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    Liverpool facing their worst season in 30 years

    New Delhi: Liverpool's season of disaster continues to spiral out of control and at Anfield the restlessness is growing.

    After Chelsea bowed out of the Champions League, their EPL campaign too is dwindling.

    The Reds are going through their worst season ever in close to three decades.

    A club once feared in Europe have now been demoted to a place among the also-rans in the Europa League

    When Andrei Arshavin's bullet shot put Arsenal 2-1 up at Anfield on Sunday, the home fans' groans could be heard again around Anfield. Faithfuls are wondering whether the title race has been lost before the turn of the New Year

    Last season, Liverpool conceded an average of 0.71 goals per game, in 2007/08 it was only slightly higher at 0.73. This season, that figure stands at 1.37, by no means a statistic that a title-challenging team should not have beside their name.

    Liverpool's miserable Champions League campaign ended in defeat to Fiorentina.

    Once again a late winner saw the five-time champions crashing out with their lowest ever points total.

    But their biggest star knows that a failure to finish in the top four in EPL is now unthinkable both in footballing and financial terms.

    "We're out of the Champions League and we are really really far from the top of the Premier League so we have to change our target. We have to think now about the Europa League, the FA Cup are the two competitions that we can win this season," says Liverpool striker Fernando Torres.

    But going by their performance this season nothing seems to be going right for the Rafael Benitez's men.

    They have won only two of their last nine Premier League games. In Champions League out of their six games they have lost three.

    In all it has been their worst season in three decades

    "Everybody was a little bit down after the game, but also everyone has reacted really well, really positive, all the interviews that I have seen from players they are really focused now to move forward to do the best in the Premier League, FA Cup and in the Europa League," says Benitez.

    For Liverpool numbers tell the story. Three wins in 15 games, 13 points behind Chelsea, the league leaders and 10 away from the relegation zone. The concern now is that this will be the epitaph of their season.