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90s movies, MS Paint comics and life lessons; Sahil Rizwan's book is a fun read

First published: April 15, 2015, 1:03 PM IST | Updated: April 15, 2015
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90s movies, MS Paint comics and life lessons; Sahil Rizwan's book is a fun read
Life offers you lessons in form of almost everything that exists; be it people, or things or a whole batch of Bollywood movies from the 1990s.

Life offers you lessons in form of almost everything that exists; be it people, or things or in case of Sahil Rizwan, a whole batch of weird Bollywood movies from the 1990s.

Sahil Rizwan is a 26 year old internet person known widely across India as the guy-who-recreates-movies-into-MS-Paint-comics. Yep, he is the guy who makes the awesomesauce comics under the name of 'The Vigil Idiot', and anyone who likes to keep up with the ever changing world of the internet has probably read a few.

Sahil's unique way of reviewing movies has earned him his fame and drove him to do something that people just don't do anymore: write a book. And what better to write about, than the amazing Bollywood movies of the 1990s and the life lessons he got from them.

In his book, '42 Lessons I Learnt From Bollywood', Sahil examines growing up in the 90s and how television (mostly Bollywood movies aired on it) shaped his views and perspectives.

The way the book unfolds is that he relates an anecdote from his childhood and somehow manages to correlate it to a Bollywood movie, which he then illustrates in his trademark MS Paint comic style, and ends it with a life lesson.

The 42 lessons are derived from 42 different movies and they include everything from 'Aaina' to 'Yarana', 'Gupt' to 'Mohra' and everything in between. Anyone who has seen movies like 'Awwal Number' and 'Kishen Kanhaiya' and 'Laadla' can easily tell you that the only lesson you get from movies like these, is that you should NOT watch Bollywood movies (kidding; DDLJ fan for life!) But there you go. Sahil Rizwan examines them in depth and processes this raw opium of mindless movies into the heroin that are brilliant life lessons.

Here are five life lessons from the book that are, frankly, beyond deep!

1. Sharing and openness are overrated! Keep your significant other out of all important things in your life until after they're over. Also, date people with siblings. One relative is as good as the other apparently.

2. Bros before hoes. If the hoe comes back to you even though you've ignored them for fifteen years and done nothing to win them back, that's when you know the love is real.

3. Money isn't everything. Unless you're not bored of it yet - in which case, f*#k every principle that stands in your way.

4. No matter how much love there is, no matter how painful the break-up, you will eventually move on and get over it. It'll help if you jump off a cliff and lose your memory for a bit, though.

5. It is important to take initiative sometimes. But if it involves pretending you are a black man, you're doing it wrong.

90s movies are not something today's generation can relate to, honestly. The movies were colorful, campy and melodramatic to the point of no return. They were anything but artsy. But that is what the thing was, back then. And that is what we grew up watching. So, no regrets there.

All in all, Sahil Rizwan's book is a keeper. While it may not win over the hearts of 'serious readers', it is one that any 90s Bollywood fan would enjoy to the last drop. It is simple, pop culture-y and a little more like a fun blog, than a book (but that is probably because I've read a lot of Vigil Idiot comics).

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