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    I want Thiago at Bayern: Pep Guardiola

    Bayern Munich's coach Pep Guardiola has made his intentions clear. "I would like to get Thiago," the former Barcelona coach has told his new employers.

    Spain's under-21 international Thiago Alcantara has been EPL champions Manchester United's primary target, but Guardiola says he will want him to play in the midfield for Bayern.

    "I don't know what happens in future but I would like to get him," Guardiola told reporters on Thursday. "Thiago is the only player I want, that's what I told them. It'll be him or no one. We have many players but we the need the special [quality] that Thiago Alcantara brings.

    Guardiola said while he has told his bosses about it, the final call will be theirs. "The club will decide. I told them my opinion. [I want him] Because he is from Barcelona. I know him, he is really good ... I spoke to the club about my project and told them why I want Thiago Alcantara."

    Thiago has hardly been in the starting eleven for Barcelona, and that's how Guardiola hopes to lure the midfielder to Allianz Arena. "Nobody will leave Barcelona, unless they feel they won't play much. He wants to play. That's why I proposed him to the club," he said.

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