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    Gas leak mishap averted

    KOCHI: The cylinder gas leak at an apartment on SRM road triggered panic among the local residents on Monday night. Though a major mishap was averted with timely interference of the Fire and Rescue Services personnel, the family had a harrowing time for almost two hours.The incident happened around 10 pm when Appukuttan’s wife was cooking food. She noticed that gas was leaking from the cylinder through the regulator. The fire from the stove soon spread to the mouth of the cylinder. Noticing the flames, the family members, including two young children, rushed out of the apartment.The fire personnel from Gandhinagar arrived at the scene and pumped one tank of fire extinguisher. “The leak would have been fatal if the residents would not have noticed it. Otherwise the scene would have been very different,” N A Yusuf, Assistant Station Officer, Gandhinagar Fire and rescue Department, said.