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I don't recommend any type of alcohol for bodybuilding: Kris Gethin

Updated: June 6, 2013, 5:23 PM IST
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I don't recommend any type of alcohol for bodybuilding: Kris Gethin
Kris Gethin, personal trainer to Hrithik Roshan, on his book 'The Bodybuilding.com Guide to Your Best Body'.

Kris Gethin, editor-at-large of Bodybuilding.com and personal trainer to Hrithik Roshan, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his book 'The Bodybuilding.com Guide to Your Best Body'.

Q. Hi Kris, To build more muscle, Is it better to hit each muscle twice a week or once a week? Asked by: Anupam

A. No. Its best to follow the plan as I have detailed in my book, once per week.

Q. Hi Kris, Thanks for your effort to make my country fit. I followed both DTP and 12 week transformation and now I am in my best shape ever. But what next? What I should do to improve and maintain in long term? Now I am doing 2 weeks DTP and 2 weeks various exercise from 12 weeks programme but I don't know it is a proper way to mix or not. I love the intensity of DTP but I want do it for every exercise. Asked by: shib

A. Have you followed the fundamental, momentum and DTP phases in my book in that order? If not, try that.

Q. Mine is same what Rahul Parelkar has asked for also I would like to know the diet plan for vegetarian people. Asked by: Chetan Sharma

A. Easy - eat egg whites, low fat paneer/cottage cheese, protein powder and soy.

Q. Hi Kris, Just wanted to say thanks for all the fantastic tools you provide to help people like me transform! Two things: first what do you think is the difference in mentality between 'winners' and everyone else? Secondly with so much conflicting advice in fitness what do you recommend people do to separate the good from the bad? Asked by: George Bick, England :-)

A. 1. One controls his/her environment, the other gets controlled by it 2. A person must educate themselves. I hope that by reading my book and witnessing the real life transformations I have within, people will be able to better distinguish the good from bad.

Q. Can eating a lot of egg whites and drinking protien shake cause hairloss. Also suggest if protein shakes are ok for people with Hypothyroidism. Asked by: Mark

A. Hahaha. Hair loss. Protein powder is dairy without the sugar (lactose) and fat within it. Whey is actually more beneficial than milk for this purpose. Simply put, no.

Q. Hey Kris, For a long time now you have helped numerous people in achieving their dream transformation, in doing so how have you transformed as a person? Asked by: George

A. I don't even recognize myself from the person I once was. I beat depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, lack of confidence, back pain, asthma. Now I have much more energy, discipline, and fun all due to the accountability I have to the transformations I have helped that now inspire me daily.

Q. Hi Kris I know this answer but I want to ask this question because. I want every one to know is it important to have foods in midnight and how do you alter your sleep throughout the day. As it is necessary to sleep atleast 8 hrs in a day. Asked by: rohit (hyderabad

A. No, it isn't important. I would prefer a person to sleep for better recovery.

Q. Hello sir, been a big fan of you right from your 1st series of 12 week transformation in bodybuilding.com, I implemented your body by design Principles and achieved a huge difference, but only 1 part I was struck was lower abs, Can you please correct me? Asked by: Thejas

A. You probably need to continue to follow the plan exact in order to attain the fat loss from your last stubborn area.

Q. In your 12 weeks program, you have suggested too much Cardio. I have fat in mid waist, love handles! But very less fat in other parts. Should I stick to the Cardio or can reduce it? Asked by: Arihant

A. There isn't too much cardio at all. Follow the book exact - you will find it is only 20-25 mins cardio daily, 2 twice per day on non training days.

Q. Is it ok doing DTP two days on 1 day off? Asked by: lina

A. I recommend you follow the plan in my book exact, so, a rest day between sessions for adequate recovery.

Q. Hi Kris, is it necessary to eat meals in the night..I heard you have oats and casein in the nights every 2 hrs but how do you alter your sleep as it is a compulsory to sleep atleast 8 hrs in a day. As you say you grow outside the gym. Asked by: rohit (hyderabad

A. No, try to sleep if you can. I eat during the night because I work almost 18 hours per day and sleep very little. I plan on changing this and sleeping more for health purposes.

Q. To use DTP for cutting should I go for two cardio daily sessions or HIIT in the rest day is enough? Asked by: Leo

A. For cutting purposes, follow the DTP plan as illustrated in my book exactly.

Q. Can I use Grenade instead of L-Carnitine and Yohimbine in your 12 weeks program? Asked by: Arihant

A. Yes. You will see that I actually recommend Grenade in my book as part of the supplement stack.

Q. What is the best exercise for developing the middle chest area? To developer that line of separation. I have always found this difficult to achieve. Asked by: Matt

A. You will find that the more the pec areas develop in combination of a very low body fat percent, this area will develop itself.

Q. I completed 4 weeks of the DTP. I saw definite gains in muscle. I can see the gains in the mirror but I did not gain anything on the weighing scale. Does that mean I did something wrong or did it just loose fat and gain muscle? Asked by: Adhiraj Dogra

A. If you can see change in the mirror, you are gaining muscle while losing fat. Just follow the plan as illustrated exactly as in the book, and you will continue to transform.

Q. Heey Kris, are you coming to Dubai anytime soon? I want to meet you :( , my question is .. If you feel that you are losing muscles while doing the transformation although with 1.5 g protein/body lbs .. what should I do? Asked by: Rashed

A. No plans for Dubai, however, I will travel anywhere I am booked to appear. You shouldn't be losing muscle with that amount. I assume you are following my plan exact. If you are, you will gain muscle.

Q. Hi Kris. I have been obsessed about with fitness since 1986 and just as you am totally drug free. I admire and am continued to be inspired by every natural body builder. my question is about alcohol. what do you recommend as the lowest calorie alcholic drink that a fitness enthusiast can occasionally indulge with? Please viist my fb page and let me know your views as well http://www.facebook.com/fitnessclubforyou. Asked by: Nirmal Sawlani

A. I don't recommend any type of alcohol because it raises cortisol and eats at the amino acids needed to build muscle. If you were to indulge, maybe Blonde or Corona Light.

Q. Hi Kris! I am a female trying to build muscle mass. I have followed your 12 week program reducing my body fat from 21 percent to 16 percent. I'm now starting with your DTP program. My weight is 47 kg. What can I expect from DTP? For how long can I follow DTP? I do want to gain lean muscle to be able to compete next year, if possible. Thank you! Asked by: Rose

A. Congrats thus fat. I recommend you follow DTP 4 weeks, take 1 week off and then repeat. You will increase muscle separation, fullness, definition and density.

Q. Kris, would you recommend to be in bulking mode till one reaches desired muscless mass or mix it with cutting cycle. If so, what should be the typical length for each cycle? Asked by: Puneet Dhawan

A. I like to go 4 weeks each way but when bulking, only use clean calories - no dirty bulking.

Q. Is it true that at old age body builders having overdone things at early age have lot of physical problems of bodily co ordination? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. No, its not true.

Q. Are you training any Indian Budding Bodybuilder? because if you want to transform and send your message, actors are an inspiration still the mass follows what is in front of them, they follow bodybuilders. gret Work And Keep Up! Asked by: Gethin #1 fan #DTP

A. No, not training any Indian bodybuilders - only international. None have approached us. Our company - Physique Elite - have trainers transforming Hrithik Roshan, Mahesh Babu, Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, Jackky Bhagnani, etc. We seem to get approached by Bollywood more than anything.

Q. The wrestlers have a large size, the boxers an agile body,the runners a slim one, the basketball players a tall one - all are performers and physically fit. Where does the bodybuilding fit in these sports? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Bodybuilding fits into everything. Building strength, structure, discipline, strength, confidence, etc, are all attributes bodybuilding lends to other sports.

Q. Hello Sir, I'm 32yr male, please inform exercises to reduce sagging lower chest and small wrist? Asked by: Tabish

A. Follow the plan exactly as detailed in my book.

Q. Nature has given the body.The genes decide the Frame and build. What is the need to artificially pump up the muscles? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Why wouldn't you want to exercise, increase strength, vibrancy, blood flow to the body and brain, be an inspiration to your friends, have the energy to play with your kids. I cant see this as being artificial. Nature didn't expect fast foods, remote controls, and to become couch potatoes - that's an artificial existence.

Q. Hi Gethin, big fan of your work :) i have some doubt which need to be clear before re-starting my 12 week trainer second time. Can you suggest me any food which can be alter with food available in India? My stat: 70kg weight,14 percent bf, eat 600 grm chicken breast perday, oats, 6eggs and all your mentioned supplement. Asked by: Tejender Singh

A. I don't understand - all the food needed to transform (other than steak) is available here in India. I have lived here for almost two years - my clients and I eat almost exactly as I have done when living in other countries.

Q. Hi, have been through your 12 week trainer and DTP as well. Loved both of them. My legs due to neglect for a long time earlier are a less developed compared to the rest of my muscles groups. What would you suggest to get them to catch up? Asked by: Adhiraj Dogra

A. Follow the DTP plan as illustrated in my book.

Q. The wrong notion that a well built body can be used to hit out opponents is promoted in the films. Why this mislead is supported ?? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Good question. I guess because they appear to be bigger, stronger, agile, etc, people would assume they are going to be the favorite opponent in such an event....?

Q. Hi Kris!! Can you please start supplying NBD products locally? It gets really expensive to order it online because of the shipping charges. Plus the delivery time is too long. Is it possible to make it available in local retail stores? Thanks Asked by: Mohit Nanda - Delhi

A. We have yet to be approached by a reputable distributor who would like to import immediately. I simply don't have the time to look for someone - we have a long list of importers from other countries working to have NBD in their region.

Q. Is body building your passion or a work for you? Asked by: Rahul D - Mauritius

A. Its passion. My full time jobs are working for Physique Elite traveling the world and educating Personal Trainers, writing books, working for Bodybuilding.com, running my food line - Nutrition by Design - working for Bodybuilding.com and personal training the people of Bollywood.

Q. Hi Kris, congratulations on your new book. I am a vegetarian getting started on your DTP program. Could you please suggest on Veggie based diet program that best suits DTP. Thanks. Asked by: Deepak Rai

A. Just follow everything that is in the book with the addition of egg whites, whey protein, soy protein and low fat paneer/cottage cheese as your protein sources.

Q. I wanted to ask that if I take enough protein but lack a bit in fats and carbs then would I still be able to build muscle or all that protein would waste? Asked by: Chandan Sharma

A. You should definitely take in the carbs as I recommend in my book as this is protein sparring.

Q. How much protein do I have to eat to grow muscles? Also if I do cardio and eat the required amount of proteins then will I still lose my muscle? Also how to I increase the protein absorption in my body so that my body uses maximum nutrition from my food. Thanks Asked by: Vishal Tomar

A. Eat the amount that I recommend in my book and my online video plans. You can increase the absorption by taking digestive enzymes and probiotics and each meal.

Q. What are the supplements you recommend yields good results..and what are the food items which help in muscle building? Asked by: Nisanth

A. All that are detailed in my book - too many to mention here.

Q. You often advocate the use of coconut water, which is very expensive in South Africa. What would be the closest alternative to this? Asked by: William

A. There isn't anything that comes close. I am actually working on a powdered version of coconut water that retains all of its natural benefits because I have had this comment a lot from some people who live in countries where it isn't freely available.

Q. I have watched the entire series of your 12 week video trainer and also read your body by design book. Your workout regime in the book and video series differs, which is better? Secondly after I'm done with the 12 weeks I should begin the program again or take a interval and resort to moderate exercises ? My aim after that is just to maintain the physique and not bring drastic changes in muscularity or body fat percentage. Asked by: Rahul Parelkar

A. The book is what I recommend, the video series is what I do personally. Because you have to take into account that I eat vast amounts in order to recover for the intensity I use. I also have a fast and conditioned recover rate. I recommend you repeat the book again.

Q. Sir, whether this book suits Indians as Indians have different genetics, weather condition, food, lifestyle. Asked by: Jebaraj

A. Weather, food, lifestyle doesn't matter at all - this is merely an excuse. I train and provide the exact same nutritional profile to Indians as I do to any other person I have trained around the world and all cultures reap the same benefits.

Q. Alrigt Kris. Why don't you believe in bulking and cutting. You have done it twice for your video series? Don't you think for an ectomorph bulking would be the best way to muscle? I wise you can do an video series with an ectomorph. That would be great. Asked by: chris masa

A. I do believe in cutting and bulking to a certain extent, just not "dirty" bulking. I actually separated both my AC joints, tore the tendons in my ankle and wrist and tore my left pec months before the video trainer in a cycling accident, hence the weight gain.

Q. Is supplementation with CLA safe? Kindly recommend a daily dosage value. Asked by: Alok

A. Very safe. 3000-5000mg per day is fine.

Q. Hi Kris. I am trying to cut down body fat.I am doing early morning slow intensity hour long cardio and 25 minute cardio after my workout but the results are surprisingly slow.workouts are intense and diet is clean but not too clean. Asked by: Nitish Saxena

A. Wow. Way too much cardio - you will actually slow your metabolism by doing such lengthily cardio. Follow my plan in the book exact for better results without the risk of losing muscle.

Q. Kris I start exercise and in with in week time I feel bore and less enthusim for continue. How to keep motivated? Asked by: Manish Pardal

A. Follow the Four Pillars of Power chapters in my book and fill out the FLOW Chart.

Q. Supplements necessary? Well I can't get my hands on any hence the question. Asked by: 1512

A. Not necessary but they help.

Q. Are weight gainers a good choice or I should stick with only protein? I train everyday. I weigh 55Kgs right now at a height of 6 feet. what would you recommend? Asked by: Dev

A. Protein with added oats and flax-seeds.

Q. Quick tips and diet plans for lean body like Ranbhir singh! Thanks in Advance. Asked by: Ujjwal Agarwal

A. Follow the plan as detailed in my book. Thank you.

First Published: June 6, 2013, 5:23 PM IST
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