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Book Review: A Thousand Memories Is a Simple and Honest Take on Love

Monojit Lahiri | News18 Specials

Updated: February 3, 2017, 11:23 AM IST
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Book Review: A Thousand Memories Is a Simple and Honest Take on Love
The cover of A Thousand Memories.

In an age when writers and novels are taking on the form of a near-epidemic, with cliché phrases, stale metaphors and stock sentiments blitzing the eyes [while dulling the senses], a time when Lit Fests boom but Book Shops are doomed, here comes an author - both low profile, unsung and unheralded – who enters the arena with quiet poise and style.

Ahmedabad-based Vibha Vyas’s second novel A Thousand Memories is less about provoking, seducing, choking or manipulating the unguarded readers’ dream and more about charming through engaging story telling. Scripted in the form of a diary that seamlessly morphs into a novel, it is bound to be a delightful read for all who are open-minded and believe that all fiction need not automatically (or necessarily) be benchmarked with the likes of Seth, Ghosh or Rushdie!

Coming to the book, seldom has heartbreak been played out with such utter simplicity and honesty, making it completely relatable to the non-cynical reader. The heroine and central character Richa’s fascinating journey from Mystery Man to Arranged-Marriage-gone-sour to an unlikely friendship that begins totally on the wrong foot only to pan out in an unexpected fashion, is what the book is about. Clearly a product of as much imagination and observation as real-life experiences, A Thousand Memories demonstrates both technique and talent in impressive fashion.

Committed to entertain and enrich without pretending to posture as a deathless tome, at Rs.200/-, Vibha Vyas’s novel is indeed a definite Paisa-Vasool buy for all who believe (even in the consumerist times) that love is less an FMCG perishable, more an emotion that neither age can chill, nor rival steal.

Bravo Vibha – A Thousand cheers!

Price: Rs 200
Publisher: Amaranthus Books

First Published: February 3, 2017, 11:23 AM IST
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