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    Zaheer wins his duel with Haddin

    In the lead-up to the Perth Test, Australia's wicketkeeper Brad Haddin and India's pace spearhead Zaheer Khan had swapped jibes. Haddin had first commented that India looked fragile, and Zaheer had replied by advising Haddin to focus on his 'keeping instead of talking about how India appeared. On day one, Haddin did not bat and so there was no opportunity for Zaheer to have a bowl at him. However, on day two after Australia collapsed the much-anticipated moment came.

    A struggling Haddin took his eyes off the first ball Zaheer bowled and was struck on the elbow. Zaheer let him know how he felt, and what to expect. Haddin did not reply. The next ball came back in after pitching and rapped Haddin's thigh pad. No words spoken this time.

    The third ball, short of a length, held its line outside off stump and took the edge of Haddin's bat. As the angry batsman walked away, a smiling Zaheer blew kisses compassionately his way.