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    Liverpool's 'Steve G's' alleged attack victim speaks

    The man who claims to have been attacked by 'Stevie G' has given his version of events...

    Marcus McGee, Steven Gerrard's alleged assault victim, has told his side of the story to the Liverpool Crown Court.

    Liverpool midfielder Gerrard is currently facing charges of causing affray during an incident in Southport on December 29 last year.

    McGee told the court of the series of events that unfolded after he refused to hand over control of a CD player to Gerrard.

    He is quoted by The Guardian as saying, "I would describe it as bad and rude.

    "He was bad-mannered straight away. I acted in proportion to what his attitude was.

    "When you see a famous person like that you do not think you are going to have a fight or trouble with them."

    McGee then claimed that Gerrard tried to grab the card that controlled the CD player off him, but then walked away, only to return and say, "What the f*** is your problem?"

    According to McGee, this is where the incident kicked off, as he continued, "I remember a barrage of punches coming in at my face but at that point I don't know who has done what.

    "Having watched the CCTV it was quite obvious Steven Gerrard hit me a couple of times, maybe three times but I couldn't honestly say on the night. I didn't throw any punches.

    "I wasn't acting aggressively, I didn't hit anyone at all."

    Meanwhile, McGee's girlfriend, Gina Lond, offered her story, stating, "I saw an elbow going into Marcus's face.

    "At that time I thought it was Steven's. Marcus was just getting punched and kicked by several people.

    "He had blood on his face and he had a cut on his forehead."

    McGee lost a tooth, suffered a cut to the forehead, and had to undergo hospital treatment following the incident. Six of Gerrard's co-defendants have already admitted to the charges.

    Gerrard is expected to give evidence on Friday.