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    World T20, SL vs Pak: As it happened

    Pakistan innings:20th over: Pakistan 123 for 7 Kulasekara bowls the last over. Just one runs off first three balls. It's over. Another single. 21 off two balls. Akmal gets a four but it's too late now. Dot. Sri Lanka win by 16 runs to reach the final. They will now either play Australia or West Indies. That's it from me. We'll be back with the second semi-final tomorrow at 7 pm IST. Till then, goodbye.19th over: Pakistan 117 for 7 Gul run-out. Umar Akmal says no to a call for single as Mahela Jayawardene does a good job at point. Gul barely makes it back in time at the non-striker's end, replays show. The first five balls have yielded just three runs. Can you believe it? Another single off the last ball. Pakistan need 23 off the last over. Impossible, isn't it. 18th over: Pakistan 113 for 7 Ajantha Mendis comes back on. Tanvir gets stumped. Leaves his crease and misses the line of the ball. Kumar Sangakkara does the rest. Second wicket for the mystery spinner. The word "mystery" always reminds me of Agatha Christie. I know it's funny but that's how it is. Pakistan need 27 off 12 balls to go over the line.Sohail Tanvir st †Sangakkara b BAW Mendis 8 (13)17th over: Pakistan 108 for 6 Malinga continues. Tanvir lifts him over midwicket for a four. Seven off the over. The Pakistanis now need 32 off 18 balls.16th over: Pakistan 101 for 6 Mathews comes back on and Akmal fetches a four off the fouth. Lifts it over the covers. Umar Akmal is dangerous and as long as he is there one can't write the Pakistanis off. And there is Umar Gul. He is no mug with the bat. Remember, the match against South Africa.15th over: Pakistan 92 for 6 Hafeez goes off the fist ball. Gets stumped by Herath. Great work by Kumar Sangakkara. Another strike. Bowls Shahid Afridi with an arm ball. Sohail Tanvir is the next man. I don't know whether I should say this but I think we have seen the last of Shahid Afridi. He doesn't seem to have the enthusiasm he is known for. I hope I am wrong.Shahid Afridi b Herath 0 (1)Mohammad Hafeez st †Sangakkara b Herath 42 (40)14th over: Pakistan 91 for 4 Mendis comes back and Umar Akmal gets a four off the second. It's Mendis third over. One more to go after this. Two singles, a double and a dot finish off the over. Eight off the over.13th over: Pakistan 83 for 4 Hafeez gets a four off the first. Reverse sweep to great effect. Remember, Mahela got a few boundaries with that shot earlier in the day. Here comes a six. Dances down the track and hits it over long-on. Kulasekara misses the ball at the boundary. The timing of his jump was not up to the mark. Hafeez is making the Lankans pay for the drop. 12th over: Pakistan 71 for 4 Malinga drops Haffez. A dolly at long-on. Mathews bowls a slower delivery to trap Hafeez but Malinga spoils all his efforts. Will it be a costly drop for the Lankans? Only time will tell. Hafeez adds insult to injury. A four. Bisects the two fielders at deep midwicket with a pull shot. Meanwhile, Umar Akmal the new man in. Seven off the over.11th over: Pakistan 64 for 4 Rangana Herath continues and Malik gets a two off the first. Malik has a good reputation as a effective batsman against spinners. He is here key to Pakistan's chase along with his skipper Mohd Hafeez. Herath strikes. Malik bowled. Fails to read the ball and loses his stumps. Pakistan are in the soup.Shoaib Malik b Herath 6 (7) 10th over: Pakistan 58 for 3 Angelo Mathews strikes. Nasir Jamshed goes. Replays show the ball has pitched outside the leg stump. Rod Tucker has got it all wrong, says Pakistan's very own Ramiz Raja. Kamran Akmal also goes. Pakistan in trouble. Succumbs to a slow ball. Mahela takes an easy catch at short midwicket. Sri Lanka are in the driver's seat now, it has to be said. Shoaib Malik is off the mark.Kamran Akmal c Jayawardene b Mathews 1 (2b)Nasir Jamshed lbw b Mathews 4 (8)9th over: Pakistan 55 for 1 Rangana Herath comes on to bowl.The teams batting second have won 7 of 16 ties here at the Premadasa. That should give Pakistan a lot of heart. Herath bowls a decent over. Seven off it.8th over: Pakistan 48 for 1 Mendis continues. It's even stevens as of now. Malinga misfield at deep midwicket off the third ball, Hafeez picks up a three. Four off the last ball. Hafeez goes inside out to hit it over the covers. No chance for the fielders. Nine off the over.7th over: Pakistan 39 for 1 Thisara Perera comes on to bowl. Mohd Hafeez fetches a four off the first. Hits it straight back. Drop. Rangana drops Hafeez at long on but it was very difficult. He dives to his left but fails to get hold of the ball. Hafeez takes a double. Two more singles conclude the over. Eight off it.6th over: Pakistan 31 for 1 Here comes mystery spinner Ajantha Mendis. It's a very important part of the match. Whoever wins this period, should win the match. Considering they not chasing a big total, this should be called a decent start, shouldn't it? A four for Nazir. Just paddle-sweeps. Malinga dives in vain. Mendis strikes! Nazir out.Imran Nazir b BAW Mendis 20 (21)5th over: Pakistan 26 for 0 Malinga continues. Superb over. Just two off it.4th over: Pakistan 24 for 0 Nuwan Kulasekara continues. It's been a fairly good start by the Pakistanis. Sri Lanka need early wickets to get their campaign going. Even tough it's a difficult wicket, 139 is not par for the course. A tight over. Just two off it. 3rd over: Pakistan 22 for 0 Here comes Malinga. Five extra runs off the second ball. The ball is way down the legside and beats wicketkeeper Kumar Sangakkara. A double off the next. A strong lbw appeal against Nazir. Simon Taufel turns it down. For the first time we are seeing some tennis ball bounce and no wonder Nazir is dancing all around. Seven off the over.2nd over: Pakistan 15 for 0 Nuwan Kulasekara comes on to bowl. Starts off well with three dots. Imran Nazir is at sixes and sevens. A wide. Some relief for Nazir. Another wide. Something has gone wrong with the bowler. Nazir adds insult to injury. Opens the face of the bat and gets a four through third-man. The average powerplay score for Pakistan in this tournament is 45. Seven off the over. There was a run-out chance off the last ball. A direct throw was needed to effect it.1st over: Pakistan 8 for 0 Mohd Hafeez and Imran Nazir walk out to the middle. Mahela Jayawardene looks a bit worried. He has to be, it's not a very convincing total. Angelo Mathews starts the proceeding for the Lankans. Imran Nazir dropped. It was a real burner off Nazir and Dilshan fails to get hold of it at point. Nazir hits back with a four off the fifth ball. Hits it over the overs. Eight off the over. Sri Lanka innings:20th over: Sri Lanka 139 for 4 Gul to continue. Angelo Mathews gets an edgy four off the first ball. The wicketkeeper is only a spectator as the ball races past him. Another four. This time it's Thisara Perera. Hits it straight back. Almost takes the head off Gul. Another four. Perera again. Lifts it over the covers. 3 boundaries off four balls so far. Great stuff. Just the over Sri Lanka needed. A single off the fifth. Mathews to play the last. Can he finish it off with a four? No. Just a double.19th over: Sri Lanka 123 for 4 Now Jeevan Mendis goes. Ajmal gets him stumped. The pressure finally got to the left-hander as well. Pakistan have bowled exceedingly well in the last few overs. Just five off the over. Mendis st †Kamran Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 15 (18)18th over: Sri Lanka 118 for 3 Gul continues. He is very good at the death and that accounts for why he's been introduced late. He strikes. Traps Jeeven Mendis lbw. Hang on. It's a no-ball. Replays confirm that. What a reprieve. Now the Lankans get a free-hit. Can Jeevan hit it a long way? Doesn't look like it. There you go, he only manages a single. Another lbw appeal. It's given. Gul comes back really nicely. Tillakaratne Dilshan's misery comes to an end. Some might say that's a solid innings but believe me, you can't afford to bat like that in T20s, no matter how the pitch behaves.Dilshan lbw b Umar Gul 35 (43b)17th over: Sri Lanka 114 for 2 Ajmal comes back on. It hasn't been his day today. Dilshan gets his third boundary today. The ball is way too short and the batsman makes the most of the opportunity. Seven off the over.16th over: Sri Lanka 107 for 2 Now pacer Umar Gul comes on to bowl his first over. Very late introduction, isn't it? Tight over. Concedes just seven runs. Three doubles come off the over.15th over: Sri Lanka 100 for 2 Jeevan Perera gets a four off the third ball off Mohd Hafeez and is very pleased about it. But Sri Lanka need a few more. One swallow doesn't make a summer. Seven off the over.14th over: Sri Lanka 93 for 2 Afridi on. Dilshan gets a four off the third. The ball is fulltoss and he slams through the legside. His second boundary today. Very uncharacteristic innings. Eight off the over. 13th over: Sri Lanka 85 for 2 Mohd Hafeez comes to bowl his first over. Dilshan is awfully slow today. Stumping appeal against Sanga off the second. Replays show he makes it back in time. Sangakkara out off the fifth. Goes for a big shot but doesn't connect properly and holes out to Shoaib Malik at long-on.Sangakkara c Shoaib Malik b Mohammad Hafeez 18 (11)12th over: Sri Lanka 80 for 1 Saeed Ajmal comes back on and Sanga gets a four off the first. A nice cut on the offside. Another four off the fourth. Just chips it over the covers. He seems to be in great touch. 12 off the over.11th over: Sri Lanka 68 for 1 Mahela out. Afridi provides the breakthrough. The Sri Lanka captain goes for paddle sweep but finds Raza at short fine leg. Sangakkara is the next man in and is off his mark with a four.Jayawardene c Raza Hasan b Shahid Afridi 42 (36b)10th over: Sri Lanka 62 for 0 Raza again. Mahela survives a run-out appeal. Just makes it in time. And he Hits a four off the last ball. Dances down the track and lift it straight back. He is doing the bulk of the scoring for Sri Lanka as things stand.9th over: Sri Lanka 53 for 0 Shahid Afridi continues. Mahela gets a four off the fourth. The ball is a bit wide and full and batsman chips it over the covers for a four. Tries the same shot off the next but this time there is not connection. one bye. The over concludes with a single. Nine off the over.8th over: Sri Lanka 44 for 0 Raza Hasan comes back on. The ball is turning big time. Coming a bit slow as well. Stroke-making has never been this difficult. Just four off the over. One of the batsmen has to cut loose.7th over: Sri Lanka 40 for 0 Shahid Afridi comes into bowl. Mahela bring his reverse sweep up yet again, to good effect. Gets a four. This is the only shot seems to be working right now. The pitch has all kinds of demons. Seems, we have a low-scoring contest on hand. Six off the over.6th over: Sri Lanka 34 for 0 Here comes Saeed Ajmal and is treated with a four off the first ball. Mahela guides him off his pads. two byes. Mahela goes for a reverse sweep, misses the ball, so does wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal. Mahela makes up off the last ball. This time his reverse sweep works as the ball races to the boundary. 10 off the over. 5th over: Sri Lanka 24 for 0 Tanvir is into his third straight over. He is getting a lot of purchase off the pitch. "Angling away from the batsman" has been his motto so far. Finally finds an outside edge off Dilshan. The balls brushes past keeper Kamran Akmal's gloves. Lucky escape for the batsman. Just four off the over.4th over: Sri Lanka 20 for 0 Raza Hasan returns. Mahela sweeps him for a four. Super execution. The ball is pitched a bit outside the offstump and the batsman makes the most of it. The average powerplay score for Lanka in this tournament is 55. Six off the over.3rd over: Sri Lanka 14 for 0 Tanvir continues and angles away from Mahela. After two dots, he succeeds to find an outside edge but it's wide of the only slip. Very good over. Just two off the over.2nd over: Sri Lanka 12 for 0 Left-arm spinner Hasan Raza gets into the attack. Mahela gets a three off the first ball. A dot and now Mahela goes one better to fetch a four. The ball is a bit short and is onto it in a flash. Cuts it past point. The average powerplay score at this ground is 40. Sri Lanka will hope to better that. Seven off the over. 1st over: Sri Lanka 5 for 0 Mahela Jayawardene and Tillakaratne Dilshan walk out to the middle. Both have been in good nick in this tournament. Sri Lanka look to them for a good start. A good start is half the job done, as they say. Let's see what they do today. Sohail Tanvir has the new ball. He didn't play in Pakistan's last match against Australia. He is back today for this match at the expense of Abdul Razzaq. Not a good start for him. Bowls on Mahela's pads and the batsman flicks. Umar Gul dives at fine leg and manages to get his hands to the ball, a great effort there but the ball still reaches the fence. The rest of the over is relatively quiet. Five off the over. 6.30 pm: Sri Lanka win the toss, will bat. One change for each side. Teenage star Akila Dananjaya misses out for Sri Lanka and is replaced by Rangana Herath. For Pakistan, Abdul Razzaq makes way for Sohail Tanvir. We'll have the squads soon. Here they come.Sri Lanka: DPMD Jayawardene (captain), TM Dilshan, KC Sangakkara (wicketkeeper), AD Mathews, BMAJ Mendis, HDRL Thirimanne, NLTC Perera, KMDN Kulasekara, SL Malinga, HMRKB Herath, BAW MendisPakistan: Mohammad Hafeez (captain0, Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal (wicketkeeper), Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul, Sohail Tanvir, Saeed Ajmal, Raza Hasan6.20 pm: Hello and welcome to the first World T20 semifinal between hosts Sri Lanka and 2009 champions Pakistan at Colomobo's Premadasa. It's effectively a contest between Pakistan's spinners and Sri Lanka's spinners. Pakistan have Saeed Ajmal, Mohd Hafeez Hasan Raza and the enigmatic Shahid Afridi, while Sri Lanka look to mystery spinner Ajantha Mendis, Akila Dananjaya and Jeevan Mendis. A fascinating contest is in the offing, innit? Stay tuned, we'll soon be back with the toss.