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    Ronaldo won't be joining Man United: Ferguson

    Manchester: Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has said that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be rejoining his former English club Manchester United next season. According to Daily Mail, Ferguson has denied any possibility of Ronaldo joining United this summer. The Real Madrid winger, who is the biggest threat to United staying in the Champions League, had been linked with a return to Old Trafford.

    Ferguson has described it as a false hope, and said that "I don't think there's anything, as far as I'm aware, that would encourage me to think he would come back here. I don't think there's anything in that at all. 'He has got two years left on his contract. It could be to do with the fact that negotiations are going on for a new contract. I think maybe his agent is playing the game, though I'm not prepared to comment on that."

    Ferguson said that he has got plans to stop Ronaldo in the second leg of Champions League last 16 encounter against Real Madrid. "Real have a lot of good players, but it's quite right to think Ronaldo is their best. He's much better now than when he left United. He's mature now. He's 28 and at the peak of his career. From 28 to 32 or 33, with the fitness he has, you expect him to play at his peak."

    Talking about the first leg against Real Madrid, Ferguson said that Madrid were spot on, and they will have put on extra effort in the the second leg. "Every part of their game was spot on. You get that sometimes, I've experienced it myself. You need 11 players to play well but, on an odd occasion, you have 11 players who were absolutely superb. That's what you had the other night. I don't think they'll reach that height on Tuesday. I think it was a one-off performance. They'll still play well and we'll have to make sure that we play well."

    'We'll be OK because it'll be a different game. Their counter-attacking was terrific. We're aware of that and our preparation has to include that, but I think we'll score, I really do. I don't know how they can replace someone like him anyway. A reasonable assessment of his time at Madrid has got to be with how good Barcelona have been. They've been exceptional. It's possible - there's no smoke without fire I suppose. But he has given me no indication that he will leave."