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    Player questioned on Liverpool game in 2010

    Geneva: Hungarian club Debrecen say goalkeeper Vukasin Poleksic was questioned by UEFA in 2010 after he was approached by match fixers ahead of a Champions League game against Liverpool. Debrecen said in 2010 that UEFA had questioned Poleksic about approaches before "two international matches." On Tuesday, following a report in a Danish newspaper, Debrecen identified them as a match away to Liverpool and one at home to Fiorentina.

    UEFA subsequently took action over the Fiorentina game, banning Poleksic for two years for failing to report a corruption plot. England's FA and Liverpool say they knew nothing of suspicions surrounding the September 2009 game against Debrecen. Liverpool won 1-0.

    The Danish report followed an announcement by European police agency Europol that it knew of hundreds of suspicious matches, which it didn't identify.