the next as the ball races away to the midwicket boundary for another boundary. A dot, single and two runs finish the over.

    Over No. 10: New Zealand 80 for 1 McCullum begins Dananjaya's second over with another maximum. The attacking batsman sends a full toss to the long-off boundary for another six. Twelve runs have come in this over.

    Over No. 9: New Zealand 68 for 1 Jeevan Mendis has been brought into the attack now. After three singles off the first five deliveries, Nicol launches the last over the long-off fielder for six. A good over for New Zealand as nine runs have come off it.

    Over No. 8: New Zealand 59 for 1 It's the another mystery spinner, Akila Dananjaya, into the attack and he provides a breakthrough immediately. Guptill, who was batting confidently on 38, is tempted to come out of his crease and hit the bowler over the top. Guptill misjudges the length of the ball and gives a straight forward catch to Mahela Jayawardene to long-off.

    M Guptill c A Perera b MKPAD Perera 38 (30)

    Over No. 7: New Zealand 55 for 0 Mathews replaces Mendis. Like last over, Nicol takes another single off the first delivery. Guptill slashes hard outside off and the ball races away to the third man where Malinga misses to read the spin of the ball and leaks a four. A single off the next ball, and then Nicol flicks one off his pads to deep square leg where the fielder makes a good attempt but fails to hold on. A dot and a boundary to the straight boundary follow.

    Over No. 6: New Zealand 43 for 0 Malinga continues from the other end. Nicol takes a single off the first. Two good balls from the bowler follow. Guptill makes a little room in his crease and sends a length delivery over the bowlers head for four. Another dot and two runs to end the over.

    Over No. 5: New Zealand 36 for 0 The mystery spinner, Ajantha Mendis, now comes into attack. Guptill and Nicol take singles off the first two balls, with the third being a dot. Guptill takes two off the fourth with a well-placed shot between mid-off and covers. Another two follows. The batsman takes full use of the short and wide one by Mendis and cuts it out to point boundary to finish the over.

    Over No. 4: Malinga has been brought into the attack. Guptill flicks the first past the short fine leg fielder for another boundary. The second, with a hint of movement, misses the batsman's bat by a whisker. A single to the square leg follows. Two dot balls to Nicol, who sends the last one over short fine leg for another four.

    Over No. 3: New Zealand 17 for 0 Kulasekara continues and he misses his line and sends one down the leg side for a wide. A leg bye to Nicol follows. Guptill takes the aerial route on the next, going over the mid-on fielder for the first boundary of the New Zealand innings. He tries an encore on the next but mistimes it and the fielder at mid-on drops a good chance. Another four by Guptill, this time past the short third man fielder. A dot and a single to end the over.

    Over No. 2: New Zealand 4 for 0 Angelo Mathews starts at the other end. Guptill takes a single to a length ball outside off stump. Another quick single, this time by Nicol towards mid-off follows. Three dot balls to finish the second over.

    Over No. 1: New Zealand 2 for 0 Kulasekara begins for Sri Lanka. The first ball comes in to the batsman sharply, a huge shout for an lbw, which is turned down by the umpire. Nicol takes a single off the next delivery. Two dot balls follow, and then Guptill works the fifth towards the square leg for a single. The over ends with another dot.

    New Zealand openers Rob Nicol and Martin Guptill are making their way into the middle.

    Toss and Team News: Ross Taylor has won the toss and New Zealand are batting first.

    Top-order batsman Martin Guptill is back in New Zealand eleven, taking the place of Adam Milne.

    For Sri Lanka, the '90 per cent fit' Ajantha Mendis has been included, along with debutant - who is said to be another mystery spinner - Akila Dananjaya. So, batsman Dilshan Munaweera and left-arm spinner Rangana Herath have been left out.


    New Zealand: Martin Guptill, James Franklin, Brendon McCullum (wk), Ross Taylor (capt), Kane Williamson, Rob Nicol, Daniel Vettori, Jacob Oram, Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Kyle Mills

    Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Mahela Jayawardene (capt), Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Lahiru Thirimanne, Angelo Mathews, Jeevan Mendis, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Ajantha Mendis, Akila Dananjaya Perera

    Hello and welcome to our Live Coverage of the first Super Eight game between hosts Sri Lanka and New Zealand at the World Twenty20 on Thursday.

    With possible showers and thunderstorms expected for today, both games may get affected at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium.

    Sri Lanka are still pondering about playing their ace spinner Ajantha Mendis, who hasn't recovered from an injury. The hosts may also give a go ahead to Akila Dananjaya, the offspinner rated very highly by the Sri Lankan cricket fraternity.