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    What about its surroundings?

    BANGALORE: The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) maternity hospital in Wilson Garden seems to be in good condition as far as the facilities and the general perception is concerned. The residents of the area are quite happy with the way the hospital works.The progressive points of the home lies in the fact that it is staffed with one doctor, three nurses and an extensive support staff. The hospital is provided with twenty wards for the incoming expectant mothers. The wards are furnished with a bed and a stand and are kept clean at all times. Several bulletin boards have been pinned up with notices and information posters. Some instruct people in the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy while others provide information about birth control, HIV-AIDS and family planning. It is a two storey building unlike many other BBMP hospitals.The hospital is open 24 hours and has been equipped with night staff to ensure that the patients aren’t at any risk. An ambulance is also stationed at all times in front of the home for unexpected emergencies in the area. The residents say that the hospital is located in an easily approachable place on the main road thereby making it convenient for them.Medicines from a dispensary inside the maternity home are rendered free of cost.The assistant surgeon of the hospital, Pratibha, informed City Express that unlike many other maternity homes, this one doesn’t even accept a nominal charge. She also added that services were available to anyone at all hours. A visitor to the hospital, Mahmuda, said, “The doctor is very patient and takes utmost care in treating patients. Medicines are provided free of cost. We get very good facilities at low costs.” The glitch with the fine working system of the infirmary lies in the fact that the outward appearance of the building has a sub standard look. The reception hasn’t been kept as aseptic as it could be. A lone doctors manages all the patients for seven days of the week. A thoughtful decision to put benches for the patients of the hospital was taken but has not been maintained.The trees and the plants that have been planted around the home haven’t been nurtured.While the maternity home caters to all normal cases of pregnancy the patients have to travel to the Banashankari BBMP referral hospital for complicated and caesarean cases. A patient on the condition of anonymity said that several aspects of the home could be worked upon such as having an adequate stock of medicines and keeping the surroundings of the hospital clean.The local corporator of the area of the area, D Chandrappa, said, “The health department is responsible for it. They are allotted a separate budget and deal with issues concerning it.” Gangalakshmamma, the medical superintendent of the hospital, said, “We are trying our best to improve the hospital. It worked very well as far as two years ago.But there have been a few hassles recently. I am trying to look into the matter and ensure that all problems are solved soon. Also we are thinking of holding screening camps from this month to make sure that the home runs smoothly. The camps are being conducted around the area where a census is being taken of all the pregnant women in the locality with their expectant dates to insure that we can cater to them better. But I cannot do this alone. I require the help of the residents.”