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    World T20, West Indies vs England: As it happened

    Jonson Charles (84) and Chris Gayle (58) compiled a century stand for the first wicket and set the stage for West Indies to defeat England by 15 runs.

    Jonson Charles (84) and Chris Gayle (58) compiled a century stand for the first wicket and set the stage for West Indies to defeat England by 15 runs.

    Johnson Charles is adjudged Man of the Match for his sparkling innings.

    20th over, England 164 for 4: Samuels is bowling the last over and Morgan hits him for the boundary off the first over. The full-pitched delivery is hit straight and even the splendid effort from Pollard couldn't save the boundary. No run off the second ball. Samuels gets the length right this time. Right in the blockhole. Another yorker and Morgan can only manage to run a single. Hales is stumped on the fourth ball. Comes down the track but beaten by the length and pace. Fine innings by the youngster but not enough to guide is team home. Jos Bulter is the new batsman and he runs a single off the fifth ball. Another single off the last ball and West Indies have defeated England by 15 runs. Samuels bowled a clinical last over and held his nerves.

    Alex Hales st †Ramdin b Samuels 68 (51)

    19th over, England 157 for 3: West Indies have been spectacular in the field. Stunning effort by Sammy. Saved one run. Three runs off the first ball of 19th over. Morgan is playing a sensational innings. Hits a six off the second balls. England need 30 runs off 10 balls. Achievable? Third ball is a dot ball. West Indies must have heaved a sigh of relief. But Morgan is incredibly breath-taking. Caned another six to bring century partnership which has come off 52 balls. The match is even at this stage. Single off the fifth ball, Hales on the crease. Couldn't score any run off the last ball. England need 23 runs from the last over.

    Narine has completed his quote of four overs. so has Rampaul and Gayle. Who'll bowl the final over? Toss up between Sammy and Samuels?

    18th over, England 141 for 3: Morgan takes single off the first ball off Narine's over to bring up his half-century. Hales runs two off the second ball. Narine's over is the key to the match. Another couple of runs by Morgan. He's riding high on the luck. Another top edge fell in non man's land. Nevertheless, a very fine over by Narine. Just seven runs were scored. England need 39 from last two overs.

    17th over, England 134 for 3: Rampaul returns to attack. Two runs from the first ball. Top edge from Morgan flew to third man. Another top edge on the third ball went past the fine leg boundary ropes for a six. Brilliant effort from Russell at the square leg boundary saved a certain six on the fourth ball. Morgan is improvising masterfully. Moved across the off stump and hammered Rampaul for the boundary to the fine leg. The man was standing up. Just the kind of over England are looking for.

    16th over, England 119 for 3: England need more than a boundary every over. Solitary boundary would not help matters. Though Morgan smashed a boundary in the over but West Indies wouldn't mind that too much.

    15th over, England 110 for 3: England are pinning their hopes on Hales and Morgan. Morgan clattered Narine for a six over long off and winkled out 14 runs. They need 40 runs from last five overs.

    14th over, England 96 for 3: 10 runs off the over. Morgan smashed Gayle for a six over deep mid wicket. England need more than one six an over.

    13th over, England 86 for 3: Good over for England, finally. Hales launched Samuels for a six over long on which was preceded by a boundary. He reaches his third T20 half-century, all of which have come against West Indies. Can England score 14 runs from every over from here?

    12th over, England 72 for 3: Six runs from the Gayle's over. Just singles and a double. Things looking gloomy for England.

    11th over, England 66 for 3: Despite the boundary off the last ball of Marlon Samuels to third man, which came off an edge, England innings is in the doldrums. Though they have not thrown many wickets to spinners but they're ostensibly smothered. England need an extraordinary effort from Hales or Morgan to claw their way back from here.

    10th over, England 55 for 3: A nondescript innings from Bairstow comes to an end. Brilliant catch by Pollard at the boundary. Departure of Bairstow is a blessing in disguise for England given he was embarrassingly scratchy? Chris Gayle is the bowler.

    Jonny Bairstow c Pollard b Gayle 18(29)

    9th over, England 53 for 2: Just four singles off the Narine's over. It is high time that either of batsman step up and tees off. Right now, they're just nudging the spinners for singles which aren't sufficient.

    8th over, England 49 for 2: After conceding a boundary off the first ball, Badree restricted both batsmen. He's difficult to hit when he fires the ball in the blackhole thought his short balls outside the off stump are a fly in the ointment.

    7th over, England 42 for 2: Finally a good over for England. A six from Hales over deep square leg and a boundary from Jonny Bairstow to fine leg enabled England to score 13 runs off it. England need more overs like this.

    6th over, England 29 for 2: Badree is firing the ball into the blockhole. England batsmen could only manage to take singles and a rare double. Only 29 runs in the powerplay.

    5th over, England 25 for 2: 8 runs off Sunil Narine's first over which includes a boundary by Hales. Narine is West Indies' trump card on the spinning track and he could be England's tormentor.

    4th over, England 17 for 2: Better over for England. Alex Hales struck a couple of boundaries off Badree but England need a massive over to get things on track.

    3rd over, England 8 for 2. Tepid start from England. Rampaul's double strike in the first over pushed them on the back foot and they're struggling tio break the shackles. A solitary boundary from the over is their sole consolation.

    2nd over, England 2 for 2: Samuel Badree makes a fine start. Just two runs off his first over. He's quick through the air and skids the ball.

    1st over, England 0 for 2: Amazing start for West Indies. Ravi Rampaul prised out Craig Kieswetter and Luke Wright on the consecutive balls in the first over. Kieswetter mistimed the pull while Wright was in two minds whether to play the ball or leave it. He ended up knicking it to the first slip.

    Luke Wright c Gayle b Rampaul 0 (1)

    Craig Kieswetter c Pollard b Rampaul 0 (2)

    20th over, West Indies 179 for 5: West Indies finish off the innings in style. Dwayne Bravo bludgeoned a couple of boundaries while Russell chipped in with one. Dernbach was highly inconsistent today. Bowled too wide outside the off stump, dug in short balls and dished out full tosses generoysly. 15 runs off the last over will do a lot of good to West Indies' confidence. Bravo and Russell remain unbeaten on 11 and 10 respectively.

    19th over, West Indies 164 for 5: The England captain prised out his West Indian counterpart. Broad belted out a deceptive slower ball which cleaned up Sammy but a lucky boundary by Andre Russell at fine leg on the fifth over made it a decent over for West Indies.

    Darren Sammy b Broad 4 (3)

    18th over, West Indies 154 for 4: Charles missed an opportunity to get a hundred. He was batting so well and had clouted a couple of boundaries in the over. He hit the full toss from Dernbach straight to the long on. Creditable effort from the youngster.

    Johnson Charles c Bairstow b Dernbach 84(56)

    17th over, West Indies 146 for 3: Superb over by Patel. Just six runs were scored. Be bowled in the blockhole and didn't give aby room to batsmen to free their arms.

    16th over, West Indies 140 for 3: Finn started the over on a good note by plucking out Pollard on the first ball but Charles is in scintillating form as he belted a couple of boundaries and took 12 runs off the over. Finn finishes his quote of four overs. Just 26 runs came off them.

    Kieron Pollard c Wright b Finn 1 (5)

    15th over, West Indies 128 for 2: The six off the last ball from Charles ruined the over. Only four runs came off the first five balls of Patel's third over but Charles launched him for a straight six on the last ball.

    14th over, West Indies 118 for 2: Brilliant over by Broad, a wicket maiden. Marlon Samuels couldn't score any run off the first three balls so he decided to biff the fourth ball over points but was caught by Eoin Morgan at point. England have pulled back things in the last couple of overs.

    Marlon Samuels c Morgan b Broad 2 (8)

    13th over, West Indies 118 for 1: Patel was whacked for 19 runs in his first over by Gayle but he only conceded 4 runs in his second.

    12th over, West Indies 114 for 1: Two cracking boundaries by Charles in the over off Luke Wright. He's holding the fort for West Indies after Gayle's departure. He creamed the ball through covers for the first boundary and followed it up with a straight boundary over bowlers' head.

    11th over, West Indies 103 for 1: Finally England nipped out Gayle. Gayle attempted to send the ball into the crowd again but Finn grabbed a fine catch at long on boundary. He dropped a relatively simple catch a ball later but thankfully it didn't cost much to England. Earlier in the over, Gayle smashed a six over long off.

    Chris Gayle c Finn b Swann 58 (35)

    10th over, West Indies 95 for 0: Good over by Dernbach. Just three runs came off it. Mixed his pace and length with appreciable felicity.

    9th over, West Indies 90 for 0: Charles takes a cue from Gayle and joins the party. After a sedate start, he took Swann to the cleaners in 9th over. Two massive sixes and a boundary. England bowlers are scurrying for covers.

    8th over, West Indies 72 for 0: Gayle is running amok. Three huge sixes off the first over from Samit Patel. It was on the cards. Always dangerous to make a left-arm spinner bowl against Gayle. The first six was over deep mid-wicket, second was walloped over deep square leg while the third was between deep mid wicket and long on.

    7th over, West Indies 53 for 0: Graeme Swann bowled a fine first over. Just six runs from the over which included a boundary by Vharles over mid wicket. The timing wasn't good was the ball raced to the boundary nevertheless.

    6th over, West Indies 47 for 0: Just one boundary off the over. Gayle whipped Broad over mid wicket on the second ball of the over but Broad came back strongly and flummoxed Gayle with his slower delivery. Huge appeal for lbw on the fifth ball against Charles was turned down.

    5th over, West Indies 40 for 0: Another fine over by Finn. Just three runs off the over. His height enables him to extract extra bounce which is disconcerting for batsmen.

    4th over, West Indies 37 for 0: Good over for West Indies. 11 runs came off the first over from England skipper Stuart Broad. The first ball of the over went to the third man boundary as a result of mis-cued pull by Gayle. Charles struck his first boundary of the match on the third ball by steering it to deep backward point boundary. Broad came back well and beat Charles on the last two balls of the over.

    3rd over, West Indies 26 for 0: Gayle carved Finn over the covers boundary on the fifth ball of the over and took a single off the last ball. Charles is keen on giving strike to Gayle and play second fiddle.

    2nd over, West Indies 20 for 0: Chris Gayle has set the tone for West Indies by clubbing three boundaries in an over. Flick through mid-wicket, pull over the square leg and a straight drive on the last ball. Jade Dernbacj was at sea where to bowl to this marauder.

    1st over, West Indies 6 for 0: England start off well. Steven Finn extracted disconcerting bounce and troubled Johnson Charles. A boundary in the over came off an outside edge which flew over the first slip to the third man boundary.


    England (Playing XI): Craig Kieswetter(w), Alex Hales, Luke Wright, Eoin Morgan, Jonathan Bairstow, Jos Buttler, Samit Patel, Stuart Broad(c), Graeme Swann, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach

    West Indies (Playing XI): Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Darren Sammy(c), Andre Russell, Denesh Ramdin(w), Ravi Rampaul, Sunil Narine, Samuel Badree

    West Indies skipper Darren Sammy has won the toss and opted to bat first.

    England and West Indies have played eight times in T20s Internationals. West Indies have won 5 matches while England emerged victorious 3 times.

    England have an uphill task ahead of facing Sunil Narine. Their batsmen faltered despicably against Indian spinners and Narine will test their mettle this time.

    Hello and welcome to our Live Coverage of the second Super Eight game between England and West Indies of the World Twenty20 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium. Very crucial match for both the teams as they would like to gain the momentum. England were thrashed by 90 runs by India in their last league match while both of the matches of West Indies in the league stage were rain-ravaged.