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    Euro 2016: Platini cynical on Italy-France tie-up

    New Delhi: UEFA President Michel Platini talked about the possibility of Italy and France co-hosting Euro 2016 and the distribution of funds in the Champions League.

    French football legend and current UEFA chairman Michel Platini gave an interview to Sky Sports in which he talked about the distribution of funds to clubs from various countries, the possible Italy-France partnership to host Euro 2016, and the situation regarding the infrastructures in Ukraine and Poland ahead of Euro 2012.

    "In Poland there aren't many problems," he said, "but in Ukraine the infrastructures are a bit difficult. They know that if they won't build stadiums, they will not host the Euros. I don't see a big difference between a tournament with 16 teams or 24 teams. Increasing to 24 teams helps a lot of small countries who never participate in international competitions."

    On the possibility that his home country of France will organise Euro 2016 along with Italy, Platini said, "When two countries want to organise a European Championship it's because they need stadiums and so they use the organisation. They could do it together, but they have to rebuild many stadiums, both in Italy and France."

    "I don't know if Italy and France can pay to build 10 stadiums. Perhaps they will join together for that, but that also depends on Italy."

    The former Juventus star also talked about the risk of the same clubs dominating the Champions League every year and becoming richer and richer, thereby widening the gap between them and other European clubs.

    "It's hard to tell clubs, 'You participate to the Champions League, but I'm not giving you money, I'm giving it to the other teams.' How can I do that? They provide the spectacle, invest money on stadiums and players, reach finals and earn money," he continued.

    "We can't tell them, 'Now we're giving the money to other teams so they'll beat you next year.' We already give 50 million to teams that are eliminated. We try to give balance, but it's not simple."

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