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    World T20, WI vs Aus, semi-final: As it happened

    Australia innings:

    An excellent performance by West Indies. They first posted a mammoth 205 for 4, and then skittled Australia for a paltry 131, winning the contest by 74 runs.

    Over No. 17: Australia 131 all out Rampaul bowls his last over. Starc takes a single off the first, and then a couple off an overthrow by Doherty. Rampaul completes Australia thrashing by castling Starc for 2.

    Over No. 16: Narine has come on to bowl his third over and gets Hogg stumped on the first ball. Doherty takes a couple by nudging one towards cover, and then lofts the last ball over the mid-off fielder for a boundary.

    Over No. 15: Australia 121 for 8 Rampaul returns to bowl his third over. Hogg dabs the first down to third man for a single. A leg bye and a dot follow. A couple of runs towards deep midwicket, and then a wide down the leg side. A couple of more runs to finish the over.

    Over No. 14: Australia 113 for 8 Pollard comes on and provides breakthroughs. He has Bailey caught at deep midwicket fence when the Australia captain went for another maximum. Cummins gets out the next ball, trying for a big hit himself, giving a simple catch to Johnson Charles at extra cover. Six runs and two wickets; just the sort of over West Indies would have wanted at this point of time.

    Over No. 13: Australia 107 for 6 Now Sammy brings himself into the attack. Two singles are followed by another six by Bailey. The batsman tonks that one to deep midwicket. A single, a dot, and a couple to end the over. Eleven runs have come off it.

    Over No. 12: Australia 96 for 6 Narine bowls his second over. Bailey takes a single off the first ball. Two back-to-back singles follow. A couple of runs and another single to end the over. Bailey, meanwhile, brings up his half-century - second fastest by an Australian in a T20 international - in 23 deliveries.

    Over No. 11: Australia 89 for 6 Andre Russell has been brought into the attack and Bailey welcomes him with a clean straight hit for a six. A four to the wide of long-off follows. Another lofted stroke towards long-off where Rampaul over runs to grass a good chance. Bailey punishes Russell further, depositing him for a mammoth six over deep midwicket and a four down to fine leg. Twenty five runs have come off it.

    Over No. 10: Australia 64 for 6 Badree returns to bowl his last over. Two singles off the first three balls and a huge six over the deep midwicket fence by Bailey. A couple of runs is followed by a single. But Badree finishes has done his job, picking up 2 for 27 in his four overs.

    Over No. 9: Australia 53 for 6 Rampaul bowls his second over. Cummins takes a single off the first ball, and then Bailey drills the second down to long on for another single. Cummins guides the next down to third man for another one before an inside edge fetches another single for Bailey. Two dot balls to finish the over.

    Over No. 8: Australia 49 for 6 Does anyone need Sunil Narine now? He has been brought into the attack. Wade plays out a dot first ball, and then is caught by a running square leg fielder when he tries a sweep shot. Bailey pulls one powerfully to the square leg fence for a four. A couple of runs to finish the over.

    Over No. 7: Australia 43 for 5 Things are falling apart for Australia now. First White and then Hussey depart. While the former is caught down the leg side by Keeper off Ravi Rampaul, the latter takes his eyes off to a bouncer, gives a straight forward catch to the bowler. Just one run and two wickets off this over.

    Over No. 6: Australia 42 for 3 Samuels continues. A couple off the first, and then a single on the next. Two dot balls is followed by back-to-back fours by Bailey. A relatively good over for Australia as eleven runs have come off it.

    Over No. 5: 31 for 3 Sammy's ploy of giving Badree another over works as the legspinner takes the prize wicket of Watson who gets bowled while executing his favourite pull shot. Just three runs and a big wicket of Watson off this over. West Indies run through Australia top order and they are now well on their way to play Sri Lanka in the final on Sunday.

    Over No. 4: Australia 28 for 2 Samuels bowls his second over and takes the wicket of Hussey on the first ball. Hussey plays a sweep too early as the ball goes straight up in the air and is taken cleanly by the bowler. Cameron White takes a single to get off the mark, and then Watson slams the last ball past the extra cover fielder for a four.

    Over No. 3: Australia 22 for 1 Badree continues. Hussey starts the over with two back-to-back boundaries, first to the square on the off side while the other to the square on the leg. Two dot balls and a single finish Badree's second over.

    Over No. 2: Australia 11 for 1 Marlon Samuels now comes on to bowl his first over. Watson takes a single off a sweep. A dot ball follows, and then a lofted stroke by Hussey over mid-off for a boundary. Two dot balls and a couple to finish the over. Nine runs have come off it.

    Over No. 1: Australia 2 for 1 Samuel Badree, the leg-spinner, to start for West Indies. Warner takes the strike and plays out a dot first ball. He pulls the next one towards square leg but could only take a single. Two dot balls, and then a single. Warner tries to cut Badree but the ball misses his bat and kisses the off stump before going into Ramdin's gloves.

    West Indies innings:

    Over No. 20: West Indies 205 for 3 What an over for West Indies! Twenty five runs have come off it. Bailey's gamble of choosing Doherty for the final over fails miserably. Four sixes, one by Gayle and three by Pollard, in this over. Gayle pulls the first over midwicket for his sixth six, Pollard clobbers the first six over deep midwicket and smokes the second and third over the long-off fence.

    Over No. 19: West Indies 180 for 3 Starc has come on now to finish his spell. Another six from Gayle to start the over. He tonks a length ball from Starc for his fifth six. A dot ball is followed by a single on the leg side. Pollard flicks the next towards deep square leg where Michael Hussey fumbles and the ball goes past him for another boundary. A scoop shot brings another four for Pollard. Seventeen runs have come off this over. So 200 on the cards now?

    Over No. 18: West Indies 163 for 3 Cummins has been brought in for his last over. Pollard starts the over with a couple and takes a single off the next. A wide down the leg side, and then Gayle pulls Cummins off his front foot towards the midwicket region for a boundary. A single off the next two balls, and then Pollard clubs one towards midwicket for another four. Things are falling apart for Australia. Even their best bowlers are going for plenty.

    Over No. 17: West Indies 150 for 3 Watson bowls his last over. A thick inside edge to deep square leg fetches another boundary for Gayle. A dot is followed by another single. A couple of leg byes and a single to end the over. Watson goes wicketless, gives away 35 runs in his four overs.

    Over No. 16: West Indies 142 for 3 Cummins bowls his third over. Bravo takes a single off the first, and then a dot ball follows. Another single by Gayle is followed by another six, this time by Bravo, who gets under a slow delivery and sends it over the straight fence. But he holes out to mid-off the next ball. A couple to end the over.

    Over No. 15: West Indies 132 for 2 Now can someone hit as long as the one hit by Gayle? He launches Hussey over the long-on fence, sends the ball to the second tier. The six comes after a boundary, an inside edge. A couple of runs follow. Starc makes a good attempt in the deep but fails to latch on to that one as it fetches another couple for Gayle. Another four past the short third man helps Gayle brings up his fifty.

    Over No. 14: West Indies 113 for 2 Hogg's wrong'un goes horribly wrong as Bravo jumps on the back foot and hammers it over the midwicket fence for his second six. Three more singles off this over as nine runs have come off it.

    Over No. 13: West Indies 104 for 2 Watson has now been brought back for his third over. After two back-to-back dots, Bravo takes a couple off the next, and then clobbers the fourth over midwicket fence for a maximum. A single is followed by a four, glanced to fine leg by Gayle. Another good over for West Indies as 13 runs have come off it.

    Over No. 12: West Indies 91 for 2 Starc returns to bowl his third over. Bravo takes a single off the first ball, and then five wides down the leg side. Second ball is a dot, which is followed by a single by Gayle. Two dot balls and a single to third man ends the over. Eights runs have come off it. Another good over for the Caribbean outfit.

    Over No. 11: West Indies 83 for 2 David Hussey, who has been brought in for Glenn Maxwell for this match, comes on to bowl now and is firing in balls with pace one after another. Five singles and four byes off this over. Gayle is batting on 28, with three sixes. Bravo, on the other hand, has reached double figures.

    Over No. 10: West Indies 74 for 2 Gayle defends the first ball, but follows it up with another big six, hitting it well over the long-on fielder's head. He sweeps the next ball for a single. Bravo cuts out the fourth towards cover for another run. Two more singles as West Indies are surging ahead. Ten runs have come off this over.

    Over No. 9: West Indies 64 for 2 Hogg continues from the other end. Gayle plays out a dot on the first ball, but sweeps the next on the front foot for a single. Another dot, and then an uppish stroke to the wide of long-on fielder fetches the first boundary for Bravo. Two dot balls to finish the second over of Hogg. Five runs have come off it.

    Over No. 8: West Indies 59 for 2 Cummins continues. Samuels bludgeons the first delivery over cover for a four, but is cleaned up on the next by a pitched-up delivery. Bravo gets off the mark immediately, and then Gayle too takes a single. Two dot balls to finish the over.

    Over No. 7: West Indies 53 for 1 Brad Hogg now comes in to bowl and is immediately dispatched over the straight boundary for another six. Four dot balls and then a quick single to end the over.

    Over No. 6: West Indies 46 for 1 Left-arm spinner Xavier Doherty has been brought into the attack. After three dot balls, Samuels takes the aerial route, goes over the long-on fence for his first maximum. A single off the next ball, and then the longest six one could ever see from the bat of Gayle, who dispatches Doherty some twenty rows back in the midwicket region.

    Over No. 5: West Indies 33 for 1 Watson now comes on from the other end. A leg-bye from Samuels to start the over, which is followed by back-to-back dot balls. Watson appeals on the fourth ball which clearly pitched outside the leg stump. The batsmen, meanwhile, run a leg-bye. Another single for Samuels to wide mid-on before Gayle launches Watson's full-length ball into the stands in the extra cover region. First big blow from the big man.

    Over No. 4: West Indies 24 for 1 Now Patrick Cummins has been brought into attack. Samuels takes one off a short-of-a-length ball, while Gayle nudges the next towards the square-leg for another single. A dot is followed by a beautiful cover drive by Samuels, who latches onto a full-length delivery, placing it well between mid-off and the cover fielder for a boundary. The bowler pitches one short and a mistimed pull produces a single. Gayle plays out the last ball dot.

    Over No. 3: West Indies 16 for 1 Starc continues. Gayle just manages to squeeze out a well-pitched delivery to third man for a single. Another wide delivery takes the outside edge from Charles's bat and the batsmen run a single. A little back-of-a-length third ball is played to the off side for no run. A wide down the leg side follows. A thick outside edge to the third man fetches one more single for Gayle. Charles tries to repeat his strokes off the previous over, but this time he gets caught behind the wickets off another full delivery.

    Over No. 2: West Indies 12 for 0 Shane Watson bowls the second over. After Charles scampers for a single, a leg bye, off the first ball, Gayle too gets off the mark as he drives Watson to mid-off for a single. Charles plays out a dot, but tonks the next to the midwicket fence for a four. A full-length delivery is treated with utter disdain by Charles. Another dot is followed by another attacking stroke to the wide of mid-on for another boundary.

    Over No. 1: West Indies 2 for 0 Mitchell Starc to start the proceedings for Australia. Johnson Charles takes the strike and leaves the first ball outside the off stump. There's a hint of inswing, as expected, for Starc who is bowling full to the batsman. The third is a bit more full and on the stumps, squeezed out by Charles at the last moment. A run off a wide outside off opens West Indies' account. It may be the tactics employed by West Indies to play Starc safely as the fifth ball also is a dot, while the last produces a single to mid-on.

    Toss and Team News: West Indies have won the toss and decided to bat first. Both the teams have made one change to their respective elevens.

    Dwayne Bravo, who in included in place of his brother Darren, will play as a specialist batsman, while Australia bring in experienced David Hussey in place of Glenn Maxwell.


    West Indies: Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Denesh Ramdin(w), Darren Sammy(c), Sunil Narine, Samuel Badree, Ravi Rampaul

    Australia: Shane Watson, David Warner, Michael Hussey, George Bailey(c), Cameron White, David Hussey, Matthew Wade(w), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Brad Hogg, Xavier Doherty

    6.20 pm: Hello and welcome to the second World T20 semi-final between West Indies at Colombo's Premadasa. The winners of this match will play Sri Lanka in the final on Sunday. Sri Lanka comprehensively beat Pakistan on Thursday in a low-scoring match. Get ready for another mouth-watering contest. Stay tuned, we will soon back with the toss.