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    World T20, WI vs NZ: As it happened

    Super Over, West Indies: Here walks out Chris Gayle along with Marlon Samuels. For New Zealand Tim Southee comes on.First ball a length ball and Gayle launches it over long-off for a six and hold on it's a no ball so there is a free-hit to follow. Seven runs off the first ball. The free-hit ball goes for a single. The next one Samuels take couple then a single to bring back Gayle on strike. Next one a wide and it's all nerves for Southee.Now five needed off two balls. Southee bowls a full-toss and Samuels swivels it for a six over midwicket. Game over. West Indies beat New Zealand in Super Over to eliminate New Zealand from World Twenty20.Super Over, New Zealand: For West Indies, Marlon Samuels will bowl and New Zealand send Brendon McCullum and Ross Taylor.First ball, Samuels bowls a wide, second goes for 2 runs, third for a single, fourth goes for a single again, fifth a four, sixth a six. Now comes the final ball because of the wide, and the Kiwi batsmen take couple. New Zealand 17 and West Indies need 18 to win the Super Over eliminator.New Zealand innings:20th over: 139 for 7: Marlon Samuels will bowl the last over. First ball a wide, second no run, third for a double, fourth for a six, fifth a single. So two runs needed off the final ball and it's all nerves out there for both the teams. Guess what, the match is tied, so the Super Over is on.19th over: 126 for 6: Nathan McCullum tries every other shot from reverse sweep to slog but alas tries to clear midwicket and plays straight to midwicket fielder for a simple catch. New Zealand need 14 off the last over.18th over: 123 for 5: A good tidy over at this stage from Rampaul comes to an end. New Zealand should not have trouble, but the Windies bowlers are also spot on with their length.17th over: 115 for 5: Now it's anybody's game from here on with West Indies picking up wickets at crucial juncture. Sunil Narine bowls the carrom ball and Oram fails to pick it up and stays rooted at the crease to be adjudged LBW.JDP Oram lbw b Narine 6 (9)16th over: 113 for 4: A over like this New Zealand need more. Taylor decides to cut loose and goes after Sammy by hitting one six followed by a four. Sammy pitches the ball in Taylor's zone and he lodges it over midwicket for a six. 14 runs off it.15th over: 99 for 4: The required rate has climbed up to 8.20 and it should not be much of an ask for New Zealand with Taylor and Oram at the crease.14th over: 93 for 4: Taylor and Oram now have to raise the tempo, but the target should not be of much trouble provided they commit some mistakes. Eight runs off this Sammy over.13th over: 85 for 4: Narine picks up Franklin off a classical left-hander dismissal. The balls spins a bit out and Franklin tries to run it down the third-man, but Gayle takes a sharp reflex catch diving to his right. New Zealand are faltering at the moment.EC Franklin c Gayle b Narine 14 (14)12th over: 78 for 3: Finally a good over comes New Zealand's way. Third ball off Gayle, Taylor moves across the stumps and plays it fine through the fine-leg for a boundary and the last ball dispatches it over midwicket for a six. 15 runs off this over.11th over: 63 for 3: Pollard comes on to bowl his first over and pulls off a decent one by giving seven runs. Second ball, Pollard pitches it touch short and Franklin smacks it for a boundary.10th over: 56 for 3: New Zealand after three wickets have slowed down. Moreover, the Windies bowlers are bowling a great length that has strangled the run flow. 9th over: 52 for 3: Skipper Darren Sammy gives another wicket by getting the wicket of the set batsman, Martin Guptill for 21. Guptill plays a cut shot in the air and the point fielder latches onto it. New Zealand Struggling at the moment.MJ Guptill c Samuels b Sammy 21 (27)8th over: 45 for 2: West Indies bag the wicket that were looking for and Badree does the job for them. McCullum tries to produce a short from nowhere by stepping out and finds the ball crashing onto the stumps.BB McCullum b Badree 22 (18)7th over: 40 for 1: At this stage West Indies were 64 for 3. But New Zealand are going steady and are in no hurry to reach the target.6th over: 34 for 1: Sunil Narine comes on to bowl and he needs to redeem himself by picking up few wickets. Third ball, Narine pitches it short and McCullum pulls it for a boundary. Nine runs off this over.5th over: 25 for 1: Decent over from Rampaul comes to an end except for the shorter one that Guptill latches on to dispatch it for a boundary. Just 6 runs from this over.4th over: 19 for 1: Badree is doing a great job out here by bowling a tight line and just sticking to the basics. Six runs off this over. 3rd over: 13 for 1: Ravi Rampaul gives West Indies their first boost by picking up Rob Nicol LBW. Nicol moves out and tries to play across the line and gets trapped infront of the stumps.RJ Nicol lbw b Rampaul 3 (5)2nd over: 8 for 0: The leg-spinner Samuel Badree comes on to bowl and in the first four ball he is full and giving no room for the New Zealand openers to free their arms. There's no help for the bowlers off the pitch, which shows that Windies batsmen played some rash shots.1st over: 4 for 0: Ravi Rampaul starts the proceedings for West Indies with Rob Nicol and Martin Guptill at the crease. West Indies here need to pick up wickets to stay in the hunt in this match. Four off this over.West Indies innings:20th over: 139 all out: West Indies fail to play the full 20 overs as they were bundled out for a meagre total. Southee and Bracewell claimed 3 wickets each, while Nathan McCullum chipped in with two wickets.S Badree b Oram 1 (4)19th over: 138 for 9: First two balls of Southee's over goes for single, but in the third Southee bowls a slower one and Sunil Narine fails to pick up and he is clean bowled. Another excellent bowling performance from Southee comes to an end with figures of 3 for 22.SP Narine b Southee 3 (4)18th over: 134 for 8: It's all happening out here with a four, missed run out chance and then a wicket. Pollard hits Bracewell for a four through the extra-cover, then in a mix-up New Zealand miss out on a run out attempt. After that Pollard decides to launch Bracewell and didn't connect and skies it for an easy catch for Taylor.KA Pollard c Taylor b Bracewell 28 (22)17th over: 123 for 7: With three overs to go after this over, Sammy decides to go for the long-handle shot but fails to pick up the length of Southee and holes it up to the midwicket fielder, where Franklin completes an easy catch.DJG Sammy c Franklin b Southee 11 (12)16th over: 116 for 6: Pollard is the man that holds key to West Indies innings. Sammy also at the crease has the ability to play the big shots.15th over: 108 for 6: West Indies after a great start loses track in the middle due to some quick wickets and are now struggling to put up a decent total on the board. Nathan McCullum finishes his spell of four overs with figures of 2 for 19.14th over: 104 for 6: Another wicket falls in the form of Denesh Ramdin. Hira pitches it up and Ramdin plays an uppish shot and Taylor dives to his right to take a sharp one.D Ramdin c Taylor b Hira 1 (2)13th over: 99 for 5: Nathan McCullum completely foxes Darren Bravo to knock his stumps back. McCullum pitches it up and Bravo fails to read the length.DM Bravo b NL McCullum 16 (21)12th over 96 for 4: Now Pollard comes on to the crease and straightway gets ito action by hitting a straight shot past the bowler's hand for a four which Hira fails to latch on.11th over: 88 for 4: The 26-run partnership finally comes to an end as Samuels tries to clear long-on boundary but holes up to the fielder. A successful over comes to an end.MN Samuels c Southee b NL McCullum 24 (22)10th over: 86 for 3: Hira starts with a length ball and Bravo bludgeons it over the bowler's head for a six. After that Hira tracks his length back and concedes 10 runs.9th over: 76 for 3: Now it will be spin from New Zealand, with Hira and McCullum bowling in tandem. Fourth ball, McCullum wraps Bravo infront of the stumps, but the ball was missing the leg-stump. The last two balls goes for boundaries. 11 runs off the over.8th over: 65 for 3: Ronnie Hira comes on to bowl his first over and starts with a tidy one. The onus would be on him as he has to fill the big shoes of Vettori. West Indies slow down after the wicket of Gayle. Just one run off it.7th over: 64 for 3 Southee gets rid of the dangerous Chris Gayle who edges it straight to wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum. Just three off the over.Gayle c †BB McCullum b Southee 30 (14)6th over: 60 for 2 Jacob Oram comes on and Gayle sends him into the stands at deep mid-wicket. It's a fulltoss and Gayle makes the most of it. Here comes another six. This time it's Samuels. Hits it over long-on. 17 off the over. 5th over: 43 for 2 Tim Southee replaces Kyle Mills. Bowls a tight over. Just six off it. Remember, New Zealand will sure be out if they lose today.4th over: 37 for 2 Now Andre Russell gets in on the act. Hits Bracewell straight back. Bracewell takes revenge. Removes Russell. Second wicket for the bowler. The ball is on Russell's pads; he flicks it nicely but finds James Frankin at short fine-leg. He was set up brilliantly. The in-form Marlon Samuels comes in. Russell c Franklin b Bracewell 6 (6b)3rd over: 30 for 1 Gayle launches Mills into the stands for a six.. Over long-on. Gets a four off the fifth. In the direction of long-off. Gets another four off the last. A backfoot punch through the covers. 16 off the over.2nd over: 14 for 1 Doug Bracewell bowls the second over and Gayle gets a four off the second ball. The ball is full and on his pads and he flicks it to good effect. Pretty good start for the Caribbean team. Johnson Charles out. Caught and bowled. Andre Russell is the next man in. A surprise move, it has to be said on the Windies' part.J Charles c & b Bracewell 8 (9)1st over: 9 for 0 Chris Gayle and Johnson Charles walk out to the middle. A damn dangerous pair, especially Gayle. If the Kiwis get him out early, half the battle is won. Kyle Mills begins the proceedings for the Black Caps. A boundary comes off the third ball. It's a bit wide and Charles pokes at it: the ball races past the slip. Not unconvincing. Here comes a proper boundary, off the fifth ball. Charles cuts it hard through the off-side. 3 pm: New Zealand captain Ross Taylor wins the toss, decides to have a bowl. Injured Daniel Vettori sits out in favour of Ronnie Hira who gets his first game in the tournament. Also, Jacob Oram returns. As for West Indies, Samuel Badree comes in for Fidel Edwards. Dwayne Bravo has a groin injury, and in comes Darren Bravo. Teams:New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Rob Nicol, Brendon McCullum(w), Ross Taylor(c), Jacob Oram, James Franklin, Nathan McCullum, Doug Bracewell, Tim Southee, Kyle Mills, Ronnie HiraWest Indies: Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Darren Sammy(c), Denesh Ramdin(w), Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul, Samuel Badree2.55 pm: The pitch at Pallekele is an absolute belter, says former England captain Nasser Hussain. It's also a bit on the dry side. A little bit turn but not a great deal. He says it's a batting-first wicket.2.40 pm: Hello and welcome to the ICC World T20 Super Eight tie between West Indies and New Zealand at Pallekele. New Zealand's chances to make it to the semi-finals hang by a thread as they not only need a win but also other results to be in their favour. As for West Indies, they have a cushion of one win under their belt and one more victory would brighten their chance not a little. Stay tuned we'll be back with the toss soon.