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    Thierry Henry could join Arsenal in the FA Cup next month

    Arsene Wenger is looking all set to sign their most successful striker, Thierry Henry, for the third time. According to Daily Mail, Thierry Henry is set to make his third Arsenal debut in the FA Cup clash against Swansea on January 6.

    The club management is in talks with New York Red Bulls over a loan spell, and manager Arsene Wenger hopes Henry can feature in his side's FA Cup third round tie. The Gunners are struggling in the English Premier League after having a good start to their season.

    Wenger wants Henry, until the end of the season, but New York Red Bulls don't want to lose their striker for that period of time. They want Henry to be back at the club for the start of their season in March. If this deal is final, then Henry will be the first January arrival at Emirates.

    The good news for Arsenal is that Jack Wilshere is feeling fit. 'I have got better every game. [I'm] maybe 90%,' Wilshere said. 'I'm not sure. Every game that goes by I feel better and better fitness-wise. 'When I get up to 100% I will really show what I can do. 'That is not to say the midfielder is throwing caution to the wind during his rehabilitation. 'It's a new experience for, my first injury," he added. "I didn't know what to expect.

    'I spoke to a few players who have had long-term injuries. They said you will come back and have a good game and you think 'I am back,' then you will have another game and you are not so good. 'I think the first few games my adrenalin got me through which is why I was so up for it. Then you start to realise it is not as simple as that and things start catching up with you. Then you start to get back to your best.'

    Manager Arsene Wenger expects Wilshere will be back to his best by February, which will give him time to gel with the likes of Mikel Arteta, who slotted both of Arsenal's penalties in their 2-0 win over the Baggies. 'He's great,' Wilshere said of Arteta. 'Tactically, his positioning is the best around. He is not the biggest lad but the amount of balls he wins in the air is good. He has adapted well.

    'He's an older player and is great for the younger players. You can talk to him on the pitch and off the pitch. 'I speak to him during the game. I say "Mikel, if you want to go forward I will sit" so there is a good understanding there. 'He knows I want to go forward and get on the scoresheet but he is the same. At Everton he was our most attacking midfielder. There is a bit of both but he lets me go more than he does.'