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    Jerome Champagne urges video replay use for referees

    Zurich: FIFA presidential hopeful Jerome Champagne says referees should be allowed to consult video replays and that football needs to accept the "inevitable" use of technology.

    Champagne suggests in a document sent to FIFA member nations that video replays could help referees judge situations such as offside on disputed goals, red card incidents and if fouls are inside the penalty area.

    The former adviser to FIFA President Sepp Blatter says debate is needed "without resorting to any ostrich tactics or dogma." Champagne takes the opposite view to UEFA President Michel Platini, who fears recent approval for goal-line technology will lead to video replay.

    The Frenchmen are seen as leading candidates to succeed Blatter if he stands down in 2015. Champagne has sent a wide-ranging 10-page proposal to the 209 associations who elect FIFA's president.