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    World Twenty20, WI vs SL, final: As it happened

    Riding on Samuels' blistering fifty and clinical performance by bowlers, West Indies beat Sri Lanka by 36 runs to win the World T20 title.

    Riding on Samuels' blistering fifty and clinical performance by bowlers, West Indies beat Sri Lanka by 36 runs to win the World T20 title.

    Will this scintillating title victory change the fortunes of West Indies cricket? Well, we've loads of time to ponder over this question but for now let's soak in the thrilling celebration put up by the West Indies team.

    West Indies players and supporters have erupted. The celebration is led by Dwayne Bravo, Marlon Samuels and Chris Gayle.. They're absolutely jubilant and rightfully so. Their maiden Twenty20 title.

    Sri Lanka's innings:

    19th over, Sri Lanka all out 101: Sunil Narine is bowling the 19th over and no run is scored off the first three balls. Malinga has bit the fourth ball in the air towards long on and Bravo takes the catch. West Indies have beaten Sri Lanka by 36 runs to win the World Twenty20 title.

    18th over, Sri Lanka are 101 for 9: Three singles off the first four balls. Ajantha Mendis is dismissed off the fifth ball. Tried to tonk the ball over deep midwicket and Dwayne Bravo took a simple catch. West Indies team broke into the Gangnam.

    Ajantha Mendis c Dwayne Bravo b Marlon Samuels 1(2)

    17th over, Sri Lanka are 97 for 8: Kulasekara departs after raising hope for few minutes. Sunil Narine queers his pitch. A double off the first ball down the ground was followed up by a dot ball. He gave himself room to hit the third ball over cover-point but holed out in the deep. It looks like the end of road for Sri Lanka. Two runs off the next three balls.

    Nuwan Kulasekara c Badree b Narine 26(13)

    16th over, Sri Lanka 94 for 7: Ravi Rampaul comes to bowl. Nuwan Kulasekara pulls the first ball to fine leg for a single. Lasith Malinga guides the second ball to third man for a single. Kulasekara hits the first six of Sri Lanka's innings. Whacked Ravi Rampaul over deep midwicket. Kulasekara pulls the next ball brutally over midwicket for a boundary. Can he take Sri Lanka home from the hopeless position? Rampual dug another short ball, this time outside the off stump and Kulasekara thumped it behind point for a boundary. To make the matters worse, it is a no-ball. Kulasekara slashes the ball and it runs to the third-man boundary. Smart batting by Kulasekara as he picks up a single off the last ball.

    15th over, Sri Lanka are 72 for 7: Just a single off the first two balls. Lahiru Thirimanne perishes off the third ball as West Indies are almost certain to win the match. The asking rate is climbing and Thirimanne tried to hit the ball over long on but holed out in the deep. Three singles taken off the last three balls.

    14th over, Sri Lanka 68 for 6: Another run-out and Sri Lanka are looking down the barrel. Thisara Perera departs. Wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin's direct hit at non-striker's end did the trick. Four runs off the remaining balls.

    Thisara Perera run out (Ramdin) 3(5)

    13th over, Sri Lanka are 64 for 5: Sri Lanka innings is in tatters as Mahela Jayawardene and Jeevan Mendis depart in the same over. Jayawardene went for the reverse-sweep in a bid to accelerate the run-rate but he miscued it and Sammy took a simple catch. Jeevan Mendis was run-out as he tried to take the second run but a super throw by Bravo caught him short of his crease at non-striker end.

    Jeevan Mendis run out (Dwayne Bravo/Narine) 3(3)

    Mahela Jayawardene c Sammy b Narine 33(36)

    12th over, Sri Lanka 60 for 3: Badree is bowling his last over. Mahela attempted a reverse-sweep off the first ball but it didn't yield him any run. Jayawardene gets another reprieve off the second ball. He hit the ball in the air towards long on and Andre Russell made a great attempt but couldn't pull off a catch. Jayawardene plays a fine shot over covers off the next ball and Dwayne Bravo exhibited great fielding effort to save a certain boundary. Just two runs scored.

    11th over, Sri Lanka are 53 for 3: West Indies captain Darren Sammy brings himself into the attack. The first three balls are defended by Matthews as pressure mounting on him. He attempts a scoop off the fourth ball but is cleaned up. Jeevan Mendis is the new batsman and he gets off the mark with a double by placing the ball towards long leg.

    Mathews b Sammy 1(5)

    10th over, Sri Lanka are 51 for 2: Badree will bowl his 3rd over. He starts with a dot ball and Jayawardene comes down the track off the second ball but couldn't reach the pitch of the ball and cut it to deep covers for a single. Sangakkara is dismissed off the next ball. He gave himself room and Badree banged the ball short. Sangakkara went for the pull and connected the ball well but it went straight to deep mid wicket fielder Pollard. A big wicket for West Indies. A single is taken by Matthews off the next ball as he gets off the mark. Mahela picks up a double off the next ball before defending the last ball of the over,

    Sangakkara c Pollard b Badree 22(26)

    9th over, Sri Lanka are 47 for 1: Sangakkara clocks up a boundary off the second ball by playing a sublime inside out shot. Four singles off the next four balls.

    8th over, Sri Lanka are 39 for 1: Sunil Narine is brought to the attack and he troubles Sangakkara right away. Beats him off the first two balls outside the off-stump and third ball took an edge to point as Sangakkara squeezed a single. Jayawardene pushes the fourth ball to covers and runs a single. Sangakkara nudged the fifth ball to midwicket for a single and Jayawardene defends the final ball of the over. Perfect start for Narine.

    7th over, Sri Lanka are 36 for 1: Chris Gayle will bowl the 7th over. Can he compensate for his lacklustre show with the bat? Six runs are scored off his first over as both batsmen knocked his around without much ado.

    6th over, Sri Lanka 30 for 1: Rampaul comes to bowl his second over after castling Dilshan in his first over. Just four singles came off the over as both the batsmen are looking to consolidate the innings by picking singles rather than going for big shots.

    5th over, Sri Lanka 26 for 1: Two singles off the first three delivery of the fifth over bowled by Marlon Samuels. The next ball is pushed to short covers, no run. Next ball is knocked around midwicket for a single. A dot ball to finish the over,

    4th over, Sri Lanka are 23 for 1: Jayawardene cracks the first ball behind point for a boundary. Badree was too short on this occasion and Mahela plays square cut with superb felicity. 2 more doubles off the remaining balls.

    3rd over, Sri Lanka 15 for 1: Marlon Samuels replaces Samuel Badree. The first ball is pushed to backward for a single by Sangakkara. And Mahela Jayawardene is dropped off the second ball by Dwayne Bravo. Jayawardene unfurled a sweep but the shot went in the air and Bravo spilled the ball. Fine attempt, nevertheless.

    2nd over, Sri Lanka 11 for 1: Ravi Rampaul has castled Dilshan Dilshan off the first ball. The ball nipped back with good pace and Dilshan was cleaned up. Kumar Sangakkara gets off the mark. The ball rose sharply and took an outside edge of Sangakkara's bat but there was no second slip as the ball raced to the boundary.

    Dilshan b Rampaul 0(3)

    1st over, Sri Lanka are 6 for 0: Samuel Badree will bowl the first over for West Indies. Mahela Jayawardene defends the first ball and gently nudges the second ball to short midwicket to pick up a single. Dilshan takes a single off the fourth ball and Jayawardene unfurls a delightful late cut off to chalk up a boundary. The next ball was short and Jayawardene went for the cut but the ball bounced a bit more than he anticipated and he couldn't connect it.

    West Indies' innings:

    20th over, West Indies are 137 for 6: Darren Sammy picks up a couple of runs off the first ball and thrashes the next ball over mid wicket for a boundary. Six runs off the first two balls. Another couple of runs off the next ball as Sammy pushed the ball to mid off. Sammy is dealing in doubles as he chalks up two more runs off the fourth ball by hitting it towards deep mid wicket. Fourth double of the over as Sammy nudged the ball to long off but the umpire signals that one run was a short one son only one run is added to the total. Sammy finishes off the over by smacking a boundary straight down the ground. 137 is a very competitive total on this pitch.

    19th over, West Indies are 122 for 6: Malinga comes to bowl the final over of his expensive spell. A single off the first ball is followed by a boundary. An inside edge went to the fine leg boundary. Nothing has gone right for Malinga as far as bowling is concerned though he was superb in the field and saved a couple of boundaries. Three singles and a double come off the next four balls. His bowling figures are 4-0-54-0 which are worst by any bowler in the World Twenty20 final. An unenviable record.

    18th over, West Indies 112 for 6: Akila Dananjaya snares Samuels off the first ball of the over. A huge relief for Sri Lanka as Samuels looked like taking the game away from them. Samuels couldn't clear deep mid wicket boundary this time and he departs after playing a blistering knock. His innings of 78 is the highest score by any batsman in the World Twenty20 final. Four runs off the next five balls as Dananjaya completes a fine over.

    Marlon Samuels c Jeevan Mendis b A Dananjaya 78(56)

    17th over, West Indies are 105 for 5: Lasith Malinga comes to bowl his 3rd over. He has been expensive today as his 2 overs leaked 25 runs. Can he make amends? No he can't. Samuels has launched a thunderous attack on him. He carves Malinga for a boundary over point off the third ball and belts him for a six over fine leg on the next ball. Malinga's misery continues as Samuels wallops his next ball for another massive six over long on. Single off the last ball.

    16th over, West Indies 89 for 5: Just as West Indies innings started to take off, Ajantha Mendis has derailed it. Two crucial wickets on the consecutive balls. Pollard was the first to go as he slashed the short ball straight to point where Dananjaya grabbed a very fine ctach. Andre Sussell attempted a sweep shot on the first ball he played but missed the ball. The umpire raised the finger. Darren Sammy thwarts the hat-trick as an inside edge went to short fibne leg and he took a single.

    Andre Russell lbw b Ajantha Mendis 0(1)

    Pollard c A Dananjaya b Ajantha Mendis 2(4)

    15th over, West Indies are 87 for 3: Samuels has taken Jeevan Mendis to the cleaners. He tonked him for a six off the third ball to reach his half-century and smashed a boundary off the next ball. Four singles came off the next four balls. West Indies are on an upswing.

    14th over, West Indies 73 for 3: Four singles off the first five balls and a much-needed wicket off the last ball. Ajantha Mendis has trapped Bravo in front of the wickets to break the partnership which was looking threatening for Sri Lanka. Bravo didn't look too amused with the decision. There was a big inside edge. Bad decision by Taufel.

    Dwayne Bravo lbw b Ajantha Mendis 19(19)

    13th over, West Indies 69 for 2: Malinga comes back to bowl his 2nd over. Bravo takes a single off the first ball and Samuels caned two consecutive sixes off the next balls. First one is a flick over deep square leg while the second is square on the off side. Two singles off the next two balls. Samuels bludgeons another six off the last ball over long on as West Indies innings gaining momentum.

    12th over, West Indies 48 for 2: Finally the first six of the innings. Dwayne Bravo thumped the 2nd ball of the over over midwicket for a maximum. 4 more runs came off the remaining balls and finally a good over for West Indies. 10 runs off the over.

    11th over, West Indies 38 for 2: Jeevan Mendis comes to bowl the 11th over. Dwayne Bravo pinches a single off the first ball and the catch is dropped off the next ball. Samuels hit the ball straight in the air. Kulasekara ran from long off and got both hands to the ball but spilled it. six runs off the over.

    10th over, West Indies 32 for 2: Akila Dananjaya, who replaced Rangana Herath, comes to bowl his first over. Three singles were scored off the first three balls but next three didn't yield any run as Samuels found it hard to read Dananjaya.

    9th over, West Indies are 29 for 2: Angelo Matthews will bowl his final over of the match. Two singles and a wide off the first three balls. Brilliant fielding by Malinga in deep covers saved a boundary for Sri Lanka. Only 2 runs could be taken. Another couple of runs for Samuels as he hit the ball to the left of long off. A dot ball to finish the over.

    8th over, West Indies are 22 for 1: Dwayne Bravo takes the single off the first ball and Marlon Samuels defends the next three balls. Ajantha Mendis is exhibiting the full range of variations he has in his armoury. A double off the fifth ball and a single off the last ball make it 4 runs off the over.

    7th over, West Indies are 18 for 2: Three singles off the first four balls of 7th over bowled by Angelo Matthews. Good fielding off the fifth ball restricts batsmen to only one. A dot ball to finish the over.

    6th over, West Indies are 14 for 2: Ajantha Mendis will bowl the sixth over. The first is pushed to mid off but no run. Samuels glides the second ball to backward point for a single. Gayle on the strike to face Ajantha Mendis. A wide is followed by a appeal against Gayle but the ball was too high and going over the stumps. Top decision by Taufel. and Mendis has snared Chris Gayle. He pushed the ball quick in the air and Gayle lunged forward to defend it but missed the line of the ball and he was plumb lbw. Huge wicket for Sri Lanka. Dwayne Bravo is beaten off the last ball.

    Gayle lbw b Ajantha Mendis 3(16)

    5th over, West Indies are 12 for 1: Lasith Malinga comes to bowl the fifth over. Three singles are scored off the first four balls. Malinga surprised and beat Gayle off the fourth ball by a smart slower bouncer. Four runs off the over. Another good over for Sri Lanka.

    4th over, West Indies are 8 for 1: First boundary of West Indies' innings. The first ball of the fourth over was slightly wide and short. Samuels biffed it through the covers. No run is taken off the next ball and Samuels takes a single off the third ball. Another huge appeal, this time against Gayle but the ball was pitched outside the leg-stump. Taufel is spot on yet again. Gayle hits the next ball to mid off and runs a single. he's off the mark on the 9th ball he faced. Very unlike Gayle. The last ball bounced more than Samuels anticipated. No run scored.

    3rd over, West Indies 2 for 1: Brilliant bowling by Matthews. Three dot balls to start his second over. He's pitching the ball on the good length and moving the ball both ways. Samuels is completely at sea. Huge appeal on the fourth ball is turned down. The ball nipped back after pitching but going down the leg side. Samuels picks up a single off the fifth ball to pick a single. First run off the bat for West Indies.

    2nd over, West Indies are 1 for 1: Nuwan Kulasekara will bowl the second over. He starts off well and no run is scored off the first three balls. The next ball is down the leg side and it is called a wide. First run on the scoreboard for West Indies. Fourth ball is gently defended by Chris Gayle. Gayle comes down to track on the fifth ball but the ball moved away from him and he is completely beaten. Kulasekara belts out another dot ball to finish his first over.

    1st over, West Indies are 0 for 1: Angelo Mattews will bowl the first ball. Johnson Charles is on the strike. The first ball is outside the off-stump and Charles let it go to the wicketkeeper. Second ball is hit to the covers, no run. Next two balls are dabbed to the point for no run. Charles is dismissed by Matthews off the fifth ball. Matthews bowled a very fine over and didn't let Charles to score runs. He felt strangled and gave himself room to hit the fifth ball over mid off but the timing was awful and he was caught by Kulasekara at mid off. Marlon Samuels is the new batsman and he leaves the first ball. Superb start for Sri Lanka. Maiden wicket.

    Charles c Nuwan Kulasekara b Mathews 0(5)

    Harsha Bhogle tweets: "bit baffled by dananjaya over herath. picking a team for gayle? must back others to get him out...herath very good bowler against all others."

    This is the last international match in which Simon Taufel is officiating. He has been one of the most respected and premier umpires of the last decade. He is third on the list of umpires who have officiated in most international matches: Rudi Koertzen 331, Steve Bucknor 309, Simon Taufel 282, Daryl Harper 279, David Shepherd 264. (This information is via Mohandas Menon)

    Is leaving Rangana Herath out of the team a correct decision? Seems like Sri Lanka have conceded the psychological advantage to West Indies before the match. Isn't it a indication that Sri Lanka are slightly afraid to put one of their premier spinners against Chris Gayle? Gayle could be absolutely devastating against left-arm spinners but Herath was the architect of Sri Lanka's victory against Pakistan in the semi-final.


    Sri Lanka (Playing XI): Mahela Jayawardene(c), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara(w), Jeevan Mendis, Thisara Perera, Angelo Mathews, Lahiru Thirimanne, Nuwan Kulasekara, Ajantha Mendis, Akila Dananjaya Perera, Lasith Malinga

    West Indies (Playing XI): Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Denesh Ramdin(w), Darren Sammy(c), Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul, Samuel Badree

    Mahela: "We would have liked to bat first too but maybe it is a good toss to lose in the big game. Akila is in for Rangana Herath. It was a tough call. We are very excited."

    Sammy: "We are going to bat first. We bat well and it gives us a good chance here. It is similar to the one we played against Australia. We are playing the same team. It is Dwayne Bravo's birthday today and I would like to wish him now. Hopefully we come out on top."

    West Indies skipper Darren Sammy has won the toss and decided to bat first against Sri Lanka in the final of World Twenty20 2012.


    Chris Gayle: "World Cup is definitely ours, sorry Sri Lanka, but I think it is our World Cup. The support will be more for West Indies on Sunday. We love Sri Lanka, but sorry, it is going to be West Indies all the way. The final will be a good final but we will be on top, definitely."

    Mahela Jayawardene: "Gayle is just another player in a very good West Indies side. But we plan and analyse for a team, not individuals."

    Hello and welcome to the Live Updates of the World Twenty20 final between West Indies and Sri Lanka. The two most formidable teams of the tournaments will try to outdo each other and win their maiden World Twenty20 title.