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Excerpt: The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva


Updated: January 9, 2013, 5:17 PM IST
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Excerpt: The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva
Kareena says, "I trusted Yash Raj and when Adi Chopra said I needed to wear a bikini in 'Tashan', I didn't argue."

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has come up with a book on contemporary styles and her take on them. Rochelle Pinto has helped her in writing the book. Here are excerpts from the book:

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham:

Red bustier top, shiny red pants and You are my Soniya. !at was the look that started it all. Hrithik and I were back on screen as a romantic couple, which obviously made everybody sit up and take notice.

My character, Pooja Sharma, better known as Poo, was this happy-go-lucky, cluelessabout- life but-veryclued- into-fashion uber cool girl. Karan Johar and Manish
had really gone over every single detail to make my clothes truly trendy. Each character had a specially designed wardrobe to match their personality. Poo, of course, was high-streetmeets-designer-wear! It was also the first time an actress was wearing expensive designer clothes from Dolce & Gabbana to Versace in a Hindi movie. My red outfit in the song was quite a fluke though. I remember the leather pants were a bit difficult to dance in, so Manish decided to cut the bottoms and make slits. And that became a huge rage and a fashion trend! My stomach was exposed in that song, which I was actually quite happy about because I had worked quite a bit to get into shape for that.

The entire film was very well-styled, but this particular look got such a huge reaction that even I was surprised. It easily became one of the most stylish and recognizable characters ever to feature on the big screen. I guess it also started the trend of red being my lucky colour on screen.

To top it all, I was nominated for a Filmfare award for Best Supporting Actress. Talk about living the dream!


When I first signed on this movie, I couldn't have been more excited. It was a dream to be acting opposite Shah Rukh Khan and be directed by Santosh Sivan. Santosh wanted me to do something that Indian actresses very rarely pull off right: appear on screen without much make-up and ooze oomph. It was a very risky move, and many people told me I was crazy to try it. But that was exactly what attracted me to the character: the chance to do away with all the frills and fusses of being a star and let my talent speak for itself. It helped that my character Princess Kaurwaki was strong, beautiful and independent, the three traits that I really respect in a person.

The look was so striking that every single review mentioned the styling of my character. I loved the simplicity of the dramatic eyes and bare face, which was actually the base of the whole look. Even the costumes were very minimalist, mostly midriffbaring old-world saris. The saris were very technical, because they had to be draped in such a way that they didn't add bulk to my body.

They also crimped my hair to give it that wild, warrior-princess feel. Drama, drama and more drama.


The size-zero phenomenon. That is how Tashan will always be remembered, thanks to the media frenzy over my new size. More than the looks in the movie, I think people were looking at my body with a magnifying glass and trying to figure out how a chubby Punjabi girl had morphed into a super-toned diva.

It was the green bikini scene that stole the show, though. Nobody thought they'd ever see a Kapoor girl in a two-piece on screen; neither did I for that matter. But I trusted Yash Raj and when Adi Chopra said I needed to wear a bikini, I didn't argue. I was always a confident girl, never too worried about how I looked, but this was new for me too. I couldn't wait to see the reactions, dying to know if all my hard work had paid off.

The film released, and my phone went mad. People were calling and messaging me non-stop for days. Everyone wanted to know one thing. 'Oh my God, how did you do it?' And now you know! That phase was one of the biggest highs of my life. I have to admit I love looking at the photos from that movie, just to see how toned and well-defined my body was.

Tashan wasn't about a statement wardrobe, it was about making a statement: 'There's nothing Kareena Kapoor can't do.'

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