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Any story should come from your heart: author Shuchi Naum

Updated: June 14, 2013, 5:19 PM IST
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Any story should come from your heart: author Shuchi Naum
Author Shuchi Naum joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on her book 'When Bugsie Ran Away From Home'.

Bugsie, a 10-year-old bunny rabbit, packs his backpack and runs away from home, scared and unsure of his destination. He has inadvertently created a big trouble for his country Macadamia, a country specially created for small animals and has put a question mark on his father's reputation. While on the run, he discovers that Robocop, the prototype of mini soldiers 'Lilliputs' that his Dad created as a defence scientist, has vanished. What is worst, his entire family is missing too! This 10-year-old Bugsie has created a lot of trouble for his age. The country of Foxville is the sworn enemy of Macadamia. Bugsie swears to restore his Dad, Mr. Wall Nut's honour and fight the Foxvillains who have threatened to destroy his entire country. While on this adventurous journey, he meets friends, who stand by him in times of need and guide him. His journey ends up being full of humourous, scary, thrilling, silly, happy moments. Bugsie learns to fight his fears and trust his friends during his journey. Does Bugsie succeed in his quest to fight Foxville and win? Does he find his family? Will his teachers Mr. Ness Ley, Ms. Her Shee and Mr. Cad Burrie be proud or ashamed of him?

Author Shuchi Naum joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on her book 'When Bugsie Ran Away From Home'.

Q. Is this your first book? Asked by: Anu

A. Yes.

Q. This sounds like 'Alice in Wonderland'+some sci fci +comic book..what is its true identity actually? Asked by: swathi

A. Well, the main difference is Alice in Wonderland has a wonderfully craziness about it that forces you to stretch your imagination. 'When Bugsie Ran Away From Home' is set in an entirely different world of ours but everything in it is very relatable. The sci-fi is limited to the robot. It is a story of how a child (bunny) fights to rescue his parents. He overcomes his fears and ends up leading a war.

Q. Does mixing fact (non-fiction) and story-telling (fiction), a difficult combination? Asked by: Priya

A. Any story should come from your heart. That way when you start writing it, the words will just flow. You wouldn't have to worry about combinations. And so long as the story is good, no combination is difficult.

Q. Who are your favourite young Indian writers? Asked by: Sunil

A. Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathy, Vikram Seth, Jhumpa Lahiri...

Q. hi Shuchi, Nikhil here. What made you think about this theme and concept 4 kids? Asked by: nikhil dave

A. Hi Nikhil, I had not intended to write down this book earlier. The concept came to me first and then I wrote the book. I was sitting and thinking about how we should brig up our kids (having just learnt about my pregnancy)and this story of a little bunny overcoming his fears and deciding to do what is right despite being scared came to me.

Q. I also want to be a writer. Please share writing tricks. Asked by: sri

A. Hmm...tricks...Well I really believe, Srini, that in any creative pursuit the main ingredient simply has to be your heart. As for tricks, maybe you can google your query and get some answers. You must first of all decide what your style of writing will be, as in, funny, narrative or pensive etc. Decide on a good beginning and the main gist of the body. Prepare a skeletop of the story before starting to write. Will save you a lot of time.

Q. Why you choose the name Bugsie? Asked by: rehna

A. Hi Rehna, It just came to my mind. Seemed like the perfect name for a little bunny!

Q. Who/what inspired you to write this book? Asked by: Vikas

A. Hi Vikas, This is easy to answer. My daughter inspired me. She wasn't born when I wrote it. I was pregnant with her. I wanted to feel an instant connection with the baby so I started writing a book for her. My way of finding that connection was writing as I grew up on a steady diet of children's books and continue to read kiddies book till date :-)

Q. We had picked up this lovely book from landmark my kid really loved it so when do we expect sequel to this. Asked by: sunil

A. Hi Sunil, Thank you for purchasing my book. I am working on the sequel presently and should be ready with it soon :-)

Q. The characters in the book are quiet, sweet and funny. How did you imagine this? Asked by: rahul

A. Hi Rahul, I wanted the characters to be humorous yet yet relatable for kids. So I used animal characters. I chose the other details of each character based on how they fit into the story and the country of Macadamia (the country where only small animals live).

Q. I am from Pune, please tel me where can I buy this book? Asked by: sandip

A. Hi Sandip, the books are available on flipcart, infibeam.com, Landmark, Sapna book Store, Om Book Store and some other books stores. It will also soon be available in Crossword and Hamley's.

First Published: June 14, 2013, 5:19 PM IST
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